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Film Theory: Who’s REALLY in Control?! (DHMIS)

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  • Xuất bản 05 Th12, 2022

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  • @MCcraftGames

    it’s very nice to watch matpat bring in a smaller creator instead of repeating their theory. big respect matpat

  • @zenos02

    I feel that Leslie (being a screenwriter) is writing for the DHMIS Show but after her accident that killed her son her writing has been drastically affected by it. She has an idea for the show but dealing with her grief makes it nearly impossible to write out a full story which is why she constantly has to "reset" the story and start new.

  • @daviddeans9748

    I was actually worried Rem's work would be missed or only briefly mentioned as inspiration but inviting him in is a HUGE win for a budding theorist channel! This is the Theorist crew I subscribe to (I mean, I've been subscribed but... you get it) Incredible collab!

  • @Come-Fast-To-Get-Into-My-Body

    i love how matpat doesn’t colonize ideas and allows those who came up with these theories vocalize it for themselves

  • @hbadnell682

    If its true that Leslie is yellow guys mum, could the repetitions or resets be Leslie attempting to avoid yellow guys death. She keeps playing out the events that lead to the car crash in regret, maybe trying to find a series that would have kept him alive. That makes sense to me anyway.

  • @twiggy9132

    Rem got the highest honor : getting to say the end line with MatPat

  • @DieselWeasel

    MASSIVE respect for not only watching Rem's videos, but opting to INVITE HIM TO COLLABORATE rather than just rehashing his own theories.

  • @LarvaAmigos

    It''s very nice to watch RemGames bring in a small creator instead of repeating their theory. Big respect RemGames.

  • @snailgirl5495

    Actually I think the items represent what the characters crave the most. Duck obviously wants family, thus he gets the item from that episode. From episode 2, we know Red guy really wants to die, hence the shovel and Yellow guy needs batteries to reach his true form, cuz his own batteries are old and don't show his full potential!

  • @maxinejyellee3401

    Matpat recognizing Remmie for clues and inviting him to the channel made me kinda happy.

  • @phantompyro6482

    One thing that supports the loop theory is there are several periods where the characters regain some level of consciousness about the correct order of events, but once they've happened there's nothing they can do. Like the, now heavily memed, clip of Red saying "I'm more the kind of person who should be dead". He's recognizing that he was supposed to be selected to die, but he wasn't.

  • @austingolightly8903

    My Theory:

  • @bencepetranyi8749

    I like having someone else talking alongside Matpat. Makes feel a bit more different from usual and that's not always a bad thing.

  • @lalacele23170

    I'm surprised no one looked at the symbols and thought of alchemy. Most of the smaller parts of the symbols (like the triangle with a line through it) are from alchemy, and mean something different depending on which way its facing. I also think the larger symbols resemble the sigils associated with demons of the Ars Goetia.

  • @Drecon84
    @Drecon84  +26

    It's weird how invested I can get in a series I've never watched and don't expect to ever watch.

  • @teentraveler1790

    I'm so happy to be able to now know about RemGames.

  • @saulgallagher5668

    Very cool that Matpat has brought more creators in as a new face in the theorist team!

  • @yumz5338

    Remgames deserves to be on the theory team in my opinion. His videos were one of the whole reasons the video turned out so well, and he got along very nicely and acted like he always belonged on the channel. I think he deserves to join.

  • @daxt3rdefluff255

    It’s lovely seeing Remgames getting recognised by Mat pat here! I’ve been watching his theories the last while and they’ve been really cool to watch

  • @tsriketwm7274

    A few more things about the book cover: we see the time guy down at the bottom. Is he supposed to be sacrificed? And those two circles at the top are most likely not just an artistic choice, but red guy’s eyes. So does he lose his eyes, or a clay model of him loses them or something?