10 Things You Didn't Know About HIROSHIMA ATOMIC BOMBING

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  • Xuất bản 07 Th08, 2015
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    *CORRECTION: In the video, the location of Nagasaki is off. It should be more on the left side of Kyushu island.
    1) Godzilla
    Godzilla, the giant Japanese dinosaur-looking monster, a worldwide pop culture icon; who’s been in numerous movies.
    Why am I mentioning this? Well, Godzilla owes its existence to the atomic bombs. In the aftermath, with the devastation still fresh in the Japanese consciousness, Godzilla was created as a metaphor for nuclear weapons and their destructive capabilities.
    2) The Korean Casualties
    An enormous number of Koreans also perished in the blast. In fact, around 25% of casualties were Koreans. Korea was under Japanese rule at the time so there were many drafted or conscripted Koreans in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. It’s unfortunate that the Korean victims of this tragedy have often been neglected
    3) Close Call Kyoto
    Today’s Kyoto landscape would have been greatly altered, and not for the better, if the Americans had gone about their original plan. The targets were in fact supposed to be Hiroshima & Kyoto. However, the US Secretary of War at the time, Henry L Stimson, insisted on sparing the city
    4) The Pamphlet Warnings
    Just prior to dropping the Atomic bombs, the US Airforce released pamphlets or leaflets from their planes warning Japanese citizens of the impending destruction. They were largely ineffective.
    5) The Little Boy & The Fat Man
    These were the American codenames of the two atomic bombs.
    6) The American Casualties
    12 American airmen were captured, then taken to the Chugoku Military Police Headquarters in Hiroshima, where the American weapon of mass destruction indiscriminately took them out.
    7) Go
    An important Go tournament was held in the suburbs of Hiroshima, about 5 km from ground zero; a pivotal match up was ongoing between champion Hashimoto and the challenger Iwamoto. When the atomic bomb went off, people were injured, buildings were damaged, and the game came to an immediate halt. Fortunately no one died as tournament officials had earlier moved the game away from the blast radius after coming across the American pamphlets.
    The players took this opportunity to have a quick lunch break. Afterwards on the same day, they finished the game. White won.
    8) Operation Meetinghouse
    As devastating as the atomic bombs were, it didn’t even rank as the most destructive bombing event of WW2. That title goes to the deathly firebombing of Tokyo by the US Air Force, also known as Operation Meetinghouse. This was estimated to be the single most destructive bombing attack not just in Japan, but in history.
    9) The Flame Of Peace
    The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was built in dedication to the legacy of Hiroshima as the first city in the world to suffer a nuclear attack. In the park, sits The Flame of Peace which has burned continuously since 1964, and will remain lit until all nuclear weapons are removed from the world and the planet is free from nuclear threat.
    10) The Improbable Survivor
    Tsutomu Yamaguchi worked for the Mitsubishi company, and on August 6th, 1945, he was away from home on a business trip in Hiroshima.
    He witnessed the Little Boy dropping from the sky and the explosion ruptured his eardrums, blinded him, and left him with serious burns. But he was alive.
    The very next day, he dragged his body to a station, made his way out of Hiroshima and back to his hometown. At home, he finally received treatment for his wounds.
    Two days later, despite being seriously injured and heavily bandaged, he informed Mitsubishi that he was back from his Hiroshima business trip and ready to report to work. So, he went to work, as if nothing major had happened.
    Yamaguchi was lucky to have survived the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb. However, he was unlucky that he went back home..
    ..to Nagasaki..
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    • Neal Dalton
      Neal Dalton 11 ngày trước

      I was under the impression we gave no warning to the people of Japan. Why would they not listen about a warning of a bombing if say china dropped pamphlets saying some crazy weapon was going to be dropped i would have shout it from the roof and then got every one i cared about then go somewhere in one of the big forest near by i live in West Virginia

    • Anonymous Anonymous
      Anonymous Anonymous 2 tháng trước

      nagasaki wasn't an intended target either,it was based on weather,the weather was too bad to drop on the target because they wanted visual not radar drop,it was only decided last minute that the weapons officer would accept radar due to low fuel,so they decided radar or visual it will be a drop,if not they wouldn't have had the fuel to get back to base

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    • Liberalism is a disease.
      Liberalism is a disease. 6 tháng trước

      Your grandpa survived Hiroshima because he lived in San Diego. I hope for the onehundredth anniversary we bomb them again

    • Dave Davis
      Dave Davis 6 tháng trước

      Sean P believe it was called the Berimetric bomb . Supposedly fund two of these unexploded devices in the Morrow building at Oklahoma city .

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    Tsutomu Yamaguchi: **Days after what happened to Hiroshima and proceeds reporting on his supervisor what happened about the bombing at his Business Trip.**
    Supervisor: Well I'm glad you survived about what happened. But are you sure your okay to go back to work?
    TY: Don't worry. This is just a scrape. Doesn't stop me from working.
    Supervisor: Well okay then.
    YT: **Peacefully working on his paperworks**
    **Minutes later he heard a big explosion outside the window**
    MOTHER FU----

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    It's nice video but to be honest it could take at least 10 minutes if talk about those facts a bit more, like why were those pamphlets so ineffective? What did the Japanese thought of that when they got them? Why was bobming of Tokyo so destructive to be ranked as the most devastating bombing attack in history? Did the Americans used all their bombers or because of the fires since the houses were mostly made out of wood? And so on.
    It raises questions one must check wikipedia when it could be in the video. Nice video, but way too short on such facts.

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    Sujal Maharjan 2 tháng trước

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  • • ᴛᴛᴇᴏᴋᴛɪғғ •

    My class learned about the girl who survived the Hiroshima, Sasaki Sadako and my dumb_ss thought her last name Sasaki was her sister's name because in Vietnamese her name is xa-xa-cô xa-xa-ki

  • J. St
    J. St 2 tháng trước

    well terrorism at it's best... I love ho USA plays the world's police claiming it's all in the name of human rights and democracy... but forgetting about what they did. not just Ww2 but also the bombing of Serbia during the balkan wars without a UN resolution or just the whole vietnam war...

    • J. St
      J. St Tháng trước

      @Dutspice it doesn't matter how many warnings they were given. Imagine the same scenario vise versa. would you truly believe that action would be ok? look every nation does fucked up things. but sadly the usa just never likes to admit that they try to tall their way out. just admit that it was murder and move on.

    • Dutspice
      Dutspice Tháng trước

      @J. St Japan was given a warning to surrender or there would be a bombardment of the Japanese mainland. They refused, so Hiroshima was bombed. Japan was then given a warning that another bomb would be dropped if they didn't surrender, and they refused. The Soviet Union declared war on Japan, and another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Five days later, Japan surrendered. They could have just done that outright and saved all those lives. So if you want anybody to blame for the atomic bombings of Japan, blame Japan. They fired the first shot.

    • J. St
      J. St 2 tháng trước

      @Dutspice it was forbidden to commit the act of murder during war even back then. What is seen as murder during war is willingly killing civlians. dropping an atomic bomb on a city is willingly killing civilans so it IS officially a war crime. 230'000 died only as consequence of those bombs. same goes for the bombing of the Serbs during the kosovo war.

    • Dutspice
      Dutspice 2 tháng trước

      @J. St They did follow "war law". It was not banned by any previous declaration.

    • J. St
      J. St 2 tháng trước

      @Dutspice Soo if the USA doesn't follow war law IOT win a war then it is fine but when others do the same then there is a problem. Maybe you should read up some history stuff not published by Americans... Because you guys are the biggest hypocrites I ever saw.

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  • majorgeeek
    majorgeeek 2 tháng trước

    the Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki start with:
    10. Hiroshima & Nagasaki are both war crimes -
    9. H & N are acts of terrorism that make 9/11 look like a Teddy Bear's picnic -
    8. the atomic bombings never ended the war -
    7 . the warning leaflets only serve to incriminate Truman in war crimes -
    6. at the time of the bombings the Soviets were an even bigger threat than Japan -
    5. in August 1945 Japan no longer posed any threat or imminent danger to USA mainland that required targeting innocent civilians with weapons of mass destruction -
    4. both leaders of Japan said they surrendered due to the Soviet declaration of war and invasion of Japan on August 8, 1945 -
    3. The Soviet August storm invasion was instrumental in forcing the Japanese surrender and in scope 3 weeks (Aug 8 - Aug 29) Soviets handed Japan its biggest land defeat in all of Japan's History -
    2. Hiroshima civilians were just as innocent as the Holocaust Jews -
    1. Truman is a war criminal will go down in history for all eternity

    • Dutspice
      Dutspice 2 tháng trước

      So you would rather have an estimated 1.2-4 million US casualties and up to 10 million Japanese casualties (Hiroshima and Nagasaki had around 250,000 casualties) with an inland invasion? www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-two/the-pacific-war-1941-to-1945/operation-downfall/ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Downfall
      Also, provide proof for some of what you said ( half of what you said what just your opinion).

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