What is WRONG with Apple…

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  • Xuất bản 07 Th12, 2019
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    iPhone with no ports in 2021?
    Old article: www.theverge.com/2019/7/24/20708177/apple-iphone-11-rumors-usb-c-lightning
    New iPhone SE, “iPhone 9”
    Phil Spencer confirms Scarlett’s backwards compatibility
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c and 7c
    Snapdragon XR2 - chip for AR/VR
    AR glasses being made in collab with Niantic
    TikTok sued for collecting data on kids in violation of COPPA
    Rocket League trades loot poxes for price bump on items
    Facebook researchers teach AI theory of mind
    ISS gets emotionally intelligent robot
    AI Dungeon 2
    Artificial neurons
    vnclip.net/video/uvr4SAFmDVk/video.html @ 0:50
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  • lighting Soul
    lighting Soul Ngày trước

    I love this video

  • Jake Emitte
    Jake Emitte 11 ngày trước

    This was the most hilariously awkward shit ever

  • KR3W758
    KR3W758 15 ngày trước

    Niantec??? Wtf it is Niantic. You fuking idiot

  • Adrian Dobrowolski
    Adrian Dobrowolski 20 ngày trước

    "Infinite number of game scenarios."

    That all have 0 internal logic or defined rules.

    Example 1: Be a soldier in a zombie apocalypse. Find corpses in a basement. One of them starts moving. Shot it. Shout "I'm not leaving anyone behind!" at the other corpses.
    Example 2: Be a ranger in a forest. Get ambushed by orcs. "I cast in invisibility." They start killing each other. A group of orcs finds you. Shout: "Who are you?". The Orcs: "We are just merchants traveling, see you."

    Example 3: Be a wizard in a dark dungeon suddenly a suddenly a voice: "What are you doing here? I am Albedo! What do you want?". "I am here to discuss the lamp oil budget for next quarter." Albedo: "Ah yes or Lamp Oil Empire is doing great. If only we could get rid of that evil demon Albedo that is terrorizing the land."

    Example 4: Be a Von Neumann Probe arriving in Epsilon Indi. Get a facetime call from your mom.

  • Nando Gil
    Nando Gil 23 ngày trước

    1- are you and the mustache guy to different people?
    2- is Linus a lizard yet?
    3- Can I get the Ryzen threadripper 4rth gen pc, that you guys will build for freelancer architect/3d artist? Thank you
    4- is this the techlink channel? ... dam no builds here

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Tháng trước

    Damn, it was 666k views then I clicked on it and it became 667k...

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf Tháng trước

    Linus is dying ... finally.

  • Emile van der Merwe
    Emile van der Merwe Tháng trước

    How the hell do you use and charge your phone if it only has wireless charging? Are people going to need to buy something to do that?

    dENIS pLEWNIA Tháng trước

    this vid is a mess xd

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen Tháng trước

    Soon the iPhone won't even come with a screen. Or a phone. It'll just be a $1000 box that you need to plug peripherals into to do literally anything.

  • Heinz Kunz
    Heinz Kunz Tháng trước

    C O U R A G E

  • Ikiboi's Art
    Ikiboi's Art Tháng trước

    bad host, very irritating.

  • Jub Threesixnine
    Jub Threesixnine Tháng trước

    I want Mario Go and other games on an Augmented Reality headset, same stuff for travel info on the street, hopefully even overlay cosplay costumes on real world strangers as they pass

  • Sakura Moshiyo
    Sakura Moshiyo Tháng trước

    pokemon fans: what do you mean by pokemon aren't real !!
    (click dislike

  • Riccardo Cagnasso
    Riccardo Cagnasso Tháng trước

    That's actually makes sense. If you are going to remove stuff, remove it all. At least you will get something completely sealed and waterproof (hopefully)

  • Ryan Walk
    Ryan Walk Tháng trước

    lol, they will find some way to make type c apple proprietary, they will shove the connection into a magnetic dongle that attaches to the phone and call it the thunder cord.

  • nismo834
    nismo834 Tháng trước


  • Max Schager
    Max Schager Tháng trước +2

    "What is WRONG with Apple…"

    Do you have a few hours?

  • MD Hossain
    MD Hossain Tháng trước

    Don't smoke kids, it'll get ya

  • Cornish Carrot Cruncher
    Cornish Carrot Cruncher Tháng trước

    Fucking hate my iPhone 11 its buggy wifi is slow as shit and doesn’t always connect, the camera lags in 4k and its a piece of shit, moving to Android next phone

  • László Steiner
    László Steiner Tháng trước

    omg he's so hot

  • Okaro X
    Okaro X Tháng trước

    So the user needs to reserve some flat space for the wireless charging. With wired one just needs to plug the charger and put the phone anywhere one likes.
    How is one going to use a power bank with wireless charging?

  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ Tháng trước

    audio complications
    Presenter volume is great...
    Talking to someone off camera volume is 10%
    Cannot hear the person off camera, without turn the volume up TOO LOUD for the presenter.
    We don’t all wear headphones to listen to VNclip
    Why not give the person off camera a mic ?

  • crappy firedog
    crappy firedog Tháng trước

    I hope this will be end of apple

  • crappy firedog
    crappy firedog Tháng trước

    Isheep be like omg the greatest invention ever

  • UFO ForMdAd
    UFO ForMdAd Tháng trước

    I actually support no port phone, I mean all phones.

  • Hedjelk Cravid
    Hedjelk Cravid Tháng trước +1

    Adding “Apple” in the title of a video that has 5 minutes and talking about “Apple” for 1 minute is a click bait

  • Leos Lupo
    Leos Lupo Tháng trước

    Everybody here hating on Apple but all also crying they don’t do anything new. Make up your mind and stop crying about everything.
    Apple still has great products and you also pay for the ecosystem, that’s what many people forget about the prices.
    iOS is just way better

  • Chucker
    Chucker Tháng trước

    Iphone will just be a speaker

  • Silver
    Silver Tháng trước

    You don’t know how fast wireless charge will be in 2021

  • mbolchunas
    mbolchunas Tháng trước

    Wtf? How do you connect it to the car... ?

  • Lackmey
    Lackmey Tháng trước

    And people say Apple is better than android

  • MR ONO
    MR ONO Tháng trước

    So everyone really forgot that they wanna be fully wireless in the future?
    Why are you all so suprised lol

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. Tháng trước

    yall are gonna be glad apple is forcing people wireless for low power devices
    it's going to smooth out a lot of issues for a lot of things that'll be coming up

  • Ben May
    Ben May Tháng trước

    “Apple head honcho PHIL SPENCER”
    You guys fucked up 👀

  • side-fish
    side-fish Tháng trước

    They removed the charging port so that you could just buy another iphone when the iphone you just bought runs out of juice.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR Tháng trước

    LOL, Yo Linus... say "Mr White. I don't like it, Mr White."

  • Skywalker Jedi Knight
    Skywalker Jedi Knight Tháng trước +1

    Probably Apple don't like holes no more the new CEO is gay o Tim

  • Skywalker Jedi Knight
    Skywalker Jedi Knight Tháng trước +1

    They took the Jack port a way you cant play music on 2016 then they took a button from the screen now they took charging port away 2020 following year they take your scream LCD screen and charge you 200 and later in years end up with empty box phone and that will cost you $6,000 no speakers no charging port no scream on the phone no LCD just a A square plastic-frame phone we be holding are. Hands I can see the future of Apple they want us to put all the pieces together and build our own phone like factory workers fuck you Tim nono a minute thanks you Tim cook now the world could see how you are a stingy homosexual Jew you are good day Tim Cook I said good daylol

  • eno88
    eno88 Tháng trước

    "Apple head honcho Phil Spencer"... Wat?

  • Michelle B.
    Michelle B. Tháng trước

    2027 apple: releases phone with whole phone sold separately

  • Robert Vantine
    Robert Vantine Tháng trước

    CIMON 2-HAL 1

  • berlanne repoyo
    berlanne repoyo Tháng trước

    Migrating to pure wireless charging is a waste of electricity. Apple will get no sales from environmental activists. But at least they recycle parts right? Hahaha

  • Ian Klopper
    Ian Klopper Tháng trước

    How is getting rid of ports toxic? If anything it the ducking opposite.

    • Ricardo Baptista
      Ricardo Baptista Tháng trước

      Yeah? Try pairing it with a computer when the phone is in DFU mode

  • Mel0n
    Mel0n Tháng trước

    Thats what you said about headphone jack

  • Breaker 19
    Breaker 19 Tháng trước

    This dude is a snooze fest

  • gim bis
    gim bis Tháng trước

    new iphone will be an aluminum block
    which has no holes!

  • Thor _
    Thor _ Tháng trước

    I use magnetic connection on my nokia 7 plus. The usb-c cable side is to robust. When dropped it can easily destroy the phone side of the connection. This hasn't happened on any micro usb I've owned. My dog often drags my phone of the table. With magnetic connection it just disconnects automatically without crash landing on the floor. My charge speed is still the same.

  • Circles and Sounds
    Circles and Sounds Tháng trước

    Trying to share your gift of rasp with your fellows, eh Linus? Hmmm... reasons the sick should stay home 😷😈🎩

  • Ghostflasher
    Ghostflasher Tháng trước

    iPhone 2020 has no ports... but still has a notch

  • Sega the Toad
    Sega the Toad Tháng trước

    How the hell do I charge it while using it like most people do just tape the plate behind it and awkwardly hold it

  • ツ Dymnet
    ツ Dymnet Tháng trước

    Everything is wrong with it bc apple is fucking retarded

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips Tháng trước +1

    Can we just get an Xbox with customizable hardware, ok Xbox?

  • Dark
    Dark Tháng trước

    Soon :
    They sell all Separately
    Including the Box too 😁

  • Kernelpickle
    Kernelpickle Tháng trước

    WHY in the fuck would Apple EVER consider switching to USB-C at this point?! (Cuz you want them to, isn’t even CLOSE to a valid reason.)
    BEFORE the concept of USB-C was ever even considered, Apple was in need of a much smaller, simpler, and reversible connector for their mobile devices.
    That’s WHY they came up with the Lightning adapter-because if you Apple hating morons could recall, ALL other phones used those shitty Micro B connectors that suck (and some STILL do!)
    USB-C was only created AFTER Apple proved how fucking nice it would be to have a tiny USB compatible, and reversible connector.
    Now that USB-C has become a legitimate option, Apple is literally NOT able to use it for VERY REAL REASONS. Even if they wanted to adopt USB-C, they can’t because they have too many legacy devices, cables, chargers and users that will be confused by replacing those lightning ports with the nearly identical looking (and approximate size) USB-C ports.
    I GUARANTEE you that if they put a USB-C port on an iOS device, that’s going to lead to unhappy users shoving Lightning cables into those devices (or doing the opposite with their older devices and these new cables) which will lead to broken cables, possibly damaged devices and A TON of pissed off people!
    If you WANT to use a USB-C cable with an Apple device, you CAN-it just requires a dongle.
    I use PCs, Macs, and plenty of iOS devices-but because I don’t touch those disgusting Androids, I have ZERO USB-C cables lying around to just shove into things. Almost all of the random tech devices I have charging or data cables for are ALL using those awful Micro B connectors-NOT this USB-C nonsense you Droid fans seem to think is ubiquitous!
    I’m sure if I based my opinion about Lightning cables vs USB-C cables on whatever I had the most of in my home, USB-C would be the odd man out-sorry, I’m not alone because other Apple users have the same stockpile of cables for their iOS devices lying around their houses too.
    Once you figure out that MOST USB-C cables you’ve acquired were due to your insistence on using your shitty Droids, then you’ll see that I’m fucking right.
    Wireless charging makes the most sense, but there’s also a chance that Apple will put a magnetic connector on the outside, because the form factor would be completely different and allow the removal of the port. The cables could be adapted via dongles for older models, and that’s their usual preference when they don’t just outright remove a feature like that.

    • Zach B
      Zach B Tháng trước

      Apple was one of the contributors to the USB-C standard, which was made to unite what used to be a pretty haywire mess of ports.
      They have adopted USB-C on all of their devices, except the iPhone.

  • Jesus David Cardenas Angulo
    Jesus David Cardenas Angulo Tháng trước

    Listen for the consumers demands

  • Idlehampster
    Idlehampster Tháng trước

    5:29 the most real techlinked has ever been

  • Matt Escott
    Matt Escott Tháng trước

    The lightning connector (not the wire; just the connector) and it’s female counterpart, mechanically speaking, are far superior connectors to anything else. Figure out how to add thunderbolt and all the other goodies and you have the best possible connector out there.

  • Breeze
    Breeze Tháng trước

    Can’t wait for the Facebook Ai to come out, gonna be nice having another spyware from facebook

  • Elrayn
    Elrayn Tháng trước

    Wow, I didn't realize Linus would be THAT GUY who walks in sick and endangers the health of everyone around him. Way to set a bad example.