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I Built a Kingdom Using Endless Human Misery - Foundation

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  • Xuất bản 20 Th12, 2019
  • You know how it goes. Get your serfs together, tell them to do impossible stuff, come back 10 years later and yell at them for not doing anything. It's the best!
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    I Built a Kingdom Using Endless Human Misery - Foundation - Let's Game It Out
    Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development, monument construction and resource management.
    In this strategy/city-builder/economy simulation game, players must create a prosperous settlement as the newly appointed lord of a region untouched by man.
    Setting to redefine the city-builder genre, Foundation puts the emphasis on the organic aspects of urbanism in the cities of old, powered by Polymorph Games’ proprietary game engine, Hurricane, which allows for full mod support and is optimized for the thousands of moving parts that come with building humongous cities.
    Among other things, the engine provides the player with robust building tools, to create countless unique monuments that will seamlessly integrate into your settlement.
    With medieval architecture and urbanism at the forefront of its design, Foundation’s vision is to allow players to recreate cities of that period as they envision them or even as they really were.
    ORGANIC URBANISM OF THE MEDIEVAL ERA: Create gridless and organically sprawling cities that grow like actual medieval cities.
    LAY THE FOUNDATION, THRIVE, AND PROSPER: Weave a complex web of interactions between inhabitants needs and skills, resource availability, extraction, and goods production.
    UNIQUE MONUMENT CREATION TOOL: Craft and design original free-form monuments like Abbeys, Churches, Lord Manors, Castles and more, with our proprietary node-based tool.
    FULL MODDING SUPPORT FOR THE COMMUNITY: Share characters, buildings, quests, and even real topographies through our mod-support tool and be part of the Foundation community.
    POWERED BY OUR OWN HURRICANE GAME ENGINE: Experience a city-building game engineered with a dedicated, tailor-made, in-house engine built with our unique vision in mind.
    ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY PARADOX VETERANS: Immerse yourself in our blissful soundtrack by talented composers who worked on titles such as Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV!
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  • Grace G.
    Grace G. 2 năm trước +21544

    I was so close to crashing the game.... You may have stopped me this time, Josh, but I'll be back.
    p.s. happy holidays everyone :)

    • Gabriel V.
      Gabriel V. 5 ngày trước +1


    • Caleb Gresch
      Caleb Gresch 6 ngày trước +1


    • Cole and Claire
      Cole and Claire 26 ngày trước

      Hi grace

    • Mini boi
      Mini boi Tháng trước


    • Amanda Hawkins
      Amanda Hawkins Tháng trước

      God is good

  • blacksiopao
    blacksiopao 2 năm trước +7136

    Write a 4 word horror story
    Grace: *HEY THERE, ITS JOSH*

    • KomreedJR
      KomreedJR 3 ngày trước

      Let’s game it out also has 4 words lol!

    • Nicky Laraiso
      Nicky Laraiso 10 ngày trước

      Hey there, its Grace, and welcome to Gaming It In.

    • RealedSeal98
      RealedSeal98 Tháng trước

      a four word horror story: lets game it out.

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 4 tháng trước

      Jesus Christ died for your ssins please repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand

    • goofy ahh dog
      goofy ahh dog Năm trước


  • That One Weeb
    That One Weeb Năm trước +1736

    Any game character: *Named Grace*
    Josh: That one. Ill torment that one

    • uni
      uni Tháng trước

      @Lenin Samson 1. i know
      2. that was a year ago
      3. i probably didnt understand since they spelt it wrong? or maybe its because im not good at english.

    • Lenin Samson
      Lenin Samson Tháng trước +1

      @uni if you don’t get it it’s because in his parkitect (i probably misspelled that) video his first customer was grace “sucks 2 be u” cohen
      that’s why he said “sounds familiar” when he saw grace in this game

    • Gunpowder Timothy
      Gunpowder Timothy Tháng trước +2

      @Rai You are next grace. See, whenever a grace ends up in a LGIO video, a grace from the real world is taken.

    • Gongerman
      Gongerman Tháng trước +2

      @Rai it’s a running joke in his videos to just torture specifically anything named “grace” 100000% more than anything else

    • Rai
      Rai 3 tháng trước +3

      And I have no idea why he does that. I'm really hoping to learn the Lord behind it, because my name is Grace, and I just want to know what's going on

  • Lamb Sauce🇺🇦
    Lamb Sauce🇺🇦 Năm trước +913

    I died when Josh asked "Are you selling body parts?"
    And grace was just :👁👄👁

    • Kakiea
      Kakiea 8 tháng trước +2

      Yeah , grace is selling you

    • Raj Jones
      Raj Jones 9 tháng trước +1

      She was just like you want one

    • SoulOfFlame
      SoulOfFlame 11 tháng trước +21

      Grace be like: (Yes. Yes I am. I'm fulfilling your dreams, aren't I, you sadistic, real human? You've made me into an imitation of the monster you are. Aren't you happy, Josh? This is how I cope with you. YOU'VE PUSHED ME TOO FAR JOSH. YOU'VE REALLY DONE IT THIS TIME. DOESN'T THIS PLEASE YOU? *DOESN'T IT?!*)
      Josh: Uhh... I'll let you do your own thing, Grace.

    • Timeless
      Timeless Năm trước +14

      grace was like (yes yes i am and is there somthin wrong with me doing that

  • Bryan Turnbow
    Bryan Turnbow Năm trước +239

    I love how once you built your training area all your soldiers learned how to channel their chakra to their feet.

  • Cameron
    Cameron Năm trước +119

    The sheer perseverance of this man to creating absolute mayhem shows just how dedicated he is to giving us a glorious and hilarious video. Amazing.

  • Let's Game It Out
    Let's Game It Out  2 năm trước +8850

    This is exactly how I hoped kingdom building would go: Gracefully.

  • nquan1234
    nquan1234 Năm trước +31

    Game: Here’s the game!
    Josh: Thanks!
    5 minutes later…
    Josh: Uh…I think I broke the game…

    • Chase Toyama
      Chase Toyama Tháng trước +1

      *something explodes in the background*

  • NOLAGuitarist
    NOLAGuitarist Năm trước +48

    I mean look at it from the eyes of a dev, this guy will pour hundreds of hours of play time in your early access game and summarize the craziest glitches/bugs he finds so Josh actually does some free work for them!

  • Bader S
    Bader S 4 tháng trước +23

    Quest: build a church
    Josh: is there a limit?
    Game: no.
    "Proceeds to build Anor Londo..."

  • Blur
    Blur Năm trước +184

    “Ah the quest name is ‘eating out’”


    • Kevin Padilla
      Kevin Padilla Năm trước +1

      I read this right as that part happened in the video, it's like my 4th time watching it but it is way too good

    • Qazsedc
      Qazsedc Năm trước +15

      The confusion in his voice is just too precious

    • umloucobr
      umloucobr Năm trước +3


  • Linuxdirk
    Linuxdirk Năm trước +2878

    "Developers, thanks for the key"
    Developers: "No, thank you for testing our game"

    • Aesign
      Aesign Tháng trước


    • Thomas Tate
      Thomas Tate Tháng trước +1

      Thanks for bug testing out game for free

    • Aesign
      Aesign 2 tháng trước +1

      free bug testing

    • thegreatest_Greenapple
      thegreatest_Greenapple 2 tháng trước +2

      I think he probably found everywhere glitch while trying to do the opposite of what was intended

    • Banda1ls
      Banda1ls 3 tháng trước +1

      The only reason they give him a key is because he find the glitches and then the developer s can patch it 😂

  • RyanTheHero
    RyanTheHero Năm trước +17

    This guy makes the most creative puns

  • Abhi G
    Abhi G Năm trước +4

    Grace: Creepily stares at Josh with a saw in hand
    Me: This video should be named Grace's revenge

  • Olîve
    Olîve Năm trước +2

    Man this guy knows how to keep me entertained during the summer lol
    And it’s fate that a lot of your games have a person who is named Grace.
    Lucky her lol

  • mynameis Luke
    mynameis Luke 9 tháng trước +1

    Man! I just discovered your channel, you really rock!!! This is hilarious!!!!

  • Ryanqube
    Ryanqube 2 năm trước +2075

    Devs: "who will test our game?"
    Intern: "How about 'lets game it out' dude"
    Grace: "oh come on, not again..."

    • mechengr17
      mechengr17 7 tháng trước +1

      Devs: "as payment, we need to name an npc Grace."
      "Please accept this Grace as a sacrifice oh great one"

    • AwesomeEspur 360
      AwesomeEspur 360 2 năm trước


    • Metroid4ever
      Metroid4ever 2 năm trước +1

      @philedup I doubt it's upsetting to the devs.

    • KaylaKaze
      KaylaKaze 2 năm trước +3

      @philedup The game is still in Early Access so hopefully, they'll fix everything before the game inevitably finds its way into a bundle for $3. It looks like it might be pretty good if they fix all that stuff.

    • philedup
      philedup 2 năm trước +8

      @Machofriz I don't deny that either. still doesn't change my original point that developers aren't happy, and shouldn't be happy with what they have created. They'll have realized even though they have put in a lot of blood and sweat to create the game they have a long ways to go to making it a bug free quality game. This is always the case in software development. Especially to those software developers who care about their creations. Those that don't care won't lose any sleep over their terrible work.

  • Gregor MYC
    Gregor MYC Năm trước +4

    “Investing in the people meaning eventually exploiting them.” Love it

  • Lonely cat 25
    Lonely cat 25 Năm trước +25

    There should be a shirt that says “village contained”. Everybody on the the street with look at you and will think “.-.”

  • Richard Bell
    Richard Bell 8 tháng trước

    I love how you show the developers they're mistakes and bugs using humour and good fun

  • Verified Channel
    Verified Channel Năm trước +2

    remember: never let this man rule the world

  • The Sauce Inspecter
    The Sauce Inspecter 2 năm trước +3667

    I’m starting to think that the only gets keys for games because he’s good at finding bugs.

    • °•Flxwers•°
      °•Flxwers•° 24 ngày trước

      Why else would everyone give him keys,

    • TheTurnedTable
      TheTurnedTable 5 tháng trước

      @Javier Pinilla the damn game uninstalled itself, what the hell

    • Erik
      Erik 5 tháng trước

      Are all of these really getting fixed, though? I'm not seeing the attention for the more robust versions.

    • Bumbl3B33Prim3
      Bumbl3B33Prim3 7 tháng trước


    • driftbosfallout
      driftbosfallout Năm trước

      All jokes aside they literally give Him keys so that he can find bugs and exploits so that way devs can fix their game due to his effectiveness

  • Kaiser Rat
    Kaiser Rat Năm trước +1

    I need a compilation of every time Josh says Grace

  • Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller Năm trước +1

    For some reason, the moment all of the “new” people started moving in unison toward your village, I broke down in laughter.

  • the fish man
    the fish man 2 tháng trước +1

    5:19 I’ve never heard more fear in this man’s voice

  • Spire
    Spire 7 ngày trước

    “Are you selling body parts over there?”
    Grace: *intently stares*
    “Oh god nope, do what you want to do”

  • chxcolate
    chxcolate 2 năm trước +2299

    Josh: Oh. Oh! Is there a limit to this?
    Church core: *sweating intensifies*

  • Dakota Morrison
    Dakota Morrison Tháng trước

    This is so evil, AND I LOVE IT. I didn't stop laughing the entire time.

  • TheWhatyr
    TheWhatyr 3 tháng trước +1

    "Why not catch them with your bare hands?" They havent done barbarian fishing training, of course.

  • leah and sarah friends
    leah and sarah friends Năm trước +14

    The best thing
    "I dont now what is creepier him staring at her or her staring at us"

  • Sasquish
    Sasquish Năm trước

    I love your content man! Hope youre having a nice day ❤️

  • PartialTripod
    PartialTripod 4 tháng trước +1

    Every Other VNclip Content Creator: Rambles one excessively about the video, asks multiple times for people to like, subscribe and click the bell…
    Josh: “HeyIt’sJoshFromLetsGameItOut”
    And then delivers hilariously awesome content creation! Thank you sir! The VNclip world needs more people like you. You get a sub from me!

  • Odd Otaku
    Odd Otaku Năm trước

    LGIO: Thanks for letting me play this game even though how I do it.
    Game devolopers: Has he still not realized we use him to test for bugs?

  • Carson Hutcherson
    Carson Hutcherson Năm trước +1

    I’m pretty sure devs give you early access because you are the best way to test the limits of a game

  • benjo's adventure
    benjo's adventure 11 tháng trước

    Doing this is actually useful for the devs because you find bugs in games for them to solve and its fun to watch

  • Huit Lang
    Huit Lang 2 năm trước +3515

    Sometimes I feel like developers send him games just to find the dumb bugs that no sane tester would ever even think to try and find
    Edit: and thus I reached the pinnacle of internet pride. What every man strives for; works tirelessly towards. Posting comment after comment. Joke after joke. Until finally, they get it: the quadruple digit like count. How do I feel? I can feel nothing. I am empty. For in my vain search for validation I have encountered nothing but more proof that god never ceases punishing us for humanity's hubris. And every now and again, when I least expect it, it happens. A reply. Yet another notification to ensure I don't forget. Meaningless on the whole, as I can *never* forget. Hail Cthulu, praise the sun, and goodnight, everybody.

    • Ivete Santos
      Ivete Santos 18 ngày trước

      Hello there!!

    • guinealover6674 !!!
      guinealover6674 !!! 8 tháng trước

      Another year passes, another reminder that you cannot be freed from seeing this comment haunt you in your notifications.

    • YeeepaNo199061
      YeeepaNo199061 Năm trước


    • Ukulilly
      Ukulilly Năm trước

      This is the best edited comment I've ever seen in my life

    • stundra 35
      stundra 35 Năm trước

      Your not allowed to forget

  • lilladel Wines
    lilladel Wines Năm trước +3

    I like how the only building that he put on land is the fishing hut

  • B Hunter
    B Hunter Năm trước +7

    The fact that they don’t blink is sooooo funny.

  • Jameson Weimann
    Jameson Weimann 7 tháng trước

    I’ve watched a few videos for this guy and I noticed a theme for games like this he loves virtual human misery and loves to torment them

  • anjerz
    anjerz Tháng trước

    My favorite thing about this channel is the thinly veiled glee in his voice while he describes his video game crimes.

  • レイ·ライト -Raylight
    レイ·ライト -Raylight 2 năm trước +1674

    Josh : "Developers thank you for the key"
    Grace : *_Sweating profusely_*

    • Dentr
      Dentr 2 năm trước +2

      Let's have a moment of silence for all the hard work grace has put in to every game

    • Maniae Official
      Maniae Official 2 năm trước +9

      @Raylion Renaming characters.

    • Raylion
      Raylion 2 năm trước +7

      Actually, why's there ALWAYS a Grace in every minigame he's playing?

    • Carter
      Carter 2 năm trước +1

      Thank you for this funny wholesome 100 quote

  • VandroiyIII
    VandroiyIII Năm trước

    Engine: looks amazing and renders insane amounts of various objects over smooth curves.
    Game: Hurr houses go inside each other, people walk on water, and medieval buildings have no height limit.
    Something tells me there were two different teams at work here.

  • Max Films
    Max Films 8 tháng trước

    Josh's patience gets longer and longer the more he plays

  • lightmare
    lightmare 4 tháng trước +1

    Josh : "let's make a church"
    *proceeds to make Anor Londo*

  • Fr33k0ur
    Fr33k0ur 8 tháng trước

    As soon as he finds someone named grace, you know all hells gonna break loose even more than normal 🤣👌

  • Excurze
    Excurze 2 năm trước +2171

    "Looks like we can start making Money again!"
    "Oh wait, no, here comes the debt again"
    Sounds like my life 10/10.

    • Dnz
      Dnz Năm trước +1

      @Excurze hahah your welcome🤗

    • Excurze
      Excurze Năm trước +2

      @Dnz thanks 😳. I'm blushing xd

    • Dnz
      Dnz Năm trước +2

      You‘re beautiful! I just wanted to tell you that:)

    • Filip Filip
      Filip Filip Năm trước +1

      Sounds like sandbox mode in planet zoo where money is spent but it doesn't matter

    • Excurze
      Excurze 2 năm trước +2

      1,7k likes wtf thanks guys lol

  • Anzac-A1
    Anzac-A1 8 tháng trước

    3:54 It's always funny when an NPC turns to face the camera when the person playing talks about them.

  • Xz Rvuxthe zX
    Xz Rvuxthe zX Năm trước

    I just found this yt channel yesterday and damn I've watched every single video this guy makes any boring game intresting

  • 3OddSocks
    3OddSocks Năm trước

    You know things are about to get interesting when Josh finds someone named Grace.

  • greighson
    greighson Năm trước

    Foundation is literally every "strategy" game ad but its actually what it shows you.

  • Your Imaginary Friend
    Your Imaginary Friend Năm trước +1012

    “Investing in the people means eventually exploiting them” way too real lol

  • Matthew Womack
    Matthew Womack Năm trước +1

    Grace’s great great grandma. Passing down misery from one generation to the next 😞

  • Technological Error
    Technological Error Năm trước

    18:34 So funny I nearly died of laughter.

  • Ava Moser
    Ava Moser 5 tháng trước

    This is revenge from when Grace kept causing “inconsistencies” in “Raft.”

  • Jack Boddington
    Jack Boddington Năm trước

    5:17 after the mention of the human centipede i was already giggly and then just the casual read of this just made me lose it

  • Mateusz Horbaczewski
    Mateusz Horbaczewski 2 năm trước +12530

    Your church was so amazing that Jesus gave your people his ability to walk on water

    • William
      William Năm trước

      Or was it hell
      Demonic hell that grace forcefully made to chop wood

    • Mark Petrov
      Mark Petrov Năm trước +1

      @Sterps this comment is definitely going on my list of possible tombstone quotes.

    • Maçho
      Maçho Năm trước

      @HMDragon 1 9,7k likes

    • Sarah Millen
      Sarah Millen Năm trước


    • hinnmanfamily
      hinnmanfamily Năm trước

      Yea but he also turns water into wine so it must be really hard to walk on water like do do do da doo let’s walk on water ahhh DAMMIT ITS ALL WINE NOW

  • -tan s
    -tan s Năm trước +1

    I wanna see like an attack happen on this village, and just, alll the gates shut, as the attackers try to find their way through the labyrinths

  • JenGam
    JenGam Năm trước

    ah... yes i'm watching someone build my totaly normal dream kingdom.

  • Zach Leone
    Zach Leone Năm trước +1

    this dude has a very, particular way of making me want to play these random games.

    • Filip Filip
      Filip Filip Năm trước +1

      Me too I don't have a pc but I need to play planet zoo

  • Patches M
    Patches M Tháng trước

    I always laugh watching his videos, but I didn't even make it 4 minutes into this one before I had to pause because I was laughing so hard I almost choked to death

  • Furlow Torent
    Furlow Torent Năm trước

    oh god, I really hope these game makers are learning about their design mistakes from all this stuff you pull off!!

  • silver labilver
    silver labilver Năm trước

    "finally, we took out the ring leader" made me laugh so hard

  • Hixito
    Hixito Tháng trước +1

    I feel like the dev's give him a key to test for bugs

  • Adi Jain
    Adi Jain 8 tháng trước

    I haven't laughed this hard in years, not at comedy, tv, movies or your other videos, this one was just peak hilarity.

  • Vayne42
    Vayne42 2 năm trước +496

    "That's OK, we'll just make Grace do everything" - This channel in a nutshell.

  • Como Lego
    Como Lego Năm trước

    The reason developers keep giving him the key to their games it’s because he does all the bug testing for them

  • life sucks sometimes
    life sucks sometimes 7 tháng trước

    What makes us watch these? The fact that we know there’s gonna be human suffering, human labor and his funny nature? Idk-
    It’s the suffering for me :)

  • KineticPoet
    KineticPoet Năm trước +1

    9:19 people in the future will believe
    "Wow! this used to be a road with a church in it!"
    What actually happened:

  • GradeFtt 123
    GradeFtt 123 Tháng trước

    This guy seems great to give early access to to find glitches in the game b4 you release it

  • Sage Campbell
    Sage Campbell Năm trước +3972

    Are there shirts that say 'is there a limit to this?' cause I would buy one.

  • Ralph Saavedra
    Ralph Saavedra Năm trước

    "investing in the people means eventually exploiting them" --Josh

  • duck cat
    duck cat 27 ngày trước

    Ur videos make me happy even when I'm going through a lot

  • little1133
    little1133 2 tháng trước

    Honestly, those developers are right to give you the keys. Every single game you play makes me want to play it.

  • Jake_the_british_kid
    Jake_the_british_kid Năm trước

    I am convinced that josh is a play tester and has been tasked with breaking games

  • OnionRangerDuck
    OnionRangerDuck Năm trước

    Recently found this gem channel, can't stop watching since.

  • Andy 56
    Andy 56 Năm trước

    Builder: how tall do you want this building be?
    Josh: YES.

  • RandomiX
    RandomiX Năm trước

    My favorite part was when josh was making everyone suffer
    Wait... that’s The Whole part! AWSOME

  • Emma Heck
    Emma Heck Năm trước

    "im going to sit down and peacefully play this game the right way" -not sure who said it but it definitely wasn't josh

  • SW
    SW 2 năm trước +2782

    "I Built a Kingdom Using Endless Human Misery" Thats actually the normal way of doing it.

    • JayRapid10
      JayRapid10 Năm trước

      So he did smth the normal way? wait no thats illegal

    • Anna Batke
      Anna Batke Năm trước

      see, thats where josh does it differently
      his colony is on the back of Grace

    • andrea piro
      andrea piro Năm trước

      ahhahahaha don't spoil sectrets like that XD

    • Chitin skin
      Chitin skin Năm trước +1

      @Christine C. I know, I just didn't feel like changing that typo after editing it twice already. But thanks anyway.

    • Christine C.
      Christine C. Năm trước +1

      @Chitin skin Americas* Apostrophes aren't used to make plurals.

  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris 8 tháng trước

    “does the horse want to join our village? I mean what the hay”
    perfection right there, Even if unintentional, Its Perfect

  • Ivo Shishkov
    Ivo Shishkov 8 tháng trước

    From all games I've binge-watched Josh destroy since I found out about this channel two weeks ago, only this one saddened me. It actually looks like a great game I'd definitely buy and play the right way ... if it still exists tho.

  • luca Fernandez
    luca Fernandez Năm trước +1

    "I Built a Kingdom Using Endless Human Misery "
    isnt this how every kingdom works?

  • slipAngle
    slipAngle Năm trước

    I have to say, the desire path system is actually pretty cool.

  • stagenine
    stagenine 2 năm trước +1428

    I feel like the devs who give him the keys purposely include a character named Grace for Josh to have fun with

    • Magma Tube
      Magma Tube 2 năm trước +1

      more than likely

    • Ito
      Ito 2 năm trước +1

      @trashy clips Yeah, watch the video named "I build a zoo on the moon" to understand

    • Ito
      Ito 2 năm trước

      Im not surprised at all XD

    • sheila O'Neal
      sheila O'Neal 2 năm trước +1

      Wait if grace is in this game remember grace was on mars how did she get here?

    • Aland
      Aland 2 năm trước +1

      @trashy clips yes 😂, Grace is a Legend

  • gregg
    gregg Năm trước

    I feel like developers give josh a key to their game not as a way to advertise it, but to stress test it

  • Tiny Desk Engineer
    Tiny Desk Engineer Năm trước

    Oh, the developers that give you keys _absolutely_ know what you do to games. They're exploiting the fact that if even _you_ can't find any glitches the game is somehow perfectly _flawless_

  • Conner is c00l
    Conner is c00l Năm trước

    Developers should hire him to help find bugs and glitches in their games.

  • Nur Rusydina
    Nur Rusydina Năm trước

    As someone who loves design, this game looks awesome. But josh gives me severe OCD and nightmare brrrr

  • Celestian Brightmoon
    Celestian Brightmoon 2 năm trước +1148

    "You can build on land you don't own!"
    Well, it IS a church.

    • Xesco Picas
      Xesco Picas 2 năm trước

      Fair point 🤣

    • Millz
      Millz 2 năm trước +2

      It’s free real estate
      Land is land

    • Clockwork Kirlia
      Clockwork Kirlia 2 năm trước +2

      I exhaled *powerfully.* Well done, mortal.

    • Tyler Patterson
      Tyler Patterson 2 năm trước +7

      Right of conquest has entered chat.

    • wafool ♡
      wafool ♡ 2 năm trước +2

      Gets likes 4 a quote😒

  • Vice .23
    Vice .23 Năm trước

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  • owen jongekrijg
    owen jongekrijg Năm trước

    I just realized the devs get free bug testing and advertising when they give him the early access keys that's why they do it 🤯

  • Ronelo Llanos
    Ronelo Llanos Năm trước

    Lets game it out is the king of making everything suffer 🙃🙂

  • Shana
    Shana Năm trước

    I'm inclined to believe devs just hand him games so he can stress the game so they can just fix whatever issues he finds

  • Henninger Henningstone
    Henninger Henningstone 2 năm trước +313

    What I love about this channel: after having a massive giggle while watching the video I can scroll down to the comments for another one! Thanks y'all

  • Momo UwU
    Momo UwU Năm trước

    villagers: oh no! I can't get to the houses because the two lands are separated by a stream!
    Josh: let me solve that for you 15:50

  • Natasha The Femboy
    Natasha The Femboy Năm trước

    It’s actually quite genius to have Josh have early access because you’ll barely need to test for bugs, Josh will handle it

  • Panda eating a muffin
    Panda eating a muffin 7 tháng trước +1

    this man is just a professional bug tester basically

  • ElPeckingParrot
    ElPeckingParrot Năm trước +2

    GrayStillPlays and Let's Game It Out should do a Collab about one of these games.

  • Cellhawk
    Cellhawk 2 năm trước +287

    "Developers thank you for the key, despite what I do to games..." Josh, you have to realise, it's *because* what you do to games. You provide the best entertainment for your fans and QA testing for the devs. You are literally a win-win person.

    • Generic Person
      Generic Person 2 năm trước +11

      He finds the bugs that become features, due to how much his viewers love then.

    • finman
      finman 2 năm trước +18

      he is the only bug-tester they'll ever need

  • Kian Dominic Mercado
    Kian Dominic Mercado Năm trước

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