James Arthur - Quite Miss Home (Lyric Video)

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th10, 2019
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    I’m in the kitchen while you smoke outside
    You’re careful not to let the smoke inside
    I always tell you it’s poison
    But I know it helps you take the edge off the day
    We get a drink before it’s closing time
    The one on high street with the blinking sign
    All of these memories feel poignant
    I won’t be there to see the snow melt away
    Oh, yeah I’ve been gone on business
    I’ve gotta make some money
    I really feel the distance

    And I quite miss home
    And I miss you telling me
    To leave my shoes at the door
    ‘Cos you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
    Yeah I quite miss home
    ‘Cos it feels like poetry
    When the rain falls down on the window
    While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV
    Yeah I quite miss home
    Yeah I quite miss home

    I smell you cooking from the living room
    And then I tell you that I love your food
    I know it doesn’t come easy
    But you know it reminds me where I’m from
    Oh, I’m in another city
    I got nobody with me
    And it just hit me

    That I quite miss home
    And I miss you telling me
    To leave my shoes at the door
    ‘Cos you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
    Yeah I quite miss home
    ‘Cos it feels like poetry
    And the rain falls down on the window
    While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV
    Yeah I quite miss home
    Yeah I quite miss home

    And I quite miss home
    Yeah I missed you telling me
    To leave my shoes at the door
    ‘Cos you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
    Oh I just miss home
    ‘Cos it feels like poetry
    As the rain falls down on the window
    While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV

    Oh I miss home, yeah I quite miss home
    Oh I miss home, yeah I quite miss home
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    My home had a name, a smile, dark brown eyes matched with an amazing smile, and I miss my home beyond compare. I loved him so much and now I can't even trust him. WE WERE SUPPOSE TO BE TOGETHER TILL WE DIED

  • gilbert yohannes voerman
    gilbert yohannes voerman 2 ngày trước

    the warmth of the house with all the stories in it, really miss when all can gather and tell every detail of its moments.

  • carol nuwahereza
    carol nuwahereza 3 ngày trước

    Incredible👌👌i love it, its very touching, thank you James, i love you❤❤❤

  • bacar hakim
    bacar hakim 4 ngày trước

    tuesday 10/12/19 I QUITE MISS HOME, I MISS DAD (rip)

  • Dilaisy Rodriguez
    Dilaisy Rodriguez 7 ngày trước +1

    I miss my ex-step dad so much. He’s the only paternal figure on my life, and he’s in my best memories. Now he’s in another country with another woman and I’m here depressed and afraid of contacting him even though I know he still love us.

    • Onlyhaq
      Onlyhaq 6 ngày trước

      vnclip.net/video/_2_JCip-z9Y/video.html 😇

  • Daffa Nur Adli
    Daffa Nur Adli 8 ngày trước +1

    I'm on college where so far away from home and just hear this song.. and today still 17 days to back home

    • Onlyhaq
      Onlyhaq 6 ngày trước

      vnclip.net/video/_2_JCip-z9Y/video.html 😇

  • Chew Boon Zhan
    Chew Boon Zhan 8 ngày trước +1

    To those of you who still have a home to go to
    When you have time, go home more. Your parents miss you more than you do.

    • Onlyhaq
      Onlyhaq 6 ngày trước

      vnclip.net/video/_2_JCip-z9Y/video.html 😇

  • Heidi Monardo
    Heidi Monardo 8 ngày trước

    Keiner singt so schön Gefühlvolle von Liebe, Leidenschaft, Trennung und Verlust wie James Arthur dafür liebe ich ihn... I Love you James Arthur forever ever... 🙄🦉🙄🦉💞💞💞💞🙄🦉

  • Melvin Owusu
    Melvin Owusu 8 ngày trước

    Love this song

  • Himanshu
    Himanshu 10 ngày trước

    Who's here after listening to alec chambers?

  • Jeff Miehls
    Jeff Miehls 11 ngày trước +2

    This song helped me realize that home is more than a shelter. Its a place where you feel safe, and comfortable, a place where you can be happy, and feel emotions. So ty

  • Popa Ionel
    Popa Ionel 11 ngày trước


  • 林聖然
    林聖然 11 ngày trước

    Up.. Give me five....

  • Nat Sti
    Nat Sti 12 ngày trước +1

    c'mon this comment section is making us all cry admit it.

  • Dick Reroma
    Dick Reroma 12 ngày trước

    I miss my dad because he thought me how to be strong if hes not around because he is to busy of his work and weeks later he died because of an heartattck and i cry a lot because i dont have a bestfriend or a buddy to give me an advice and telling me how to be strong

  • Anjelica S.
    Anjelica S. 12 ngày trước

    Quite miss home 😥

  • andy
    andy 13 ngày trước

    Hi! Check my cover of Quite miss home here: m.vnclip.net/video/vPnCQo9uPow/video.html

  • Fidela Narasyah
    Fidela Narasyah 14 ngày trước

    Then I hope you'll find your way back home.

  • jonny turner
    jonny turner 15 ngày trước

    This song just some deep levels I gotta say ❤️

  • ナイトコアArKone1
    ナイトコアArKone1 15 ngày trước

    Guys i have made a switching vocal ☑️🍻go to check

  • DOA Music Official
    DOA Music Official 16 ngày trước

    Worse Thanksgiving song ever when you're across the country alone all day and nobody's checked on you. Hug your family today, guys...

    FALAK AFTAB 16 ngày trước

    this is magic :)

  • Tarik Hindustani
    Tarik Hindustani 16 ngày trước

    *KL Rahul insta story* 😂

  • shofi zahra
    shofi zahra 16 ngày trước

    James, your song hits me, and the comments sting my eyes .. i dont know why rrr

  • Dan Wayan
    Dan Wayan 17 ngày trước

    Great song remembered me about my father telling me this. Thank you my father I love you even u wasn't with me.

  • Teri joy
    Teri joy 17 ngày trước

    My boyfriend loves this song

  • Jonathan Montes
    Jonathan Montes 17 ngày trước

    I'm from P.R., been far from home around 5 to 6 years already, last time I saw my parents was in a airport saying goodbye to me while I was leaving, i miss them so much and songs makes me miss them even more, I can't make it through the song without tears running down my face. James Arthur is a living legend.

  • Nurhalisa Rusmadi
    Nurhalisa Rusmadi 17 ngày trước

    The saddest song I've heard James! Good job!

  • Joey Moore
    Joey Moore 18 ngày trước

    I swear theres a group of people hired by the government just to dislike great videos and songs just to get on people's nerves

  • Ida Yolchyan
    Ida Yolchyan 18 ngày trước

    I'm really far from home.I mean I'm an exchange,every time I listen to this song I cry.Distance hurts.I miss everything.
    Thank you,James!
    Thank you for making me realize how sweet is home❤😭

  • Liivi Vaas
    Liivi Vaas 18 ngày trước

    I just miss you and l love you with all my hart

  • Bambang Tan
    Bambang Tan 18 ngày trước

    I always support you broo...👍👍❤

  • A. Fleck
    A. Fleck 18 ngày trước

    01:16 'like poetry' in indonesian word ' poetry '= putri = wanita So, like poetry = seperti wanita

  • ChanggaiST TV
    ChanggaiST TV 18 ngày trước

    Please subscribe my new channel. Im a new vlogger! My new video will coming soon!

  • Leni Wati
    Leni Wati 19 ngày trước

    Terima Kasih untuk lagu indah ini.thx

  • Charmy the chameleon Challenges

    This song reminds me of my life

  • Irche Rosita
    Irche Rosita 19 ngày trước

    It's almost Christmas but i'm in another city right now. I miss my family so bad

  • Anisa NI
    Anisa NI 20 ngày trước

    Percayalah gue kesini habis nonton boy😂

  • jowtr.
    jowtr. 20 ngày trước +1

    "Quite Miss Home" in guitar yeahh!!👉vnclip.net/video/R9K1BlXwJTk/video.html👈

  • Rachel Mae Requilme
    Rachel Mae Requilme 20 ngày trước

    This song really hit me. I miss my family so much. I quite miss HOME 😢

  • Taylor Edwards
    Taylor Edwards 20 ngày trước

    poetry love it I went to back from the edge Consett in bermingom 2018

  • Gymnast 3000
    Gymnast 3000 20 ngày trước

    The home for this means someone that I love someone so much, but I cant have them 😭💔

  • Lala Ru
    Lala Ru 21 ngày trước

    This is so painful coz I miss you... So bad that it hurts coz you, the one my heart calls home no longer wants to be a part of my life...

  • mif
    mif 21 ngày trước +6

    "I'm in another city. I got nobody with me. And it just really hit me that I quite miss home". Oh god. I really miss my home, my family😭

  • Mustang67FB
    Mustang67FB 21 ngày trước +1

    Asides some of the noise distortion... I think it sounds way better played at 0.75x speed. Feels like it gives time for the lyrics and the notes to impact more.

  • Athletico george
    Athletico george 21 ngày trước +1


  • Sarah Hmimsa
    Sarah Hmimsa 21 ngày trước

    they re persons in our life's means home to us :( i quit miss home

  • barborka bajusova
    barborka bajusova 21 ngày trước +1

    I looove how James is feeling every song. You can hear how he feels. And like I love him so much 😍😍😍. I’m listing to this album from the day it was released and I still got goosebumps.
    Love you James 😘🥰😍❤️

  • JoJo hanna
    JoJo hanna 21 ngày trước

    This just hits me. Best song ♥

  • Dirk Rietema
    Dirk Rietema 21 ngày trước

    Quite Miss Home

  • sich
    sich 21 ngày trước

    James, it's incredible, i have no words...

  • Amrita Sinha
    Amrita Sinha 21 ngày trước

    I miss my home.....
    Its not the rooms with appropriate furnishings and a roof but all the memories which I had and the ups and downs we all had been through...... together.....
    FOREVER 💜💜

  • Isti Handayani
    Isti Handayani 22 ngày trước

    Hikshiks... Why i feel so sad?

  • Nyangpen Konyak
    Nyangpen Konyak 22 ngày trước

    Miss my home and miss mon and families.😧😕😭

  • Louisdatgamer
    Louisdatgamer 22 ngày trước +1

    Who else is hear from the sidemen beeg

  • Iza Berdos
    Iza Berdos 22 ngày trước

    Missing home to where i truly belong

  • Hoda Barakat
    Hoda Barakat 22 ngày trước

    I believe that god created james just to make me cry every night before sleeping..

  • peachey 87
    peachey 87 23 ngày trước

    Omg 😍😍 love the Song...love James !!! Completly underrated!!!

  • Sorin Strat
    Sorin Strat 23 ngày trước

    Love the song

  • Rachel Wilfred
    Rachel Wilfred 23 ngày trước

    Me listening to the song 2 times and already knowing the lyrics off head because the song is sooo catchyy✨🧡