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The smartest dog in the world | 60 Minutes Archive

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  • Xuất bản 25 Th11, 2022

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  • 60 Minutes

    Click here for Anderson Cooper's report on the evolution of dogs:

  • J4R3D
    J4R3D  +437

    The thing about them “hugging you with their eyes” melted my heart. There are times I’m walking my little dog and she just stares up at me while we walk. In fact she was just doing it 😭💕💕💕

  • PauChi
    PauChi  +366

    When a dog is truly part of the family and is included in everything possible its intelligence becomes evident. Those of us who truly love and pay attention to our dogs understand that dogs have a full range of emotions and love us in the purest way possible.

  • Kayla James

    I dont know why but this brought me to tears. This whole episode. The bond that old man has with Chaser is so special. He really dedicated his heart to her. I hope as I get older I can keep a bond like this with my dogs.

  • Loulabelle Parsnips

    This is fascinating.

  • CrazyRatLady

    Dogs are very equipped to understand us on a level that goes beyond verbal and visual clues, they can literally translate our energies. Combine that w the verbal and visual and their abilities to understand us are truly spectacular.

  • Prosperinah PvP

    My dog passed away last year, but he was a very smart little guy. I could make certain sounds, do different gestures with my finger, and he would understand what they mean. And he had various funny and meaningful expressions. I wish I could have him tested for worlds smartest dog.

  • Richard Flanagan

    Anybody who loves a dog knows how smart and emotionally bonded dogs can be ..

  • Leigh Skillington

    I am so happy to see this. With 6 dogs I adore - and spend a lot of time with - this research and new knowledge is not surprising. I pray this will be the beginning of more rights and protections for these incredible animals

  • JJ N
    JJ N  +29

    It really matters how one raises their dog, and it's not any different from raising a toddler. I taught my beloved dog words in 2 languages, and he knew the concept of tomorrow and decision-making. Every meal, I laid out 4 food options in front of him and told him to show me which one he wanted to eat that meal, and he'd tap the item he wanted to eat.

  • Carrisa Grace

    It breaks my heart watching this now knowing she moved onto the next realm

  • Nathalie HEYTENS

    I wonder if anyone recognises our poodle's particular ability. She knows the concept "TO REPEAT A GIVEN COMMAND". Whenever I command her to do something like give a paw, come closer, go back, high five and many more, she'll repeat that when I say AGAIN.

  • Christine Weaver

    My mom and dad went to a rescue center,dogs and other critters from mexico.they set out to choose either a boxer or some other dog we had before as

  • vigal79
    vigal79  +393

    Stumbled across this, it was very fascinating.

  • Erin Pufunt

    This is so interesting and important. And I hope it encourages us to clear the shelters

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee  +5

    Amazing information but I'm not surprised. The more quality time you spend with your dog, the more you'll come to realize just how amazing they really are.

  • Jason Mariani

    I adore my pup. I love when I say gimme hugs! And she jumps to her hind legs and puts both front paws around my neck and leans in lol it’s special. She’s a husky/Sheppard mix which makes her hairy. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Henry Cooks

    My neighbor was having a heart issue and could not get to her medication, the dog came to my house and kept barking until I came out, and insisted I follow her, and led me to my neighbor, we are more than an are apart.. That wasn't the only time that dog did something amazing.

  • Oahu Hawaii

    They forgot to show the most amazing thing that Chaser did: the old doctor scattered all 1000+ dog toys around his house, and then told her to fetch a specific toy. The test was tricky because he used a new name he never taught her, and had put a new toy somewhere in the house. She went around the house, looking at the various toys, and eventually decided to pick up the new toy. She deduced that the unfamiliar word must be the name of the new toy. She's an incredible dog!

  • thekappa1844 p

    this guy should write a book on this subject . i wish i had him as a trainer for our dogs .