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  • Banana Jesus
    Banana Jesus 9 phút trước

    stark is destined to rally forces and arm everyone to the teeth so that they can win. He then will inherit the infinite stones and reverse the effects of thanos

  • Gabriel Restum
    Gabriel Restum 26 phút trước

    If Dr Strange put a spell on the time stone it's a god damn time loop

  • LordDampNut
    LordDampNut 38 phút trước

    But after the infinity gauntlet was destroid he continued to teleport away as if nothing happend

  • Nydia Concepcion Hernandez
    Nydia Concepcion Hernandez 40 phút trước

    Love the leaks can t wait to see avengers 4

  • Alexander Guerrero
    Alexander Guerrero Giờ trước

    It is Spider-Man

  • Johan Bear
    Johan Bear Giờ trước

    They kept it as a holdover from Dr. Strange's movie, just like they kept the purplish blasts from Guardians 1. Too much obsessing over details that aren't actually relevant to what the writers are writing. Please people, stop trying to out think the writers and just wait to enjoy the next movie.

  • irfanovic01
    irfanovic01 4 giờ trước

    Curse or not, Dr. Strange definitely has a plan since he has since the future anyways.
    It also makes sense why Thanos was not wearing the gauntlet anymore after the snap.
    Even when Strange was handing the stone over, he had a "strange" look on his face. Almost like a smirk 🤔

  • Neftali Carabantes
    Neftali Carabantes 4 giờ trước +1

    I watched lots of thanos videos and he snaps a lot and the infinity Gotland not get ruined so i you are right 🤔🤔

  • Harsh Mudliar
    Harsh Mudliar 5 giờ trước

    No he still used the space stone even when the gauntlet was destroyed

  • Jeffrey Phillip
    Jeffrey Phillip 9 giờ trước

    Maybe probably not...

  • Mel Cobb
    Mel Cobb 10 giờ trước


  • Lucas van der Wal
    Lucas van der Wal 11 giờ trước

    3:00 RETARD ALERT!!! Of course the green TIME rune shows up, because it is the way you use it. This doesn’t happen for the other stones because every stone has something different. For instance, the space stone let out a wave of energy.

  • evanm pixel
    evanm pixel 12 giờ trước

    This is pretty convincing.

  • Nico Bonthuys
    Nico Bonthuys 14 giờ trước

    Yes he ded

  • Darth Ben
    Darth Ben 14 giờ trước

    Pretty sure the spell referenced by Strange in the beginning was the one that burned E. Maw's hand when he tried to grab the eye of Agamotto

  • Kpautin94
    Kpautin94 14 giờ trước

    Dr.Strange made it very clear to Stark that he wouldn’t trade the stone for anyone’s life. But what happens?
    He trades the stone to save Stark’s life after seeing all possibilities. Saving Tony Stark’s is the one timeline that they win.

  • Royce the Prince galvan
    Royce the Prince galvan 15 giờ trước

    But if the gauntlet is destroyed, how did use the gauntlet to teleport himself to the sunset scene we saw.

  • Toya B
    Toya B 19 giờ trước

    And remember when he told tony he won't going to go save him but he did? I think Tony going to find a way to get everybody back!!

  • Lydia Selden
    Lydia Selden 19 giờ trước

    Mystic arts fundamentally changed the way the stone operated, the gauntlet was damaged after using the full potential power of the stones at once. It is still capable of using each stone separately. Either tony stark will out match thanos or thanos will see his folly and offer up the gauntlet without resistance after slipping into depression and becoming more passive. But whatever happends the gauntlet needs to repaired to undo what has been done or the tribunal will undo it and confiscate the gauntlet to give to adam warlock after he proves himself and tribunal has debated on its existence with the other universe entities

  • Andrea Davis
    Andrea Davis 21 giờ trước +1

    You are brilliant!

  • Daren Peterson
    Daren Peterson 22 giờ trước

    I love this movie , so epic... I don't have just 1 favorite , I like them all lol

  • Chad Ryckman
    Chad Ryckman Ngày trước

    Favourite superhero Thor

  • Covervect
    Covervect Ngày trước

    I thought he said it because he knew that they were gonna kick some Thanos butt in avengers 4

  • Jimmy Laybun
    Jimmy Laybun Ngày trước

    I think the infinity stone destroyed the gountled, why?
    Becouse thanos use all the power at once. One infinity stone is quite strong, but if you stack them become 6, that is a verry strong energy to hold.
    Thats my thought

  • antwan8901
    antwan8901 Ngày trước

    Liam carag you got a heck of an imagination if you came up with all that. Sounds good to me.
    I have to say Black Panther is my favorite superhero and i hope he and all the others that faded to dust come back!

  • Leoni Vorster
    Leoni Vorster Ngày trước


  • Peter Desodt
    Peter Desodt Ngày trước

    i hope dr strange will return,i would love to see another dr strange movie

  • Reginald Erasmus
    Reginald Erasmus Ngày trước

    Maybe I saw wrong but after the snap Thanos still uses the gauntlet to portal away so it seemed to still be working.
    Not only that but four of the six stones light up (one of them being the time stone) as he uses the gauntlet to open the portal and in the last scene he is back on Titan and it is all green and normal again.
    Food for thought.

  • Philippe FRATER
    Philippe FRATER Ngày trước

    Questions 1 and 2 a 100% Yes! Answer... Of course he did, he's a Smart Doctor!

  • Charleson Kurt Ong
    Charleson Kurt Ong Ngày trước

    Is This MatPat? Or Do You Just Sound Like Him? I'm Confused 😐

  • Jimmy Bryan
    Jimmy Bryan Ngày trước

    I think you need to get laid Bow Bow

  • EthrFused
    EthrFused Ngày trước

    Cool theory and evidence!

  • Ethan Rohr
    Ethan Rohr Ngày trước +1

    This seriously annoys me those ruins when using the time stone have always been there even before the spell and even if he did curse it thanos wouldn’t be able to use it

  • Aidan Karpinski
    Aidan Karpinski Ngày trước

    I think that in all the out comes dr s saw, the only way to win was him giving up the time stone. In doing so Thanos would win. Yet at the end of the movie he says that he’s lost everything, this will make him sad and go back in time and change every thing he did after he get a knew gauntlet... though Idk why the gauntlet was destroyed in the first place...

  • I am totally Buckyfied and Lokified

    But yeah, I think it might be true! I mean it's so accurate.... and we all know that he won't give up the time stone easily even if it cost Peter and Tony's lives. He said that himself! So why did he saved Tony? It's obviously because of the one chance he saw. So this curse you're talking about might be true.

  • I am totally Buckyfied and Lokified

    Please make a video about James or Loki😀😀

  • mohammed khalik
    mohammed khalik Ngày trước

    If the gauntlet was damaged then how did Thanos get away from Thor?

  • GrouchyDragon 92
    GrouchyDragon 92 Ngày trước

    i love the new spider man , but he died

    MARVEL EXPERT Ngày trước

    If Dr. Strange cursed the time stone, he would of made it unusable to Thanos

  • SupraEclipse
    SupraEclipse 2 ngày trước

    it adds up well

  • Tristen Pratt
    Tristen Pratt 2 ngày trước

    I don’t think that is what broke the gauntlet, but I think that the curse is playing an effect one way or another. Also, my favorite hero is Captain America.

  • Joshua Scott (DHS)
    Joshua Scott (DHS) 2 ngày trước

    problem is, Thanos used the damaged Gauntlet after the snap

  • SathyaBama Nagarajan
    SathyaBama Nagarajan 2 ngày trước

    He is a true hero

  • Tony Vontes
    Tony Vontes 2 ngày trước

    Nice catch on the rude when the stone enters the Gauntlet..

  • Test Hobo
    Test Hobo 2 ngày trước

    i dont think so

  • basudeb guchhait
    basudeb guchhait 2 ngày trước

    where is the other stone aka "satsui no hado"?

  • Pepsy Kirk
    Pepsy Kirk 2 ngày trước

    I think Dr Strange is saving Tony AKA iron man. My favoir super hero is iron man and spider man

  • Efren Lomas
    Efren Lomas 2 ngày trước

    I THINK your theory is not a possibility, I think the time stone just does that. The fact that thanos uses it and shows the rings is just proof. I think your just thinking to much of it, he showed no signs of a curse, when squidwird grabbed it his hand burned why didn’t thanos?

  • Luke Horsfall
    Luke Horsfall 2 ngày trước

    Dr Strange didn't curse the stone. The spell was on the eye protecting the stone. Also when he went forward in time he said out of the 14 million futures he saw they only won one and before he turned to dust he tells Tony Stark that it was the only way. Now being as they lost all but 1 future that tells me that Tony Stark has to survive for The Avengers to win

  • anton hartono
    anton hartono 2 ngày trước

    nice theories, kinda 50%-50% about that curse maybe true.. the curse maybe destroyed the infinity gauntlet or not at all.. (if its not, maybe the power all infinity stone are too strong to use at the same time it became destroyed).. i have a scenario where 1 of the avengers make an infinity gauntlet, they take the stone and reverse the snap action, maybe with the help of captain marvel, and quantum energy from cassey lang.. and i belive its indeed the part of the scenario dr. strange give the infinity stone, its the only way they can win, but how? i dont want to speculate to much.. cause it will ruin the joy when i watching avengers 4

  • Richard Frost
    Richard Frost 2 ngày trước

    All are my favorite, each has ability very useful

  • MagicianAnthony
    MagicianAnthony 2 ngày trước


  • Griffin Land
    Griffin Land 2 ngày trước

    the reason why the gaunlet was destoryed is because the gaunlet could not hold that much power destorying half of living things .

  • Xavier DaPro
    Xavier DaPro 2 ngày trước

    But then why didn’t he make the curse to just when he uses a stone

  • riptidezim6 test tube labs
    riptidezim6 test tube labs 3 ngày trước

    docter strange is the stongest!!!

  • Andrea
    Andrea 3 ngày trước

    In the comics thanos can control mystic arts btw

  • tamila Rankin
    tamila Rankin 3 ngày trước

    This was a great theory, and everything you said seems to be true. I can't wait until May 2019, sigh.

  • tamila Rankin
    tamila Rankin 3 ngày trước

    Can I still get the video since I liked and subscribed to your channel?

  • Christopher Marshall
    Christopher Marshall 3 ngày trước

    Thanos does have knowledge of the mystic arts, btw.

  • Songa Granita
    Songa Granita 3 ngày trước

    My Fav is dr strange.
    I’m not sure what the plan is but I believe dr strange knows the right thing to do because he saw the scenario. 😍

  • Zikry Zikry
    Zikry Zikry 3 ngày trước

    all death avenger is not death yet...just trap from another fake world..dr.strange found symbiote..i think

  • scrept gt
    scrept gt 3 ngày trước

    maybe he cursed it so when the gauntlet is broken the time stone dont actually break then maybe the time stone revives everyone?who knows you will have to find out in the end game ..

  • Nightmare Fredbear
    Nightmare Fredbear 3 ngày trước

    This is cool and now doctor strangenia the best

  • reef jones
    reef jones 3 ngày trước

    When dr. Strange uses the time stone in his movie it just glows and the rune is only on his hand douche bags

  • reef jones
    reef jones 3 ngày trước

    The fact that the rune keeps showing up is the proof!

  • reef jones
    reef jones 3 ngày trước

    Best scenario yet !

  • Jacob Wells
    Jacob Wells 3 ngày trước

    how was thanos able to use the time stone if it was crushed

  • Stone_miner 1225
    Stone_miner 1225 3 ngày trước

    Actually thanos is a master in the mystic arts

  • Chris Carlile
    Chris Carlile 3 ngày trước

    So one correction, Thanos has and does use the mystical art. This is how he became so powerful. Yes he is a Titan but he used the dark arts to bolster his power.

  • Gerardo Nunez
    Gerardo Nunez 3 ngày trước

    The look on Strange's face almost seemed like he was up to something.

  • Michael J.A. Miller
    Michael J.A. Miller 3 ngày trước

    Captain Feminist NPC will save the day because 'muh vagina'.

  • DC Multifandom
    DC Multifandom 4 ngày trước

    Love iron man new siut

  • Vaishakh Balu
    Vaishakh Balu 4 ngày trước

    I would like to win the blu Ray. My thoughts on this movie were very positive. I’m dying to see the 4th Avengers. My favorite superhero is star-lord.

  • Sangita Ladole
    Sangita Ladole 4 ngày trước

    He gave it to create a scenario to get that back my favorite heo is iron Man I dream to make it in future may be it is possible to bring the real life avengers together

  • Youtube Guru
    Youtube Guru 4 ngày trước

    They almost won without giving him the stone. Star lord messed that up. Rocket Raccoon

  • JM Cambonga
    JM Cambonga 4 ngày trước

    quantum realm is a key hahahaha

  • feil plaza
    feil plaza 4 ngày trước

    Black panther❤

  • RickyBalboa
    RickyBalboa 4 ngày trước

    Favorite : Wolverine
    Thoughts: I think Dr. Strange's spell theory makes sense.. but I also think Strange seeing millions of futures allows him to piece together instances of each fight with thanos and puts everything in place. From him going back in time to let Nick Fury know what events will take place in the future.. to him making sure that his awareness of the plan with future self has.. doesn't interfere with his current self at that time.
    But.. it can go either way 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Lejuan Archie
    Lejuan Archie 4 ngày trước

    This is the best theory. Very strong evidence.💯💪👍👍

  • Martin Mutua
    Martin Mutua 4 ngày trước

    The time stone only glows when it is in use,and dr. Strange gave it to thanos while it was glowing. Most probably he messed with it (curse?)

  • Jennifer Austin
    Jennifer Austin 4 ngày trước

    wolverine is the best one

  • Oscar Kniepkamp
    Oscar Kniepkamp 4 ngày trước

    Dr stange because he have the time stone it my favorite stone

  • Kym Porter
    Kym Porter 4 ngày trước +1

    I like Doctor strange

    • renoyc
      renoyc Ngày trước

      Good for you, buddy.

  • Gary Shaw
    Gary Shaw 4 ngày trước


  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 4 ngày trước

    Capt. America is my favorite hero because he represents truth and has rejuvenating power.

  • Raging Bull
    Raging Bull 4 ngày trước

    Good theory I hope it checks out

  • Wills in Plays
    Wills in Plays 5 ngày trước

    I certainly hope he cursed it

  • Miguel Rosales Llano
    Miguel Rosales Llano 5 ngày trước

    I think that making Thanos use the gauntlet is just on step ahead of the 1 chance that they have. Nothing more i guess.

  • think about it
    think about it 5 ngày trước

    He said "there was no other way."
    I think that's part of the way to defeat Thanos.

  • Mark Brierley
    Mark Brierley 5 ngày trước

    An unbreakable spell is not a curse. /doh

  • Arjun Kaul
    Arjun Kaul 5 ngày trước

    who wants Bluray when we got Yify to go anywhere with us

  • spirit horse
    spirit horse 5 ngày trước

    Aww good job

  • joshie59
    joshie59 5 ngày trước

    yalls minds are gonna overload

  • Mitch Dunn / Duncan O'Duinn / Korvis Korax

    Orrrrr, did activating the stone put Thanos into an alternate timeline? causing him to slide over one dilation. In which case, only that timeline was affected.

  • Tom Heidrich
    Tom Heidrich 5 ngày trước +1

    I very much doubt Strange "cursed" the time-stone. The infinity stones are the physical manifestation of the 6 celestial powers of creation. I would find it highly surprising if a single magic user, powerful as they might be, could alter the structure of the stone or add/remove properties from it. The protection spell to prevent theft was a thermo-inductive protection spell which was placed on the Eye of Agamotto which formerly housed the stone. Important distinction.

  • digvijaysinh gohil
    digvijaysinh gohil 5 ngày trước

    Hindi me audio banao.

  • Sam Lopez
    Sam Lopez 5 ngày trước

    I think this theory is a good one, never thought of the tune to be a clue 👍🏼

  • vijaysinh gohil
    vijaysinh gohil 5 ngày trước

    everybody speaks english even thanos.

  • Mike Balolong
    Mike Balolong 5 ngày trước

    Nice try, but that's just the way it is haha

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 5 ngày trước

    Possibly. But it also could of been a bluff to stay alive until he seen all of the possibilites