Where Has Captain Marvel Been This Whole Time? | THEORY BATTLE

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  • Screen Rant
    Screen Rant  2 tháng trước +113

    Do you think Captain Marvel has been in the Quantum Realm, on Earth, or somewhere else this whole time?

    • Chris Patton
      Chris Patton 13 ngày trước

      Screen Rant relm

    • Euro CargoCZ
      Euro CargoCZ 22 ngày trước

      Teorie: ''Captain Marvel is multidimensional being and live on another Earth''.

    • faith scott
      faith scott 25 ngày trước

      Yeah! She was so tired that she slept through the entire plot!? what sense does that make?

    • Jack Steen
      Jack Steen 26 ngày trước

      She is actually Nick Fury
      Duh Duh Dun

  • Clay McLaughlin
    Clay McLaughlin Ngày trước

    Avengers four is called Avengers annihilation

  • Freddy Jay Johns
    Freddy Jay Johns 2 ngày trước

    I like the second theory fighting the skrulls

  • Tycoon Muth
    Tycoon Muth 2 ngày trước

    Quantum realm i think but one thing is for certain, that she's plan B

  • Tycoon Muth
    Tycoon Muth 2 ngày trước

    Quantum realm i think but one thing is for certain, is that she plan B

  • Robert Marine
    Robert Marine 3 ngày trước

    Skrull invasion is more likely to be the best way of putting it on in the movie

  • OJD Gaming
    OJD Gaming 3 ngày trước

    The second theory makes more sense, yet, it doesn’t explain how she doesn’t get super old.

  • Samplayz 124
    Samplayz 124 3 ngày trước

    It would be really funny if the remaining avengers asked her where she had been then she balbs her whole adventure

  • Rasmus Serup Jensen 8X Ådalsskolen


  • Martin Chicon
    Martin Chicon 3 ngày trước

    She has been here!

  • Bad Wolf
    Bad Wolf 4 ngày trước

    I prefer theory B, but I guess theory a will be the one they use

  • M O'Brien
    M O'Brien 4 ngày trước

    I was thinking about this for the future of the mcu.

  • Franklin Barker Jr.
    Franklin Barker Jr. 4 ngày trước

    She is scene punching a skrull on a train

  • 21Ethan Schreiner
    21Ethan Schreiner 4 ngày trước


  • Cunpliy
    Cunpliy 4 ngày trước

    Or she stuck in time in the 90s

  • Phil Chadwick
    Phil Chadwick 5 ngày trước

    Get rid of 20 second adverts, you have too many. Plus, that second theory is illogical first one is rather good

  • Sebastian Schneider
    Sebastian Schneider 5 ngày trước

    I think she was project Pegasus since fury said "Pegasus isn't ready yet" when the base collapsed in Avengers 1. Would Pegasus be the project researching the tessaract it wouldn't make sens to "activate" it right when it's destroyed. So I think cpt. Marvel was in the same base but for whatever reason not capable to fight.

  • Xeno Kitty
    Xeno Kitty 5 ngày trước

    "An entire race of Mystiques" I will have nightmares for the rest of my life.

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell 5 ngày trước

    The 1st is more realistic and looks like it could be the reason why Captain Marvel has been gone, because she has been in the quantum realm, yet the idea of the secret invasion is also a big deal, so she could have been fighting off the skrulls and the kree empires. So it could be either one or a combination of the two

  • Carson Christman
    Carson Christman 6 ngày trước

    I like the quantum realm one

  • The Real A-6
    The Real A-6 6 ngày trước

    In SPACE on her ship in orbit

  • the real deadpool
    the real deadpool 7 ngày trước

    What happens I if captain marvel is actually dead and doctor strange somehow went back in time in infinity war and stopped her from dieing

  • Orange Juice Gaming
    Orange Juice Gaming 8 ngày trước

    The second one

  • Austin Allen Green
    Austin Allen Green 9 ngày trước

    I like number 2.

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 9 ngày trước

    I think the War Machine is a Skrull

  • kia paula
    kia paula 9 ngày trước

    if captain marvel in quantum relm then why ant and janet did nto met

  • the beast
    the beast 9 ngày trước


  • OG Kuai Liang
    OG Kuai Liang 10 ngày trước

    0:40-0:57 = 🐐

  • Albert Brammer
    Albert Brammer 11 ngày trước

    Theory 2: she would be a lot older if searching for Skrulls on Earth.

  • Mr Purple
    Mr Purple 11 ngày trước

    She was probably just making some pottery.

  • AbeFroman021
    AbeFroman021 11 ngày trước

    She is in space because Cull Obsidian has her sash. Ding ding chicken wing

  • hein Marx
    hein Marx 12 ngày trước

    The second theory is more believable

  • John Byrne
    John Byrne 12 ngày trước

    The problem with the 2nd theory is what if she was around there was a good chance that she would disappear as well. If she's not in the quantum realm maybe she's in stasis. What if she was severely injured at the end of her movie and needed time to heal or some other thing like that? What Fury was doing was activating her chamber to release her. Just a thought

  • Lee Allen
    Lee Allen 13 ngày trước


  • Valiant Fighter Child of the light

    In a coma after Rogue consumed her mind and powers a good way to introduce the X-men.

  • Drashti Dave
    Drashti Dave 16 ngày trước

    Quantam realm

  • Paul Thierry Pereira
    Paul Thierry Pereira 18 ngày trước

    In marvel studios 2012's hit movie , we saw nick fury saying S.H.I.E.l.D cannot do phase 2 yet and must try the plan of recruiting the avengers. The phase 2 idea might be contacting captain marvel. Clearly as shown in 2015's Ant man you cannot contact anybody in the quantum realm and , with Nick Fury knowing that , at the end of Infinity war, he recruited Captain marvel as he turned to dust.thus,Carol Denvers was on earth

  • Rik Bakker
    Rik Bakker 19 ngày trước

    I disagree with these theories. In my theory Ronin already works with Thanos or is a Child of Thanos. It is then revealed that Thanos is looking for the Infinity Stones. So she is going in space to look for the Stones. She asks Nick Fury to prepair for Thanos arrival and possible other threats. And when Thanos attacks Earth, she will be beeped. This could explain why she wasn't there for the Battle of New York of the Battle or Sokovia

  • Madradbrad 43
    Madradbrad 43 19 ngày trước

    James Bond is covert, don’t make me laugh

  • Jadyn Stevenson
    Jadyn Stevenson 19 ngày trước

    i think the 2nd one makes more sents

  • Ariel Quezada
    Ariel Quezada 22 ngày trước

    I feel like after the skrull invasion, the skrull-heroes and the real-not-knowing heroes teamed up to fight thanos because thanos affected the skrull invasion. Therefore CM had to stay undercover from everyone. If anyone knew she existed, good man or bad man they where all going to know and then be a target of the skrulls and her mission of stopping the fakes would be compromised.
    She could've been rescuing a real_hero from a skrull abduction.

  • Niyati Shah
    Niyati Shah 22 ngày trước

    If they treat Captain Marvel like Superman in JL, I am going to revolt

  • Jason Carson
    Jason Carson 23 ngày trước

    Arby's.....Carol has been at arby's the whole time

  • P.H. Veridian
    P.H. Veridian 23 ngày trước

    The video needed more ads. There weren't nearly enough.

  • Tommy Reed
    Tommy Reed 23 ngày trước

    I feel like captain marvel would actually be in space stopping the Skrillex from getting to earth

  • lee henry
    lee henry 23 ngày trước

    secret invasion

  • lee henry
    lee henry 23 ngày trước

    secret invasion

  • Cher Crew
    Cher Crew 23 ngày trước

    Rob wins this one, sorry Ryan. I still love you!!

  • Beatriz Robles De Lira
    Beatriz Robles De Lira 23 ngày trước

    Quantum realm

  • Rajesh.
    Rajesh. 24 ngày trước


  • Isaac Bellevue
    Isaac Bellevue 24 ngày trước

    I think it's the second one

  • texasaidanj
    texasaidanj 24 ngày trước

    god dammit. guys! at least put "(SPOILERS FOR ANT MAN AND THE WASP)" in the title of the video! i havent seen the new ant man movie yet and i wanted to learn more about the captain marvel movie and its theories but didnt expect there to be unannounced spoilers for the ant man movie movie!

  • Nick World
    Nick World 25 ngày trước

    I like peanut butter.

  • Lukas Vesth 5AK
    Lukas Vesth 5AK 25 ngày trước


  • Agent Rick
    Agent Rick 25 ngày trước

    Instead of saying spoilers ahead you should say Tom Holland ahead 😂

  • Alfried Norwin Barbacena
    Alfried Norwin Barbacena 25 ngày trước

    She will pass her power to Monica Rambeau at the end of the movie.

  • faith scott
    faith scott 25 ngày trước

    Remember when ryan said, "I'm sorry i didn't do my homework, i was in a place where time and space didn't matter? Do you think that was a science joke? GET IT, MATTER!!?

  • richiesflicks
    richiesflicks 26 ngày trước

    My theory, she will pretend to be dead until now. What if Dr Strange makes a cameo in Cap Marvel. Tells her that she's the only one that can defeat Thanos in the future so she needs to pretend to die. So she will battle that big dude from Infinity War that is holding a piece of her suit. So she pretends she is defeated (dead) from that battle so that Thanos doesn't know she's alive and can stop him with the flick of a finger. Until Nick Fury calls her when she's supposed to.

  • Ursa Major
    Ursa Major 26 ngày trước

    Captain Marvel was trapped for the last 20 years in the Blockbuster Store, as she couldn't decide between the Craft, Set it Off, the Virgin Suicides or Mi Vida Loca to rent.

  • Ursa Major
    Ursa Major 26 ngày trước

    Captain Marvel has been hiding in the Quantum Realm for the past 20 years or so until the social and political climate was ripe for a 'Her-O'. She wouldn't have been take seriously back then with the wooden acting, histrionics and 'Green Lantern Lite' origin story. It's hard to see how this movie is compatible with the existing marvel tapestry, without a lot of awkward retro-framing and clumsy retconning.

  • jacky umana
    jacky umana 26 ngày trước

    🌏 Earth

  • Isa Menegaz
    Isa Menegaz 27 ngày trước

    I like the scroll one (mostly because Mockingbird was a scroll and it involves SWORD from my background knowledge)

  • shreedhar koirala
    shreedhar koirala 28 ngày trước

    The real thing is as she at last after all war things herself as she is a little super comparing to world soo she is in hybernation as nick fury also agree with her and the switch nick fury pressed is message or control to switch off hybernation as bigger problem arrive

  • 1-800 I need Pizza
    1-800 I need Pizza 28 ngày trước

    Both sound true tbh👍🏽

  • Beast YT
    Beast YT 28 ngày trước

    What happen if she is actually a scroll saw

  • Ana Meza
    Ana Meza 29 ngày trước

    Also the fact that Tom mentioned quantum realm in an interview

  • rifle man
    rifle man 29 ngày trước

    Wow great stuff guys very tough theory to choose.. it could be something completely different too, i like the 1 yall said about the first team failing shes the backup tho

  • Benito
    Benito 29 ngày trước

    8:10 LMAO

  • libtard
    libtard 29 ngày trước

    What is the song in the start??

  • Steve Sparks
    Steve Sparks 29 ngày trước

    The latter sounds good, except how is it possible to she did not age? or will she be older?

    • WhiteHerring
      WhiteHerring 16 ngày trước

      I was going to say the same. The first theory covers the aging issue, but what about the second theory?

  • Jack Wad
    Jack Wad 29 ngày trước

    She is on a different earth, different universe. She cosmic awareness allows here to experience multiple times and versions of herself. Fury also knew for sure she would not be affected by the snap. Thanos and the gems have no power in other universes,

  • G-man 05
    G-man 05 29 ngày trước

    2nd one wins in my opinions

  • hyperjak810
    hyperjak810 29 ngày trước

    Second theory makes more sense but I feel like the quantum realm also plays a big part, guess we gotta just wait till March!!

  • PerFact TM
    PerFact TM 29 ngày trước

    I think the trailer isn't really good, just for me idk about what other feels about it ,but thinking the old lady has always getting punch every watched not really kinda cool.Hahaha 😂😂

  • Ayden's Mommy
    Ayden's Mommy 29 ngày trước

    Both are good theories

  • elgin buyard
    elgin buyard Tháng trước

    Bring back Rocko

  • Min And Tulips
    Min And Tulips Tháng trước

    Captain marvel will only make a cameo on the end game and then next movie she’s the whole focus of it

  • Aidan O'Dell
    Aidan O'Dell Tháng trước

    She's in space. Nick Fury didn't call her for New York because he knew they had it under control. The Kree-Skrull war is a bigger deal to control. The events of Infinity War happened really fast she didn't hear about it within that week or two days or whatever it was.

  • Angie Natoyn
    Angie Natoyn Tháng trước

    all this time, she's been in the comics lingering as a 2nd tier character.

  • שחר שנקר
    שחר שנקר Tháng trước

    Here is one: maybe she was sended by nick to explore the universe...

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Tháng trước

    what if she died because of the snap

  • Haubner Studio01
    Haubner Studio01 Tháng trước

    I like the second Theory

  • Araditya Yp
    Araditya Yp Tháng trước

    I think it's easy isn't? The thing is you have the avenger on earth, and they're bunch of super power group including thor and hulk. Maybe that's the reason nick fury didn't contact her from the event of avenger 1 and 2 and 3. Because he still have this bunch of people who has super powers under his radar which is enough for him.
    But then the situation become sooo dire that finally in a moment of hopelessness and panic because without a reason people started turn into ashes he send to captain marvel an emergency message and the only device that he keep, so he can contact her.
    And about captain Marvel's whereabout, it's going to be tied with her own role in kree skrull war so maybe because for some reason, she should stay on far away galaxy to solving those problem and it will become clear in her own movie.
    Don't know why there is a saying that she will messed up the mcu, the timeline, etc.
    The point is c'mon this is the continuity of MCU story, and i believe every movie not just the MCU, if they want to extend the story, make sequel and everything there has to be someway to explain those sequel and how does that connect right?
    It will connect, and make sense.
    The only thing it can mess up, is about the movie itself. I mean if the story is bad, the action is weird and not good.
    But as for the connection with other MCU storylines, it will connect. The trailer itself still vague, so if there is a judgement it will mess the MCU storyline or whatever, I'm against that thing.

  • Suresh Rao
    Suresh Rao Tháng trước

    watch movie first ..

  • Jeffrey Silcock
    Jeffrey Silcock Tháng trước

    the covert mission theory is the most solid and less brain melting for the masses

  • Troll Hunter
    Troll Hunter Tháng trước

    That machine captain marvel is in is a jail cell the pager is a key fury unlocks the cell when he sees the world disappearing....

    Captain marvel takes fury’s eye that’s why she’s locked up.

  • Wrath
    Wrath Tháng trước

    What if hawkeye is a skrull?

  • Colin Hicks
    Colin Hicks Tháng trước

    If she was trapped in another dimension, that has a nice parallel with the original Captain Mar-vell spending a lot of time in the comics trapped in the Negative Zone.

  • Pokepug Omega
    Pokepug Omega Tháng trước

    I feel like on earth, no really

  • Fire Mblem377
    Fire Mblem377 Tháng trước

    I say space, but like the 2nd theory if I had to pick one

  • Deadgo Fire
    Deadgo Fire Tháng trước

    Who else saw this after watching the trailer

  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan Tháng trước

    What about the hero The One Above All? Will he appear in the MCU?

  • Arunava Chatterjee
    Arunava Chatterjee Tháng trước

    I think captain marvel has no memory of her past.

  • Jakhai Montgomery
    Jakhai Montgomery Tháng trước +1

    So she's like a full proof fail safe nice

  • Harley Banks
    Harley Banks Tháng trước

    I think the secret invasion theory is the most likley to be true and it makes more sense

  • Wesley Wallace
    Wesley Wallace Tháng trước

    Rogue did a number on her....she has been off with the Starjammers

  • gabe davis
    gabe davis Tháng trước

    Skrulls are confirmed. Theory is confirmed

  • Chris Curran
    Chris Curran Tháng trước

    everyone is a skrull

  • Sathvik Reddy
    Sathvik Reddy Tháng trước

    The second one is good

  • keison hux
    keison hux Tháng trước

    I'm going with she was a pilot who flew through an anomolly trapping her in the quantum realm and she got her powers from their, or something along those lines. could be a alternative way to introduce "mutants " into the mcu. it could happen LMAO