Zombie Nail Art & Halloween Nail Hacks!

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  • Xuất bản 30 Th10, 2019
  • Zombie nail art and other Halloween nail life hacks to get you ready for the spookiest night of the year. In this nail art compilation video I show you how to make 12 simple nail art designs perfect for beginners. In nail tutorial video you learn how to create zombie nails and other fun nail art for Halloween. It includes DIY nail art tools, nail art compilation and nail hacks for kids, girls, short nails or long nails and nail hacks to grow your nails fast.
    This Halloween tutorial includes 2 mix and match nails and 3 spooky nail designs. The first mix & match manicure consists of ghost design, googly eyes, spider design and an easy dotted creation. It is a classic Halloween manicure with orange, black and white colors of nail polish. Second mix & match nail compilation includes spider nest, bat design, eyeballs and paint drips. This Halloween manicure is a bit more funky due to the color combination. I used green, purple and orange to create this simple nail art perfect for beginners.
    Another easy and cool design that you can wear for Halloween and all year around is splatter nail art. This nail hack is so much fun to make, because we crate it using a straw! Straw is a great DIY nail art tool. Paint your nails in white and and make red splatters allover the nails. Clean up the skin around with a q-tip soaked in acetone and you have epic blood splatter nails finished in just a few minutes!
    If you want to embrace a spooky vibe this Halloween, you need to try one of my two scary Halloween designs. Frozen fingertips can be created by coloring your nails in purple and blue using a cosmetic sponge. Apply a neural polish and a matte top coat. Don't forget to apply some nail polish on the skin around the nails and your epic frozen fingertips are ready for Halloween!
    Crazy zombie nails are probably the coolest nails I have ever created! They are so much fun to make and look so painful and realistic. For this manicure you need fake nails and a screw nut. Follow my nail tutorial to create these amazing and crazy nails for Halloween.
    Let me know if you'd like to see more nail art ideas for holidays like Christmas, Easter or other simple nail designs that you can use all year around.
    Help me translate the best Halloween costume competition video: vnclip.net/user/timedtext_video?v=wCppR7FqE10
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    Disclaimer: This family friendly video is made for teenagers and adults.
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    Hey guys! Surprise, surprise :) I have a new nail art video for you just in time for Halloween! This nail tutorial includes 12 easy ideas that you need to try out. Some are cute and adorable, while others are a bit more spooky ;) It's the spookiest time of the year after all haha! Let me know in the comments what videos you would like to see from me going forward. DIYs, Hacks, Pranks, Routines, etc? Give me your requests and I'll make them happen :) Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you have the best day ever with people you love, filled with joy and of course lots of Halloween candy! XOXO, Sara

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