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He Was READY TO SELL These Golf Clubs To Someone Else And THEN CUT US IN ON THE DEAL!

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  • Xuất bản 26 Th04, 2022
  • You Won’t Believe How This Golf Club Buy Out Went Down!
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    Ashley is a beginner golfer with no athletic background whatsoever before attempting to pick up the game of golf. Her unnatural ability to read the green has made her a great putter but the rest of the game is still a work in progress and we hope you enjoy watching her improve on the channel. She is also known for finding incredible deals and unique finds both online and at thrift stores and garage sales. Along with golfing and budget shopping she also enjoys trying out and creating new recipes and using Jon as her taste testing guinea pig.
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  • Rick Merpi
    Rick Merpi Năm trước +8

    The Open Championship is my favorite. Hard to beat the original test of golf, particularly when it’s at The Old Course. But I love all the majors.

    • Thom Mangan
      Thom Mangan Năm trước +2

      The Open is the only championship where I can see the wind cheating 100 yard bump and run regularly employed by
      the best players in the world.

  • Dan Cannaday
    Dan Cannaday Năm trước

    I'm a Masters fan and always will be. It's the only major I've watched live and it's such an amazing course and event. The roars from the huge galleries are haunting and exciting at the same time.

  • KC M
    KC M 11 tháng trước

    Your great finds always leaves my jaw open and drooling. Masters is the place to be, it's history and tough holes always makes things entertaining. Happy trolling for gear!

  • John McLaughlin
    John McLaughlin Năm trước

    You guys are awesome ! Keep doing what you’re doing. I believe the Players will one day be a Major. My favorite Major is the Masters, I love the scenery and “class” the tournament exudes.

  • William Cardona
    William Cardona Năm trước +1

    Masters is definitely my favorite. Just the tradition and the upkeep of this course is absolutely amazing to me.

  • Ty Russell
    Ty Russell Năm trước

    I am a Major fan of the British Open. Although I love the nostalgia of the Masters, I really enjoy seeing the different courses which are all so unique. Links seems like such a different challenge. It looks so easy, but it isn't. Keep up the great work guys. Hopefully if I win that putter some of the World's Greatest skill will rub off.

  • Gavin Davis
    Gavin Davis Năm trước +3

    Keep up the amazing work guys!

  • JBros35
    JBros35 Năm trước

    Going to have to go with the Masters being my favorite. Its just timeless and never leaving Augusta as some of the other Majors have moved courses. It's the one thing you can look forward to being exactly the same every year and testing everyone's game.

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke 4 ngày trước

    It is always nice to see you both at the various markets. Your manners and friendliness to everyone makes watching your videos never to be missed. I liked this video and wish we , in Australia, had the markets you are able to go along to. Had a SeeMore putter and liked it very much but had to trade it in for a Scotty, my dream to own a Scotty before retiring from golf. Keep up the excellent videos and continue to be yourselves. Thanks from Australia.

  • James Lane
    James Lane Năm trước +1

    The Masters. It's what got me watching golf and how I found my way to watching you guys and many other VNclip golfers on here. Love to listen to knowledgeable people and hear their passion coming through. You both inspire people to want to bring golf in to their lives and enjoy how much more there is to experience within one sport. You guys are the masters of showing what golf is all about. Great job and thank you for all the hours you put in just to entertain us and share your journey. Can you show us all your different collections? Masters memorabilia, ping putters, ashley's chippers, Pyrex and Disney etc. The John and Ashley collections

  • ionizah
    ionizah Năm trước

    I love The Open. Both for the historical value of it but also seeing proper links golf and seeing how the players have to change their game to fit that style of course. Thank you for your continuous awesome videos!

  • Bob Walker
    Bob Walker Năm trước

    i quite enjoy every video that ya'll put up, so educational and entertaining and always look forward to the next one.
    I would have to say the open is my favorite of the majors

  • Andy Pitman
    Andy Pitman Năm trước +3

    1st,,,,nana nana poo poo !!

  • MJ George
    MJ George Năm trước

    I really do not like one major more than another. They are all exciting to watch. I love the Masters because of the course and history and the others for show casing all the different great courses they host the Open, US Open and PGA Championship on. Keep up the great content and golf.

  • Chris Norman
    Chris Norman Năm trước

    For me, it's the Masters & for a sentimental reason. My Grandmother, who passed at the beginning of April, was a huge Fred Couples fan & the 1992 Masters was the first major I watched with her & really got me into golf. Also, being Canadian, the 2003 Masters holds a pretty special place as well.

  • Kolia Lutow
    Kolia Lutow Năm trước

    So hard to pick. My favorite would have to be the Masters, but the Open is so different from American golf and so classic.
    Thanks for making such fun videos and for having so much fun while you make them.

  • Jesse P
    Jesse P 9 tháng trước

    Another great episode. The Masters because of the Tradition. The course and epic shots that are still on golf highlight reels. The Green jackets and the very small group who can say they have one.

  • Shane Lawton
    Shane Lawton Năm trước

    The Players is so fun and watching the players really have to grind this year was an adding viewing pleasure. Keep up the great content!

  • John Mayberry
    John Mayberry Năm trước

    The masters definitely I love seeing Tiger not giving up and coming back to the sport he is passionate about! He is the reason I got into golf watching him dominate for so many years!

  • Lane Martin
    Lane Martin Năm trước

    The Masters will always remain as my favorite. so many great times and memories with my dad watching every year! I’m nearing 30 now and will always cherish that time of the year!

  • Adam Velde
    Adam Velde Năm trước

    I know the Masters is the obvious choice for many but I'm going to go with the Open because it's the oldest of the Grand Slam. Love your videos!

  • Mike Cosgrove
    Mike Cosgrove Năm trước

    My favourite major is the masters, I feel like as it’s always played at the same venue you feel so much more invested in it. Keep up the good work

  • patrick jordan
    patrick jordan Năm trước

    Have to go with The Open. The mix of courses it is played upon is excellent. I always enjoy seeing Links golf and the skills required. Thanks J&A, still loving the content!

  • john davis
    john davis Năm trước

    Love your videos, I watch them all. For me the best major has to be the Open. The links courses and the weather make it the greatest test of golf. Keep making the videos, I wish clubs were as cheap in the UK. Best wishes to you both. John Davis

  • Gabriel Pennington
    Gabriel Pennington Năm trước

    Those Gyro Swings are good for beginners, they automatically PUT you onto the right swing plane. They consistently go for $50ish on eBay. The Open and Augusta are tied for my favorite major, gun to my head to pick one I’d chose The Open.

  • Randy Sailer
    Randy Sailer Năm trước

    I really enjoy watching the "Rider Cup"!! Everyone is so involved and loud. It does not matter who is playing and no one is only watching one person or group the whole weekend.

  • Jason Stearns
    Jason Stearns Năm trước

    That was a hard question I enjoy all of the majors but I feel for TV that the Masters is my favorite to watch. I have spectated at the US Open at Oakmont and it is unreal to be there in person. Keep up the great work so fun to watch you both.

  • Mitchell Hunt
    Mitchell Hunt Năm trước

    The master is my favorite the energy is contagious. Keep up the good work guys. love watching your videos. some of your finds are awesome.

  • Thomas Firme
    Thomas Firme Năm trước

    The Open Championship is unique in so many ways, between the course style, weather, European atmosphere, and international field of competitors.. nothing else quite like it, makes for unforgettable golf memories for us fans (probably for the golfers too)..the unpredictable weather reminds me of playing in our area (Michigan)..great channel guys ..keep up the inspiring work!!

  • Duncan Shalda
    Duncan Shalda Năm trước

    I think the Masters has to be my favorite. Something about the love of tradition always captivates me. Plus the green jacket seems to be the most sought after golf award. Love you guys thanks for making quality content!

  • Joshua Presley
    Joshua Presley Năm trước

    Love the Masters but The Open Championship is my favorite major. Obviously the history of it is amazing but my favorite thing about it is how it challenges especially the U.S. players to play such a different style than what they normally play here. It’s amazing how different the links courses there will play according to what the weather is like. I remember Tiger talking about playing at Muirfield in ‘02 when he played late in the day on Saturday in the worst weather of the weekend. He hit a driver the best he could strike one straight into the wind and it only went something like 225 yards. And if I remember correctly he ended up shooting 80 that round. Amazing score for Tiger in his prime! Love your channel and keep up the great work!

  • rcpilotjohn
    rcpilotjohn 3 tháng trước

    The Masters is my favorite major - always was because of the beautiful grounds it is played on but more now because of the inclusivity policy of inviting LIV golfers. (I can really use a new putter…. About the weakest part of my game these days and I am looking for a miracle!)

  • Allen Trench
    Allen Trench Năm trước

    Another great video guys. You guys always score of the best deals. It Hass to be the masters just with all the tradition and great players show up

  • Chad Richards
    Chad Richards Năm trước

    The Masters is an amazing event, But I think my favorite is The Open, it gets more exciting at times. I love that putter! thank you for the opportunity to win😀 Great range session Ash! crushing it.... great video

  • Joe Berven
    Joe Berven Năm trước

    The Masters will probably always be my favorite because of Tiger. Being 9 years old and watching him absolutely dominate is what launched my obsession with golf.

  • Hans-M. VauEs
    Hans-M. VauEs Năm trước

    As European I should probably choose The Open, but my vote goes to the Masters in Augusta. together with the book of Tiger Woods, how I play Golf,(in german) it made my way to play myself, and I absolutely love this place on my wii. Fun and interesting as always, keep it up!

  • Bowman Blocker
    Bowman Blocker Năm trước

    Favorite major is the masters because I’m from Georgia! It’s so cool seeing the biggest tournament of the year be in my home state. Also the tournament seems to create magical moments like Tiger’s win in 2019, Bubba’s hook from the trees, Spieth’s 63, and other countless, unrivaled iconic moments like these. Love the videos!!

  • Steve Beck
    Steve Beck Năm trước

    It has to be the Masters. It usually gets people interested that don’t even follow golf. Love what you do and thanks for sharing with us.♥️👍🏼

  • brian rehmert
    brian rehmert Năm trước

    It’s a definite toss up between the Masters and the Open Championship. When the Open is at the Old Course it really make you respect links style courses. The Masters is well…it’s the Masters not much more to say. Thanks for all the content John and Ashley. John, I probably would’ve bought both of those Circa 62 #2’s. That is probably the one Cameron I want above all.

  • Eman Irving
    Eman Irving Năm trước

    My favorite has to be the US Open. And in particular, when it makes it's way to Bethpage Black. Outside of Augusta, and the Open on one of those super blustery days, I think Bethpage is about one of the most challenging courses of all the courses on tour. It truly tests everyone involved. That includes players, officials, spouses, and fans. And yes, TPC Sawgrass and the Players Championship WILL be hailed as our 5th major.

  • Jason casson
    Jason casson Năm trước

    Definitely need to be more major events down here in Australia, would love to see more plays making the trip here for not only the game but thr fans, we have some of the most beautiful courses imaginable in Australia

    • Chris W
      Chris W Năm trước

      I live in Adelaide and we have amazing courses here.

  • Steven Vass
    Steven Vass Năm trước

    The Masters always has been my Favorite. Because, to me it seems the most Nostalgic due to it being the only major
    Played on the same course every year. Just something about the pageantry. Thanks in advance for the putter 😉 y’all . I love the videos.

  • Matthew Meridieth, Realtor

    The Masters. When Phil won it in 2004, I became a bigger fan of golf and really began following it. Then Bubba from the trees in 2012 is still one of the best shots ever

  • Luke Haney
    Luke Haney Năm trước

    Masters! The hype building up to the week is awesome. Brands do cool releases that are Augusta themed. Just a great week altogether.

  • Ezekiel Martin
    Ezekiel Martin Năm trước

    I think as the sport keeps growing think the players will become one sooner than we all think. Great job on your videos. I really enjoy watching them.

  • Parski
    Parski Năm trước

    Like most, the Masters is my favorite, probably because it’s the only major played at the SAME COURSE every year (Augusta National).
    You are quite knowledgeable about vintage clubs.
    ☝🏻You should do an episode on the “Best Clubs of all time” (driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, putter, edges, specialty clubs, etc)
    … or at least, best clubs YOU’VE ever found.
    … just a thought 💭
    Keep up the good work.

  • Kenneth Love
    Kenneth Love Năm trước

    I hope the Players will be a major, I enjoy it. This year was definitely a challenge to everyone. I think my favorite would have to be the Masters.

  • Jeff Nahass
    Jeff Nahass Năm trước

    Another fun video. My favorite major is the Open. Because it changes the way American golfers have to adapt to conditions on links style course.

  • CedarHawkfan
    CedarHawkfan  Năm trước

    Always look forward to the Masters, love all the tradition, all the sounds and sights of the promise of spring and the upcoming golf season, especially since I’m watching from northern Michigan and it’s still snowing and cold at the time!

  • Les Brady
    Les Brady Năm trước

    Super deal!! My favorite major is The Masters, by far, but I highly endorse The Players as the fifth major! It's my second favorite tournament. Thanks for all you two do!

  • Fran Bertucci
    Fran Bertucci Năm trước

    The Masters is my favorite, but I just love to watch any golf tournament. Nothing canbeat the Masters all week long and the way they keep everything so pristene

  • Thomas Hauserman
    Thomas Hauserman Năm trước

    The Open is my favourite. As an Australian and a youngster watching Norman and IBF win will always stick with me. Nothing better than watching the Open at St Andrews.
    Growing up in Australia we ways thought the Aussie Open should have been the 5th Major.

  • Matt Burgard
    Matt Burgard Năm trước

    The Masters weekend is always my favorite to watch. I started watching it with my dad when I was really young and always loved the way that course is set up. One of my bucket list places to go.

  • Alfonso Gomez
    Alfonso Gomez Năm trước

    As a European i think The Open is the best major but the Masters can be at the same level ,for sure.
    Thank you for your videos always entertaining and fun to watch 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  • Fraser Mclean-Smith
    Fraser Mclean-Smith Năm trước

    The Open Championship definitely. First Major my dad took me to see back in the late 70s and the biggest thrill was being able to walk beside the players on their practice rounds. Sevy, Arnie and Faldo all kindly gave me their autographs. BTW the Seemore Bronze FGP would fit in nicely with the other 3 Seemores I currently own and play with ( not at the same time ,obviously). Keep up the great work and thanks for helping to maintain my love of the game. 👍

  • James Arnesen
    James Arnesen Năm trước

    The masters just the spectacle the hype the green jacket and the history love it keep up the great videos guys 👍🏼

  • Oren Kobsar
    Oren Kobsar Năm trước

    Can't ever go wrong with the Masters! Love the videos!

  • John Balls
    John Balls Năm trước

    Hi guys love the videos as always. Being a Brit, it has to be The Open for me especially this year being the 150t, at St Andrews and Tiger has confirmed he is attending that is the icing on the cake. Keep the videos coming they are awesome.

  • svnxr gaming
    svnxr gaming Năm trước

    definitely the players. i really think it could become a major just because of the course. if it wasn’t at sawgrass i couldnt ever see it being big but the tournament is always close and challenging so i think we could see the players become a major in the next 10 years.

  • Antony Hagen
    Antony Hagen Năm trước

    Watching you guys all the way down in New Zealand! Love your videos! Keep it up guys! The Masters is my favorite, watched all the final rounds during lockdown.

  • Joe Collier
    Joe Collier Năm trước

    The Masters is probably my favorite because even the non golf watchers will watch it. I’ve got memories of my whole family watching it after church eating Sunday lunch. Always brings back the memories of watching it with those who have since left us. Funny story, my uncle would fall asleep and I’d change the channel for kicks, he’d wake up instantaneous and would know what hole everyone was on.

  • Michael
    Michael Năm trước

    If there was a 5th major added I'd like to see another outside the U.S. major joining the Open but this one moves to different countries around the world each year. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that idea.

  • Rommel Hermoso
    Rommel Hermoso Năm trước

    Masters definitely- most anticipated golf major… always held on their own venue🙏❤️❤️

    BILL GARRAHAN Năm trước

    I too am a huge fan of the open. It's really fun to watch the pros think their way through their rounds.

  • 3putt Pellè
    3putt Pellè Năm trước

    The masters for sure! i love the traditions that go along with it and the energy. The players should 100% be a major.

  • Nick D
    Nick D Năm trước

    The Masters. Same beautiful course every year, that i would give up my first born to play on. Getting in the green jacket club is probably the most coveted by all pros. I really love your videos. I watch these and miss going to yard sales and flea markets so much. I have lived in Japan for the last 10 years so cant get that uniquely American experience.

  • Ai Takahashi
    Ai Takahashi Năm trước

    The Masters is my DREAM!! My Father had it as part of his bucket list. With his passing, it’s now included with MY bucket list…👍👍 LOVE YOU GUYS! ❤️

  • robconnell68
    robconnell68 Năm trước

    I’m a traditionalist and I think that the Open Championship at St Andrew’s is the best major closely followed by the Masters. Keep the videos coming love watching from across the pond in Australia 🇦🇺

  • Coleson Stifel
    Coleson Stifel Năm trước

    Gotta love the masters but the open is always a favorite, ever since Tom Watson’s run at the open it’s always been one of my favorites!

  • VolcanicVibes
    VolcanicVibes Năm trước

    You guys rock , you find just the best stuff we don’t have anywhere like you have in the uk 🇬🇧 but keep it going . Great T-shirt especially as the new film out soon . The best masters The us open until the players becomes the new masters but do love the BMW too. Love you guys

  • John Chalmers
    John Chalmers Năm trước

    Another great vid. Always jealous of the deals you find! Favourite major would have to be the masters because it's the masters or any time the open is at St.Andrews as it's just a special place!

  • Mark Heath
    Mark Heath Năm trước

    Is the Masters a major? I'm not too sure on which ones are considered Majors, but I like the Masters since I know most of the golfers. I've been hoping to get a blade style putter soon. The other styles I find difficult to use. Anyway, great channel and great video as always! Best of luck to everyone!

  • Paul Janaway
    Paul Janaway Năm trước

    The open is always my favourite especially at the old course.
    Because I’ve played the course and I like to see what I scored on the different holes,all be it off the different tees.
    I always watch your videos and love them.keep up the good work.

  • Kyle Peebles
    Kyle Peebles Năm trước

    The Open is my favorite, Masters is a close second. Links golf is my preferred golf course layout and as someone who has teed it up at the Old Course in St. Andrews, I am super pumped to watch The Open at the Home of Golf this year!

  • Harry Paulin
    Harry Paulin Năm trước

    Best Major would have to be The Open! I really enjoy your videos and have learnt so much about golf clubs. Thanks John and Ashley. Would love to see some more on course action

  • kizzahoward
    kizzahoward Năm trước

    The Masters is the best to watch, the Open is the best test. Love the videos guys, keep them coming

  • Zane Foster
    Zane Foster Năm trước

    I like all the Majors, but the Masters is my favorite out of them all. The history of the Masters is so beyond belief from all the legends who have played there. I call it the Greatest Tournament in golf with the British Open in second place.

  • Paul Lazenby
    Paul Lazenby Năm trước

    My brain says the British Open as i am a brit, but my heart says the masters. The aesthetic of the course, the familiarity we all have with it, its like an old friend we see once a year!

  • oldie9090
    oldie9090 Năm trước

    The Masters for sure. The sense of doing it in the same place every year just makes it special.

  • Jim Casher
    Jim Casher Năm trước

    Tha Masters is my favorite major because the course just looks like heaven to me. I love the traditions that go on from year to year. Being originally from Ohio, the Masters weekend signaled the start of the golf season for me. I live in Orlando now, is that close to you guys? Love the videos - my brother came to visit us and got me hooked on your videos.

  • Tim Pridgen
    Tim Pridgen Năm trước

    The Masters has always been my favorite. My Grandfather got me into golf and I remember watching Tiger win in 2002 with him (great memory).

  • Porch Torch
    Porch Torch Năm trước

    I love the Masters, I just love the history and how much it means to the players to win.

  • Samuel Gong
    Samuel Gong Năm trước

    The Masters is my favorite. Gets literally everyone talking about golf. Good to see the game growing!

  • Wayne PAGE
    Wayne PAGE Năm trước

    Favorite major has to be the Masters. I’m stuck up north,and looking at all of that greenery,the azaleas etc.,gives me the feeling that I’ll be out on the course soon.
    Can’t use the putter though,I’m left handed.

  • Mr. Hyatt
    Mr. Hyatt Năm trước

    The Masters is my fav, hands down. Tradition, lovely course and it is the first tourney of the year that really matters.

  • Joey Garcia
    Joey Garcia Năm trước

    Nothing beats the Masters!!! Great video you two.

  • Steve Allen
    Steve Allen Năm trước

    I love The Masters because it is such a spectacle and something super special ALWAYS happens every year!

  • daryl sharp
    daryl sharp Năm trước

    Masters, even before I was into golf I watched it. Nothing compares to the excitement of the same amazing course every year

  • Patrick Paules-Harrold
    Patrick Paules-Harrold Năm trước

    It’s gotta be the masters. No one’s ever out of it till the end and one little mistake will define a players round. Also Augusta is just so beautiful.

  • Albert Chamisul
    Albert Chamisul Năm trước

    Always love you videos and have been watching them all for a couple of years now. I miss when you both would play a little alternating shot game at the end of the stream.

  • Paul Milsom
    Paul Milsom Năm trước

    I love all the majors, but I think that The Masters is the one, it signals the start of the golf season in the UK, and the course is so beautiful and immaculate to see.

  • Jason Novakowski
    Jason Novakowski Năm trước +1

    My favorite major is the US Open. I like how they make the courses super difficult and we can watch the pros struggle.

  • Billy Gibboney
    Billy Gibboney Năm trước

    Love the channel! The Masters. Always challenging and exciting!

  • Tom Kyte
    Tom Kyte Năm trước

    For me it has to be The Masters as my favourite, the whole overall event makes it so exciting and I love that phones and cameras are banned.

  • Brian Nash
    Brian Nash Năm trước

    This is a hard for me to decide. When I read books on golf and history it makes me appreciate each of the Majors, but I will say the Masters would be my favorite .

  • bill H
    bill H Năm trước

    Hey guys, I think my favorite major is still the Masters. However, I think the players will become a major someday because I think it should. Love your videos. Regards. Bill H

  • Scott Roberts
    Scott Roberts Năm trước

    The Open is my favorite when they play at St. Andrews, otherwise it's The Masters. I had a set of those TA2s back in 2003/2004. Loved those things. Still have the GW in the basement. Great job on the content!

  • Mark Reilly
    Mark Reilly Năm trước +1

    I love The Open, it's the only one I've been able to go to in person when it was held at Royal Portrush. Something special about the Claret Jug. Saying that, nothing builds excitement like The Masters, the buzz around it and staying up late on that Sunday night is like an unofficial holiday for me every year.

  • John Herrmann
    John Herrmann Năm trước

    The US Open is my favorite - as just achieving par is notable, and no diabolical tricks are needed to make the courses play true for the pros! This putter looks great, would love to win it, I have been playing a Bettinardi putter since 1996. John H.

  • Daniel Himmelberger
    Daniel Himmelberger Năm trước

    My favorite major is the masters. I really like the fact that it's on the same course year after year.