Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test & Camera Comparison!

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  • Drew Hong
    Drew Hong 8 giờ trước

    Night Mode Pixel ... Daytime Iphone.

  • Xyring
    Xyring 15 giờ trước

    Why you even comparing an iPhone to shit from the dump

  • christian hariwibowo
    christian hariwibowo 18 giờ trước

    I might be mistaken, but i noticed that the video on apple 11 pro when running PUBG was at 2x speed while google pixel was running at normal speed. Kindly correct me if i'm wrong but yeah that kinda affects the results imo.

  • LaZy_PaNdA _PlAyS
    LaZy_PaNdA _PlAyS Ngày trước

    I wish I had those phones... I have a half broken lg g5... 😢

  • Андрей Бундин
    Андрей Бундин Ngày trước

    So basically he said: "Hello, how're you doing? My name is everything apple professional."

  • Cortex_v2
    Cortex_v2 Ngày trước

    Nothing beats apple optimization

  • Vęñøm kįłľæř
    Vęñøm kįłľæř Ngày trước +2

    Google made fun of apple and they ended up copying their camera design?

    • Vęñøm kįłľæř
      Vęñøm kįłľæř 2 giờ trước

      @Nicole Ace, Samsung is copying them too but the design is even worst

    • Nicole Ace
      Nicole Ace 2 giờ trước

      Yeah because apple has been successful lately

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man Ngày trước

    Iphone is best💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Subbaramaiah Natuva
    Subbaramaiah Natuva 2 ngày trước


  • Benjamin Guidry
    Benjamin Guidry 2 ngày trước

    Hey u r just rooting for apple not google

  • Mindaugas Jefimovas
    Mindaugas Jefimovas 2 ngày trước

    Listening to lucky Luke🤔

  • Ben Beach
    Ben Beach 3 ngày trước +1

    ok, Samsung made fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack, then they did it. Google was making fun of Apple for adding an extra camera, now they did it

  • Ricardo Sanchez
    Ricardo Sanchez 4 ngày trước +2

    1:15 he speeds up the footage on the iphone

  • Go Easy Andrew
    Go Easy Andrew 4 ngày trước

    What is this aspect ratio?

  • EntertainmentCat
    EntertainmentCat 4 ngày trước +1

    Pixel 3a gang

  • PufferClaw
    PufferClaw 4 ngày trước

    Why does that little plant looks like it’s growing out from a piece of dog shit.........(I’m sorry😅😅)

  • Muhammad Fahim
    Muhammad Fahim 5 ngày trước

    Android is garbage 🗑

  • -SRT-Trackhawk
    -SRT-Trackhawk 5 ngày trước

    iOS is superior as always

  • Sigfús Steindórsson
    Sigfús Steindórsson 6 ngày trước

    why does he speak communist?

  • Sigfús Steindórsson
    Sigfús Steindórsson 6 ngày trước

    iPhone 11 pro is the phone where ios user finally get what they pay for

  • Deyvid Komsiyski
    Deyvid Komsiyski 7 ngày trước

    What if I’m not dead at my funeral?

  • Deyvid Komsiyski
    Deyvid Komsiyski 7 ngày trước

    What if I’m not dead at my funeral?

  • cosmo
    cosmo 7 ngày trước

    I phone all the way

  • Zak
    Zak 7 ngày trước

    Watching this with the pixel 2 .
    I am so fucking disappointed with pixel 4 . I remember when pixels used to be way better than iPhones and now I'm actually considering the 11 pro .
    I was gonna go for the pixel 4 XL but it's so disappointing fam .
    I'll either buy the 7t pro or the iPhone 11 pro .

  • Gamer girl 185
    Gamer girl 185 8 ngày trước

    Well this is the first time I see a google Pixel 4 cause I love apple and I never looked at other types of phones exept for Samsung

  • Madison Hopkins
    Madison Hopkins 8 ngày trước

    On the side to side camera photos the Pixel looks WAY better to me! His hand and face is much sharper, so is the bridge cable behind him. How did he not see this??

  • Ryan’s Fortnite
    Ryan’s Fortnite 8 ngày trước +4

    They literally just copied apple

  • Dixon Cider
    Dixon Cider 8 ngày trước

    Pixel is absolute garbage

  • Jean-Baptiste Vauthier
    Jean-Baptiste Vauthier 10 ngày trước +1

    taking a brighter display before a smoother display? are you insane?

  • The Meme channel
    The Meme channel 10 ngày trước

    The iPhone lags more. That’s what I noticed.

  • Khan Faisal
    Khan Faisal 10 ngày trước

    Brooo i need itt

  • Samawal Alkider
    Samawal Alkider 10 ngày trước

    Pixel 4

  • Mclovin v7
    Mclovin v7 11 ngày trước

    Try bending that pixel lolololololol

  • Yaser Ammar
    Yaser Ammar 12 ngày trước +1

    Iphon 11 pro is better

  • Yeeter Peeter
    Yeeter Peeter 12 ngày trước

    I love how apple just came out with a phone that has 3 camera and says it the "best camera yet" and it has 12 MP and the samsung note 10 has 48 BRUH.

    • Jessie Cain
      Jessie Cain 9 ngày trước

      Megapixels don't mean much. Professional photographers often shoot in 5 MP unless they're doing a project that's going to turn their photos into poster size. Nobody needs 12 MP, let alone 48. Are you trying to make a billboard??

  • amisi Abubakari
    amisi Abubakari 12 ngày trước


  • amisi Abubakari
    amisi Abubakari 12 ngày trước


  • LY 2018
    LY 2018 13 ngày trước

    I decided to buy iphone. Thank you from Tokyo!

  • James Crain
    James Crain 13 ngày trước +3

    The pixel got destroyed in the speed test

  • Coron Playz
    Coron Playz 13 ngày trước +1


  • L Lea
    L Lea 14 ngày trước

    I have two iphones was frozen by their ios 13. I couldn’t even do a back up on my computer. Apple forces me to do the restore, if not I will not be able to use my cells. The apple stores and customer services were fool around the customers as much as they can. Firstly, they said you can update the ios 13 and you won’t loose your memory on the phone,,,, then turn to to be you have to restore my cells, if not the I won’t be able to use my cells. What fu$k cell? Their apple staffs bring all the reasons to you said You should back up your cells frequently. You should update your cells. The data you lose we are not responsible for that. Then sorry, walk away, hangout phone on you, keep silence and act like nothing happening, and also make the client like a idiot. They try to get rid of clients troubles and they are not responsible your data lose because of their system problems. If you have no problem with you phone so far, good for you. If you got the craps, good luck with your debates! I mean two cells get the same problem at same time, are they serious?!

  • Vsco Girls Are Demons
    Vsco Girls Are Demons 14 ngày trước +1

    iPhone 11 pro: Who are you?
    Pixel 4: *im you, but worse*

    • SkillsWithMe
      SkillsWithMe 11 ngày trước

      Vsco Girls Are Demons np

    • Vsco Girls Are Demons
      Vsco Girls Are Demons 11 ngày trước

      SkillsWithMe Thanks for clarifying mate :)

    • SkillsWithMe
      SkillsWithMe 11 ngày trước

      Vsco Girls Are Demons I was talking to him.

    • Vsco Girls Are Demons
      Vsco Girls Are Demons 11 ngày trước

      SkillsWithMe Did u mean to talk to him or me? Because occasionally people try to talk to me but they press on the wrong person.

    • SkillsWithMe
      SkillsWithMe 12 ngày trước

      HBM Vi_Starzin have you even fucking watched the video mate

  • Cody
    Cody 14 ngày trước

    Pixel 4 xl does not need to be $899. Thats bullshit for as many corners they cut. $599 MAX for its last gen specs and performance. The 11 pro plus doesn't need to be $999, but rather $799.

  • Pavel Tsuprikov
    Pavel Tsuprikov 14 ngày trước

    pixel sux)))

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C 14 ngày trước +1

    I wish smartphones started getting smaller again

  • David Adam
    David Adam 15 ngày trước

    The default screen protector peels off within a week. To protect it from scratches I ordered a full body screen protector from

  • عبدالحميد الباشا

    I was born in Saudi Arabia and I do not have the nationality of Saudi Arabia I work as a cleaner and my salary is very small that I worked 5 years I can not buy the iPhone because I pay the rent of the house and the costs of treating my mother helped me and gave me even if I imitated Yvonne

  • Yo Girl Laya
    Yo Girl Laya 16 ngày trước

    Apples phones kept getting bigger but now there getting smaller

  • Yo Girl Laya
    Yo Girl Laya 16 ngày trước

    Did anyone know android makes apples software if you don’t believe me look it up

  • Yo Girl Laya
    Yo Girl Laya 16 ngày trước +6

    I personally like android more and rather get the google pixel 4

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 16 ngày trước +2

    Do iphone 11 pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus

  • alexander UP
    alexander UP 16 ngày trước

    I start speaking Russian, I was like whattttt.

  • YouTube monetization
    YouTube monetization 17 ngày trước

    I wish the iphone 11 had the pixel 4 microphone cause I deadass didnt even know he was using the pixels microphone it sounded really good

  • Ameen bashar Bashar
    Ameen bashar Bashar 17 ngày trước

    Me is he American or Russian

  • Prøs Oreø
    Prøs Oreø 17 ngày trước

    Hmmmm i think i will buy google pixel

  • •Tre The Reaper•
    •Tre The Reaper• 18 ngày trước

    Obviously your gonna boost apple look at your name I need to find a real judge not no dude who uses his opinion to boost a phone

  • TheGTA Dude
    TheGTA Dude 18 ngày trước

    U speak Russian? Sameeeee.

  • Ivana Zirojevic
    Ivana Zirojevic 18 ngày trước

    Im a big fan of Google phones. I owned Pixel one and enjoyed it a lot. The camera was so amazing. However I didn't upgrade to Pixel 4. I went with S10+. Why ? Because every Pixel that comes out feels like Google is holding back. If Google went all in and took their time with building their phone I'm sure there would be no competition for it. But right now... Samsung is the way to go. I do miss the camera though.

  • Kenjabek Orinov
    Kenjabek Orinov 19 ngày trước +1

    Which of those are the best for pubg mobile 😁

  • Dj sidd urban Rider
    Dj sidd urban Rider 19 ngày trước

    Google copied apple 😠😠😠😠😠