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  • Xuất bản 03 Th12, 2022

NHẬN XÉT • 3 540

    TD BRICKS   +576

    What’s your favorite Lego game? Mine’s prob Lego Indiana Jones.

  • Robert Lissmann

    I’m amazed on how you keep coming up with so great ideas

  • DrBacon
    DrBacon  +142

    the editing, the content, the voiceacting - I can't help but feel this video was made for me

  • I’m Tom I guess.

    Love Lego City undercover recreation! It feels so nostalgic as that’s the first ever best Lego game I’ve ever played.. Thank you for bringing me and other back to the good old time! <3

  • Kedo
    Kedo  +2

    De verdad se nota que le pones cariño y dedicación a tus vídeos hablo español pero con la traducción automática lo entiendo sigue así

  • TheLegoMovies JV

    This is so cool! Love how you made the minifig select with old figs 👌

  • mllop aeet

    This is such a cool idea! I like your new VNclip banner too - looks pretty nice :)

  • danibobstudios

    OMG I love that Star Wars character screen build! I'm totally going to try that!

  • alccoder on scartch

    i played lego city undercover and i know for a fact if you swim beyond that seaweed or in certain spots that have no seaweed indecating it youll get eaten by a shark the only way to go beyond the seaweed is boats or flying vehicles, also a vehicle that is really fun to drive in is the wash wagon. normally every lego game has a story and the green studs that disappear when you go near them is where you need to go or where ever you picked to go on the minimap (the 2nd green stud thing only applies when your play a lego game with a huge open world map the levels are scattered in) these studs are known as navigation studs, these studs are only collectable via a red brick cheat that im pretty sure barely appears in lego games and is in lego city undercover. another thing you should know if your gonna to do a gameplay of lego city undercover is to get used to the combat system before the dojo, during it and after it bc there are tougher enemies and lego city undercover needs you to arrest the enemies (not all of them are criminals but you know what i mean)

  • That_YellowToad

    No cap, the best moment ever in lego is finding that one piece you need in the lego bin.

  • SampleBear

    Bro i played Lego City Undercover ALL THE TIME as a kid! You took me down memory lane man! Love your videoes❤ keep up the great work💪

  • Maria Miles

    I need to see Td make a gaming channel of him playing all the Lego games.

  • Joey Romley

    The avengers tower is actually a really good build! 👍😁

  • Ryan Colgan

    Can you please make more videos like this because I really enjoyed it.

  • hen ko
    hen ko  +1

    TD always has the Greatest Ideas!

  • Mineleague360

    You are the definition of nostalgia.

  • Gaming Snake

    liked how you used a really rare Boba Fett mini fig for your last build

  • The B3
    The B3  +153

    Well I know what the next games on my list to replay are-this was such a nostalgia trip!