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MAX REACTS: Project L 2022 Update is CRAZY

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022

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  • Mortal Kombat World 9

    don't fall for it... this how they get you..., first they drag you in with combos and fancy tag systems, then bam, youve been playing league for 6 years and you have depression.

  • Oni Lao
    Oni Lao  +245

    Always said that LoL should be made into a fighting game due to the sick roaster and i am so happy this is happening. Glad to see the team putting so much love into this project! ^^

  • Asango
    Asango  +89

    Look at the visual communication at

  • Trypetagenalis

    Bursts like this one are some of my favorite mechanics in fighters. You have a counter against combos, but they have counterplay to your counter

  • Midnights in Valhalla

    Ahri's flow is so pretty...and I bet you money she'll have her K/DA or Star Guardian outfits and it'll probably look flashy and unique to her. Jinx is just

  • The Other Mo

    I was waiting for Max's reaction all day, didn't disappoint! Really like that even on his day off he took the time out of his day to give us his impression. Thanks DOOD!

  • AeroSparkEX

    This update has given me so much hope for this game to be sick. I'm not a huge league fan but seeing them in this way is really getting me excited to see who all gets added

  • Mati Panzer

    I haven't played league for at least 6 years (and not planning on going back) but I did love it's characters, so a chance to play with those characters again without having to play league is a dream scenario, also when I saw those tag combos I thought "I NEED to see Max's reaction to this"

  • A Xzeihoranth

    Looks phenomenal so far. I'm glad they're getting to take their time.

  • Allen John
    Allen John  +124

    The animation is so smooth, and speed is just perfect that it does not hurt my eyes.

  • Doctor Yiggles

    Loving the Tag Team style gameplay they are going for. Really excited to see how the game will look when its finished when it looks this good already.

  • MOONWOLF7395

    I've been wanting this so bad for so long. I remember my friends showing me league back in Season 2. And my first thought was "damn these would make some awesome fighting game characters"

  • OLD_SoUl00
    OLD_SoUl00  +217

    Hey Max. I appreciate that you talk to us VNcliprs before you got into the video. I know that alot of your content is pulled off of twitch, but the fact that you spoke to us made me feel like a part of it all. This game looks smooth. Never played league of legends either.

  • Ernesto Sanchez

    I would love to see a tag based game where there is an actual player controlling the other character. A 2v2 system

  • Fights Crime

    I believe handshake tag can happen anytime they're both onscreen so in both the assist scenario and the dynamic save scenario they can choose to swap the character to new one. Overall super hyped with how this is shaping up!

  • Trevor Ghalt

    Shaun: You can walk, run, dash, chain dash, jump, long jump and super jump

  • LeviathanCove

    It looks great. Usually tag fighters are overwhelming for me, but this doesn’t seem too over the top. Visuals and mechanics are all pretty exciting. Only thing I’m miffed about is my League mains not being in the roster…

  • thePhished
    thePhished  +319

    Absolutely blown away by the quality of this game. This is going to be huge for the FGC.

  • Trevor Ghalt

    The game is beautiful and the tag team looks pretty freaking great

  • The Mixed Plate Frequency

    This game looks insane, for just being 30% complete only. Really excited to see what they add in and how everything looks once its 100% complete.