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I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator

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  • Xuất bản 24 Th09, 2021
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    I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator - Let's Game It Out
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    More about Gas Station Simulator (from Steam):
    Buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its full glory. Renovate, upgrade and expand upon the offered services to keep up with your clients demands.
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    • y0ur_l0cal_l0ser
      y0ur_l0cal_l0ser 25 ngày trước

      Their is a ufo button

    • Lord RJ
      Lord RJ 27 ngày trước

      @DontLookAtMyName you have*

    • Gold3n
      Gold3n Tháng trước

      pov: you are watching this video on opera gx

    • James KIRK
      James KIRK Tháng trước

      cant wait for more

    • Stavia Ormand
      Stavia Ormand Tháng trước

      yes, join the chinese botnet

  • Real Civil Engineer
    Real Civil Engineer Năm trước +13205

    Knew you'd have a lot of fun in this one! The demo was great fun for game breakers! 😅

  • Jflash The Guy
    Jflash The Guy 10 tháng trước +552

    As a Gas station employee i can agree this is 100% accurate

  • Anna
    Anna 10 tháng trước +247

    This is the video that introduced me to Josh's channel and as someone who suffers from depression I cried laughing and couldn't stop. I haven't felt this joyful and happy in ages. Thank you Josh, keep doing what you do!

    • NeveraCore
      NeveraCore Ngày trước

      After 9 months I hope you are doing well. 👍

    • Schuyler Rebello
      Schuyler Rebello 19 ngày trước

      @Anna do you want to join a group chat.. just people trying to help each other get through life

    • Burger King Employee
      Burger King Employee 3 tháng trước +4

      I'm glad that Josh brought you such joy so did he for me. But if this is the first video you've watched, you have GOT to watch his older videos. You'll be rolling the floor, trust me

    • pyro gamig
      pyro gamig 3 tháng trước

      @VNclip username *J O S H*

    • Youtube username
      Youtube username 6 tháng trước +4

      Simpleflips and Atrioc are good for laughing a ton too

  • •rat•lady•
    •rat•lady• 7 tháng trước +32

    This dude tries everything in his power, to find a glitch that completely changes the game. Magnificent.

  • Private Name
    Private Name 2 tháng trước +5

    This is one of my favorites. The upside-down woman kills me every time.

    • Mike G
      Mike G 6 ngày trước

      Well, he did say "your life is changed forever"... I'd say that was, in fact, true.

  • lucy starlight
    lucy starlight Năm trước +5379

    Josh’s ability to immediately break any game he touches is honestly impressive

    • RissaMay
      RissaMay 9 ngày trước

      the game owners:
      "how much do you want to break our game today?"

    • [ Scene begins with a group of crewman standing at
      [ Scene begins with a group of crewman standing at 11 ngày trước

      If you love Josh's ability to break games you should check out Graystillplays! I would highly reccomend watching him play GTA V, the Sims 4, or any horror game he's played (baby in yellow I highly recommend). But it's your choice!

    • Mystery
      Mystery 22 ngày trước

      It truely is very impressive

    • gwen wilson
      gwen wilson 25 ngày trước


    • Quak
      Quak 25 ngày trước


  • Brittany Cox
    Brittany Cox Tháng trước +7

    Imagine being an npc in this game, and this dude stands in the road for 4 years without eating, drinking, and possibly sleeping, then when he finally moves he takes a broom and starts absolutely *Y E E T I N G* all of the cars to the moon with it.

  • 𝙕𝙖𝙖𝙖𝙥
    𝙕𝙖𝙖𝙖𝙥 8 tháng trước +4

    Keep playing! I have an idea, try to find the limit of the map on the highway and then use the broom to put EVERY SINGLE CAR in the entrance or try to go to space by using the wheels and the broom :)

  • NinjaBearFilms
    NinjaBearFilms 10 tháng trước +8

    You know, on a rewatch… I have to wonder if his “failure to pay back creditor despite having enough money” is just attributed to him not tracking work

  • Katie the Kreator
    Katie the Kreator 7 tháng trước +3

    this video is like a weird dream and a comedy show at the same time

  • steakandcake
    steakandcake 11 tháng trước +3038

    Every time this man says “hold that thought I have an idea” it’s just pure chaos instantly

    • Sean Lowe
      Sean Lowe 2 ngày trước

      Or “I might have gone a little overboard”

    • nousername757
      nousername757 Tháng trước

      less "instantly" and more "in about 50 hours"

    • Sikkie
      Sikkie 2 tháng trước

      2200th like

    • Kefka Palazzo
      Kefka Palazzo 5 tháng trước

      That, and "Is there a limit?" xD

    • Boosh McFadden
      Boosh McFadden 5 tháng trước +1

      "She realizes a good thing when she sees it, and it's called taking a dump." 🤣

  • Lord Puddingl
    Lord Puddingl 10 tháng trước +8

    when you hear "i have an idea" or "only one way to find out"
    you know its the most crazy, chaotic, absurd and funny stuff ever is about to happen.

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse  Tháng trước

    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! Thank you for the great content!

  • Kyle .S
    Kyle .S Tháng trước

    I love how his reaction to a customer getting mad cause he threw their drink on the ground is launching their car into the stratosphere

  • Arthur Putey
    Arthur Putey Tháng trước

    You know you're in for something special, when you can break the game just standing still for loooooooooooooong time.

  • Impostor
    Impostor Năm trước +1098

    This guy always gives me so many new games to try out

  • Kiwi Beast
    Kiwi Beast 8 tháng trước +1

    I’d love to see more of this game

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas Tháng trước

    I really hope he comes back to this game. The physics make me laugh every time I watch this video

  • MissMiseryGloom
    MissMiseryGloom 6 tháng trước +1

    I would love to see more of this game. I mean, that roof with the racing stripe looks an awful lot like a street...maybe it needs a car or two for decoration? ;)

  • Ayden Lokey
    Ayden Lokey 4 tháng trước

    13:36 probably the best moment in lets game it out history

  • VicariousXvoid
    VicariousXvoid 11 tháng trước +2030

    “Oh no we’re being attacked by the unavoidable plot” is the best sentence ever said with sarcasm

    • Ghost Sheep
      Ghost Sheep 10 ngày trước

      just best sentence ever, period

    • guardian
      guardian 11 ngày trước +2

      It's also the best sentence ever said without sarcasm

    • David Sandberg
      David Sandberg 4 tháng trước +17

      I got to this comment exactly as he said it and I had a hardcore meta moment

    IT’ZLOGAN_YT .o 10 tháng trước

    Every time I watch you I laugh so hard my family thinks I’m crazy. LOL

  • Medic_ThePenguin
    Medic_ThePenguin 2 ngày trước

    It’s just hilarious when he doesn’t even listen to the instructions and instead of working on the gas station he was just playing with the cars😂

  • conrad dragon
    conrad dragon Tháng trước

    My new favorite thing is watching let’s game it out while deleriously tired I can’t stop laughing

  • DJ Taur
    DJ Taur 3 tháng trước

    oh my god sometimes josh just makes a classic

  • Carrotena
    Carrotena Năm trước +2366

    I love how josh's computer is so beefy he can run games on the background for literal days without noticing

    • Jacob Bates
      Jacob Bates Tháng trước


    • Jacob Bates
      Jacob Bates Tháng trước

      @hampter he vanished

    • Kahr
      Kahr Tháng trước

      Plot twist: he has an early rtx 4090 TI

    • Jacob Bates
      Jacob Bates Tháng trước


    • Finkel - Funk
      Finkel - Funk 7 tháng trước

      @Eren Try macroing in literally any online game, see how far that gets ya.

  • ItIsYeBadger
    ItIsYeBadger Tháng trước

    I love how at the start of each game Josh makes it seem like he’s playing it normally, but then he starts be literal, sarcastic and hilariously evil to giraffes.

  • Amanda Kitty
    Amanda Kitty 3 tháng trước

    Gosh, I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Absolutely fabulous.

  • K Keijzer
    K Keijzer 10 tháng trước

    Josh seriously is the best softwaretester in the world. I love his superb content!

  • Alex W.
    Alex W. 3 tháng trước

    You should play more of this! This was one of my favorite videos you ever made!

  • Second Blackjack
    Second Blackjack 11 tháng trước +2968

    End of 2020: This year was bad
    End of 2021: Surely it can't get any worse?
    Start of 2022: **otherworldly voice echoing from above** "Hey there it's Josh welcome back to Let's Game It Out"

    • Rancholotl
      Rancholotl Ngày trước

      I'm just gonna be the one casually accepting the world is gonna break and go along with all the things he does

    • Jetstream Sam, Destroyer of LGBTQ • 69 years ago
    • guardian
      guardian 11 ngày trước

      And his character was galeem

    • a sad gamer called KING GAMES
      a sad gamer called KING GAMES 29 ngày trước

      @Jesus Christ So everyone who is named grace is not gonna like 2022. I think I get it🤔 everyone who is named grace is not gonna like 2022 cuz they are getting slapped by the tarnished and the tarnished is just casually sitting on the graces face

    • Exodus
      Exodus Tháng trước

      Today we have Cities: Skylines!

  • Tanner Miner
    Tanner Miner Tháng trước

    10 months later and I 100% hope he comes back. One of my favorite games to just chill and play "Will this car enter orbit?"

  • Patriot Canuck
    Patriot Canuck 6 tháng trước

    I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Thanks my dude.🤣👍✌

  • Josh Tesch
    Josh Tesch 3 tháng trước

    Found myself watching all your sim playlist and the gas station had me on the floor. Thanks!

  • Trevor Aboussafy
    Trevor Aboussafy 5 tháng trước

    This video is a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages

  • WhackyCast
    WhackyCast Năm trước +3955

    Ah... Nothing quite like Josh pushing a game to its extreme.

  • James F
    James F 3 tháng trước

    One of the funniest videos I have seen in a while, keep up the entertainment Josh your doing great work

  • Leo Schunn
    Leo Schunn 2 tháng trước

    I hope the devs of these games that Josh breaks enjoy watching how flawlessly he obliterates everything.

  • Virtue of Absolution
    Virtue of Absolution Tháng trước

    This is absolutely genius. I now want to see how this game is supposed to be played.

  • Rosalind
    Rosalind 7 tháng trước

    I would love to see more of this. I know it's been months but like. This is great, tbh

  • Void Slime
    Void Slime Năm trước +726

    Lady: "I'm getting in this car"
    Josh: "No you're not!"
    Lady: "I'm GETTING in this C̴̱̠̠͓̀͂Â̵̤̪̚̕Ṛ̴̠̟̘̑"

    • DisGuy404
      DisGuy404 Năm trước +1


    • Favorite Mustard
      Favorite Mustard Năm trước +5

      @Real Boiii "karen no!"
      [Translate to English]
      karen no!
      Proof: karens are Universal!

    • Real Boiii
      Real Boiii Năm trước +15

      karen no!

  • Cosmo&Moot
    Cosmo&Moot 8 tháng trước +1

    When he says only one way to find out you know that game is screwed

  • KatTheTadblit
    KatTheTadblit Tháng trước

    im totally watching this while my parents are sleeping, and lemme say i am having a hell of a hard time not laughing lmao 🤣

  • aarav-k
    aarav-k 8 tháng trước +1

    Everywhere he goes he brings destruction,everything he touches breaks he is menannace

  • mybutt robinson
    mybutt robinson 8 tháng trước

    this made me laugh so damn hard ;) ahh jesus christ i feel like all the drivers in this game are drunk

  • Idiots_4_Life
    Idiots_4_Life Năm trước +316

    Josh, you are probably the only human that can make dad jokes decently funny. You have a power and I don't think you know it

    • IDon'tNeedAName
      IDon'tNeedAName Năm trước

      Dad jokes are already funny

    • Datox Gaming
      Datox Gaming Năm trước

      He knows. He knows very well. It is basically the fuel his youtube channel runs on. That and his perverted sense of what the most unwanted thing is, a game developer would like to be done to his work.

    • E
      E Năm trước


    • InfiniteFlightpro
      InfiniteFlightpro Năm trước +1

      @Lone Wolf 😂😂😂 facts

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf Năm trước +2

      Dad jokes are always funny . . . to dads.

  • LeighAnn Denison
    LeighAnn Denison 23 ngày trước

    "It's called sweeping in front of your car and your life has changed forever." How he says this SO CALMLY, I will never know. But absolutely cracks me up EVERY TIME.

  • Elie
    Elie 7 tháng trước

    15:57 I love that even the game is wondering what's going on with this guy

  • Gregory Ferraro
    Gregory Ferraro 7 tháng trước

    I'm so glad I found your channel. While the real world is exploding, your whimsical simulated chaos is very comforting.

  • Lunacy
    Lunacy Tháng trước

    The devs when making this game: “Theres no way someone named josh will mess this up”

  • Jack
    Jack 10 tháng trước +880

    "I love a game that's self-aware.
    It knows you can do this,
    It just doesn't care."
    What beautiful poetry

    • Noob
      Noob Tháng trước

      all it cares about is that you are having fun

    • Claire Fox
      Claire Fox 7 tháng trước +2

      I was literally thinking the same thing

    • Gillian Mowberry
      Gillian Mowberry 7 tháng trước +6


    • Dog
      Dog 10 tháng trước +23

      you saw poetry in it thats beautiful

  • YTCiaProBr Studio
    YTCiaProBr Studio 9 tháng trước

    I just discovered this channel yesterday and i'm loving the chaotic good

  • _justacringekid_
    _justacringekid_ 8 tháng trước

    Josh has literally helped me cope with anxiety from the middle of 2021- today, keep on going to make others days better

  • Nathaniel Shrock
    Nathaniel Shrock 4 tháng trước

    The game calling a skidsteer a mini-excavator triggers me everytime I watch a playthrough 😆

  • Dawson
    Dawson 9 tháng trước

    This one again please! Had my dad and I cracking up!

  • Inconcievable
    Inconcievable Năm trước +730

    Yes DEFINITELY do another one of these.
    "I love when a game is self-aware"

  • Dylan 727
    Dylan 727 4 tháng trước +1

    seeing this played correctly. and seeing this played in josh. josh’s way is surprising everytime

  • Joel Lamb
    Joel Lamb 9 tháng trước

    Imagine waiting 4 years for someone to pick up the phone only to have him to hang up instantly.

  • Rolling Sky Guy
    Rolling Sky Guy Tháng trước

    Alternate title: Josh flinging cars to the upper atmosphere with a Swiffer.

  • positivelyerror
    positivelyerror 9 tháng trước

    it terrifies me how easily josh breaks every single game

  • Sūndæ
    Sūndæ 11 tháng trước +694

    “Play a game normally or draw 25”
    Josh: *casually has 33 cards*

    • Sam Silverman
      Sam Silverman 3 ngày trước

      @Koutetsu Shimobé that is Josh playing board games

    • Jacob Bates
      Jacob Bates 6 tháng trước +3

      no he has 100 uncentillion cards (10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cards)

    • Jay Swarrow
      Jay Swarrow 7 tháng trước +4

      @Koutetsu Shimobé Dust storm glitched to honking and left a thumbdown - there was no room for dust, between card piles.

    • Nathan
      Nathan 8 tháng trước +15

      "Also there is also a global card shortage and I don't know why."

    • Da Fish
      Da Fish 10 tháng trước +39

      Josh casually holding the entire deck

  • Googie Gress
    Googie Gress 10 tháng trước

    Pretty great, actually laughed out loud in an empty room :)

  • Carl Sjolund
    Carl Sjolund 8 tháng trước +1

    Not even 3 and a half minutes into the video he managed to ZA WARDO the entire timeline, this man is a being of pure chaos and nothing els.

  • Jeff Tech
    Jeff Tech 9 tháng trước

    I am so glad that life has bestowed upon you the time needed to make these videos. This ne was seriously hilarious. Please do return to it for part 2!

  • CrayCray Wolf
    CrayCray Wolf Tháng trước

    This man would be a phenomenal playtester

  • L33T_Taco
    L33T_Taco Năm trước +589

    Josh: "Let me see if i can help this guy get unstuck"
    Guy: *Slingshots Josh to the stratosphere*
    Josh: "...huh...well that'll teach me

    • Gillian Mowberry
      Gillian Mowberry 7 tháng trước


    • Dan D
      Dan D Năm trước

      Bleeding-edge next-gen car defense system.

    • TXE1ND
      TXE1ND Năm trước


    • Google Earth Explorer
      Google Earth Explorer Năm trước

      Let’s see how many subs I get from this comment
      Current subs: 11

    • L33T_Taco
      L33T_Taco Năm trước +3

      @TheoQuazar If someone told me that Josh made the Leaning Tower of Pisa, i would believe them because he would do exactly that.

  • Salvatore Cafa
    Salvatore Cafa 3 tháng trước

    love the way you literally destroy all those games, you're insane

  • playing with dimethylcadmium
    playing with dimethylcadmium 8 tháng trước

    Josh's videos are just so refreshing to watch.

  • Nerd Herder
    Nerd Herder 3 tháng trước

    The moment i saw that the broom had physics....the absolute gift that thr devs gave you in doing so

  • DatBlockyDude
    DatBlockyDude 7 tháng trước

    Love how he casually breaks the game first thing after launching it

  • L33T_Taco
    L33T_Taco Năm trước +1105

    Also we seriously need a Dev's react to Josh playing their games
    Like the ones that give Josh a key, Josh needs to ask them to film themselves watching his videos of their game and see their reaction. Id LOVE THAT

    • Dino Birb
      Dino Birb 7 tháng trước +2

      There is a dev reaction to Half Life 2 speedruns (with all the glitches). It's not from Josh, but it's fun anyway

    • Mike Butler
      Mike Butler 10 tháng trước +1

      @Daemos that happened a couple times - off the top of my head, it happened in DIY simulator and at least one of the cooking sim ones.

    • Dijital
      Dijital 11 tháng trước +4

      One of the devs commented on the prison video

    • UnknownGamer40464
      UnknownGamer40464 11 tháng trước +3

      @alexander palmer I'd watch that too

    • DogePlayz
      DogePlayz 11 tháng trước +4

      he should pin that

  • HamsterGames
    HamsterGames 7 tháng trước

    Love how he spends so much time just make eberything look hideous

  • Necrosis Man
    Necrosis Man 7 tháng trước

    I love how they used a model of Elon musk for a fuel delivery driver that’s the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen

  • Macademia_P
    Macademia_P 9 tháng trước +1

    2:51 never let Josh discover something new, he just make things more... Interesting.....
    5:41 and Josh finally do something kind to an NPC
    7:06 This is ladies and gentlemen, the world record for the quickest thing that Josh messed up!

  • AnduinX BYM
    AnduinX BYM 9 tháng trước

    This is, without a doubt, the greatest gaming channel on VNclip.

  • Dee McGann
    Dee McGann 5 tháng trước

    i love how one of the decorations was an upturned car...
    something he already has in abundance

  • tiny_mushroom
    tiny_mushroom 10 tháng trước

    I love how the guy he blocked in the road just turned into a completely different person after 1,532 days

  • Lucas Passmore
    Lucas Passmore 8 tháng trước

    this is one of the best ones he's done lol

  • Ryan Knutsen
    Ryan Knutsen 8 tháng trước

    “Dispatch I’m upside-down in a ditch with four other officers”
    “Do you need help?”
    “Nah, the attendant has a broom”

  • Mister Misfit
    Mister Misfit Năm trước +429

    For the love of Christ, come back to this game, I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

    • Mister Misfit
      Mister Misfit Năm trước

      To preface, I do infact watch a lotta josh's videos, and they are all equally funny in their own broken way, but boy howdy did this just like beat me over the head.
      I recommend though the flying carts from hydroneer, that is one of my favorites

    • Nate Lung
      Nate Lung Năm trước

      I’ve watched the other videos… but the lady walking upside down then turning over into the car broke me.

    • IHadNoIdeaThatGoogleAllowedYouToChangeYourNameIntoSomethingSoRidiculouslyLongAndStupidLikeIDidHere
      IHadNoIdeaThatGoogleAllowedYouToChangeYourNameIntoSomethingSoRidiculouslyLongAndStupidLikeIDidHere Năm trước

      I envy you, seems like you haven't watched most of his videos so have tons to watch and (laught about) yet

    • Gaalidas
      Gaalidas Năm trước

      We noobs are dying.

    • Stuart Hamilton
      Stuart Hamilton Năm trước +4

      Guessing you haven't seen much of Josh's previous s**t then?! ;)

  • Overwrite
    Overwrite Tháng trước

    I abolutely love how the most replayed part is after the sponsor

  • CJ Varona
    CJ Varona 8 tháng trước

    this guy's patience is completely on another level (i'm pretty sure also his electrical bills)

  • Elleapxx
    Elleapxx 9 tháng trước

    Please, play this again 🤣🤣 I actually love this so much

  • IMezeldaI
    IMezeldaI 6 tháng trước

    Josh does one of the most thorough yet entertaining ads I use opera Gx but didn't know those additional feature I could be utilizing. Great job.

  • PHNeutre49
    PHNeutre49 Năm trước +231

    When I saw that this game had lots of physics interactions, I knew it was gonna be good.
    Pro tips for devs out there: The more you let the physics engine handle, the more game breaking stuff is going to happen and you won't be able to anticipate most of it. It makes for funny bugs, tho.

    • Dave
      Dave Năm trước +20

      You say game breaking, I say free publicity.

  • Judas Hymn
    Judas Hymn 3 tháng trước

    The "Ewh, stop that!" Genuinely made me laugh irl and wake my cat up

  • Daryl Krans
    Daryl Krans 4 tháng trước

    Glad I found this channel. I don't laugh easy, but these videos crack me up every time! Thanks for the awesome content

  • SpectralFX
    SpectralFX 9 tháng trước

    Look pal, you outdid yourself on this one.
    I'd be thrilled to see you go back to this place Josh... but what else is there for you to do? haven't you done it all?

  • Fatty McBastard
    Fatty McBastard 7 tháng trước

    I've never seen a more realistic simulator.

  • Mark Hashman
    Mark Hashman Năm trước +359

    Josh: "Well, for what it's worth, everyone seems to be okay."
    Me: "Not for _long..."_

  • PogFwog
    PogFwog 9 tháng trước

    I guess we now know that this is what happens when you leave gas station simulator running for a while

  • Leah L
    Leah L 5 giờ trước

    That spinning tire glitch is glorious 😂

  • soviet russian ball
    soviet russian ball Tháng trước

    josh: lets find out

  • JD Stankosky
    JD Stankosky 10 tháng trước

    I haven't laughed so hard in a while!

  • Pawprint1
    Pawprint1 Năm trước +90

    Josh: "we could use this to launch ourselves up here..."
    Also Josh: *Proceeds to launch self into space*

  • randOm Stuff
    randOm Stuff Tháng trước

    I like how almost every video the most replayed part is after the sponsor

  • JEP
    JEP 9 tháng trước

    Literally almost pissed myself laughing at the body and car physics

  • LeighAnn Denison
    LeighAnn Denison 23 ngày trước

    "Hey there it's Josh & welcome back to Let's Game it Out" those are the most terrifying words I have personally ever heard.

  • Quackity BIG fan
    Quackity BIG fan 9 tháng trước

    I love this man's passion, violence.