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Biden responds to Putin threats during UN speech

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  • Xuất bản 20 Th09, 2022
  • President Joe Biden speaks before the UN General Assembly about Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing a partial mobilization of Russian citizens and making an ominous nuclear threat after losses in Ukraine.

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  • Ekki
    Ekki 3 ngày trước +989

    Say what you want about his speaking skills, but Biden hit the nail on the head with this one. He hit it damn hard.

  • Michael W Lincoln
    Michael W Lincoln Ngày trước +9

    Okay this is the World President putting words together Let peace and Democracy lead the world 🌎

  • Pamella Namubiru
    Pamella Namubiru Ngày trước +3

    We really love you Mr. President. Thanks for being a world leader.
    Thanks for this speech your Excellence. Thanks for standing in for Ukraine.

  • Tebano Kabiri
    Tebano Kabiri 6 giờ trước +1

    The best speech I think I've just heard from Biden. The past Presidents of USA's view of the Russian dictator were just pacifists and short sightedness.

  • Kenrick Ugrah
    Kenrick Ugrah 17 giờ trước +3

    Extremely wonderful speech

  • Pat Diggin
    Pat Diggin Ngày trước +11

    "We are not passive witnesses of history, we must become the author's of history ".

  • I M
    I M 11 giờ trước +1

    It was a BEAUTIFUL Speech! God Bless America and Ukraine and all peaceful countries!

  • Michael Kilonzi
    Michael Kilonzi 13 giờ trước +5

    What a speech.Remain Blessed Mr.President.

    • seyadina stephen
      seyadina stephen Phút trước

      good speech but support one side.........email for more information

  • John Paré
    John Paré 14 giờ trước +1

    Wow! Who would have thought that 'Sleepy' Joe could be so emphatic in regards to Russia's aggression towards Ukraine. . Most definitely a good speech. And his references to humanitarian aid and environmental issues are certainly worthy avenues to pursue. I can't help wondering however, if instead of the focus being on Russia's aggression towards Ukraine - it was rather on another threatened independent sovereign nation in Europe (i.e. Israel) - would Biden speak with the same forceful eloquence in regards to defending and protecting its democratic sovereignty? And of course every parent should be able to affordably feed their children. It is built in to the human condition (as well as most other species of life) to care for and nurture one's offspring; the children inherently and implicitly trusting their parents to provide for and protect them. But where are the political advocates for some of the most vulnerable of our human species? Yes - the unborn child's right to live; a life unquestionably dependent upon their maternal host but, all too often ruthlessly terminated - violating the intrinsic bond of trust that new life is expectedly entitled to from its primary caregiver. I wonder if Biden would so eloquently address this abhorrent daily catastrophe against those who have no voice of their own. After all, is this not the generation that would eventually benefit from and appreciate the exorbitant and historical drive to clean up the environment? I also wonder if CNN would allow such contentious arguments to reach a potentially large audience.

  • XX2 Media
    XX2 Media 3 ngày trước +947

    I have my own issues with President Biden, sure. That said, this is going to be one of his defining speeches in office. Non-embellishing, non-sanctimonious. Just simple, honest, and human.

    • Cesar Barrera
      Cesar Barrera Ngày trước

      Right , you can disagree with his opinions , but we all have to have decent human kindness and understanding and respect for every human being , no matter who you are .

    • Bryan Devries
      Bryan Devries Ngày trước

      @Dan Harold people love the US because we have free speech. They come here from all over the world for work, freedom, and the power to control their own success. People int the world don't think we are idiots because we talk about or president on social media. They think we are idiots because everywhere we go, we expect people to speak English, or do not understand culture and mannerisms abroad. I have spent plenty of time in other countries, and you would be surprised what just a few words of another language can do for you.

    • Linda name
      Linda name 2 ngày trước


    • Dan Harold
      Dan Harold 2 ngày trước

      ​@Bryan Devries This comment is an excellent example of why the world thinks the US is populated by idiots. This is the wrong venue to air these grievances.

    • Dan Harold
      Dan Harold 2 ngày trước

      @Carrie Taylor So long as he stands behind it why does that matter ?

  • Liza Leon
    Liza Leon Ngày trước +7

    Cuanto extrañaba un presidente para nuestro país,un verdadero Presidente no perfecto pero si educado y que sabe lo que está hablando 🙏🏽DIOS LO BENDIGA SR PRESIDENTE BIDEN 🇺🇸 ❤

  • Timsalt3100
    Timsalt3100 11 giờ trước +2

    Respect to biden great speech

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle Ngày trước +6

    words can take us far away, and leave us all behind

  • Prince
    Prince 5 giờ trước

    When I see smart Presidents I know them by their speeches and actions. I am proud to call Joe Biden “My President.”

  • adamndirtyape
    adamndirtyape 3 ngày trước +625

    Please note for anyone tuning in to this speech, a large part of it is not about Putin but about Biden issuing a clarion call for the world to combat climate change. Finally, this is the type of high-level, unambiguous talk the world needs. Biden is also talking about the need to improve world food security. Now it needs to be more than just words. That's always the challenge, isn't it?

    • علئ ياسر
      علئ ياسر 22 giờ trước

      @Dan Harold America, are you stupid? We do not recognize the International Court of Justice. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • jsmillsi
      jsmillsi Ngày trước +1

      @Dan Harold oh you're absolutely correct. I just have a very strong stance against the current cabinet and the ahit theyre doing. However that doesn't mean I don't see the bigger picture, which is, as you said Unity. Just wish they had a better leadership for all of this going on.

    • Dan Harold
      Dan Harold 2 ngày trước

      @jsmillsi This sort of speech is in part about aligning countries to move together.
      If he moves alone and without international support the US will once again be branded as criminal.

    • Dan Harold
      Dan Harold 2 ngày trước

      @Faux Que If the climate is not in crisis cleaning up our pollution will only make the world better.
      If the climate is in crisis and we ignore it we are toast.
      I would rather err on the side with the best outcome.

    • fastguitar
      fastguitar 2 ngày trước

      Ww3. Go to war.

  • Diana Diana
    Diana Diana Ngày trước +15

    Great speech ! 👏

  • J. Engberts
    J. Engberts 22 giờ trước +8

    Wow, I'm really impressed! Will the confidence here in the Netherlands still be able to return in the USA with Biden as President? I am now very hopeful after this speech!

  • Newton Odion Edoghogho
    Newton Odion Edoghogho Ngày trước +3


  • F Khoja
    F Khoja 6 giờ trước +2

    Yes 👍 For Ukraine 🇺🇦 ✌

  • 吉吉翰 Gigi Han
    吉吉翰 Gigi Han 3 ngày trước +492

    Beautiful speech yet pack a punch. It hits my heart. Hope it has the same impact on other world leaders too.

    • Иван Меньшиков
      Иван Меньшиков 2 giờ trước

      @Randy Smith Lol)) The entire Eastern Hemisphere hopes that Biden will come to his senses)) Didn't impress anyone

    • Free Trolling
      Free Trolling 22 giờ trước

      US Government is the pinnacle of EVIL , Creating Chaos around the world by spreading propaganda / instigating wars / invade / murdering innocent people and children, replacing head of state / sanctions / Loot and arresting anyone who exposed their WAR CRIMES......all in the name of their FAKE democracy and human rights. Those channels will give insights that the west propaganda media will never show.
      Good luck to Taiwan, Finland and Switzerland if they join US / NATO, hope they will not end up like Afghanistan and Ukraine (Tools for the US to manipulate).
      U.S. Overthrowing Governments
      U.S. democracy or U.S hypocrisy?
      Who is the biggest violator of human rights?
      America DREAM?
      The speech in this comedy and comedian “George Carlin” ( that was from 10 years ago….but what is scary Is the things he stated still holds true to this very day 2022 ) sums it all up and depict 100% of US fantasy / delusions.

    • Free Trolling
      Free Trolling 22 giờ trước

      Real news from channels not sponsored by Governments or B.S CHANNEL such as this one.

    • James
      James Ngày trước

      @Lynn Jacobs thank God he gave a cognitive speech for once I was starting to think he was from Kentucky hills or the application of Virginia or like his uncle berry Obama, pedophile Joe should be locked up with hunter and piss pants pelosi

    • Lynn Jacobs
      Lynn Jacobs 2 ngày trước

      @James Thank God for OUR/YOUR Pres. Joe Biden!! He is a Great President!!

  • Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise

    Many years ago this was a child that had a speech impediment.
    Goes to show what resources and investment into youth can achieve.
    Biden is a good man, imperfect in many ways, but a good man.

  • dupedick
    dupedick Ngày trước +65

    "My fellow leaders, the challenges we face today are great indeed, but our capacity is greater, our commitment must be greater still" now that's a good quote. First time I have heard a speech from Biden and ended up being inspired.

    • John Dindinger
      John Dindinger 20 giờ trước

      @paul moore his speaking skills and intelligence are just as great as the other guy's. Have you tried injecting bleach into your veins yet to deal with Covid? Pretty sure that gem came from the other guy.
      Stop kidding yourself, they're all corrupt puppets.

    • Paul Fitz
      Paul Fitz Ngày trước

      @paul moore You can barely speak English, I assume you were educated in a red state? Poor education standards is why people are gullible enough to vote for Trump, a spray tanned conman.

    • BradLee Jones
      BradLee Jones Ngày trước +1

      @E F President Trump's got some really great quotes he devised, like "Lock Her Up!", "Sleepy Joe" and "Build That Wall!".

    • BradLee Jones
      BradLee Jones Ngày trước +3

      That was the writer's achievement, not the guy that shit himself at the Vatican!

    • tony p
      tony p Ngày trước

      Seriously. Are you not seen that it was NATO who pulled this plug!

  • José Pablo Muñoz Guerrero

    I'm not a fan of Biden, but I have to say he has handled the situation in Ukraine very well

  • foreign warren
    foreign warren Ngày trước +1

    Sleepy Joe looked wide awake today...though even when he's sleeping he's a better president than Trump.

  • junior milan
    junior milan 3 ngày trước +55

    This is our president steady leadership this is what America it’s leadership when we are strong and united our country we can do anything vote November blue 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

    • DC V
      DC V 3 ngày trước

      mean wile gas u p 100%, food up 80%,war up 100%, gives weapons to taliban, gives money to himself thru foreign aid to Ukraine. Child trafficking up 10,000% employed/disability claims up 40%, us military is on food stamps. southern border has less guards than the IRs. democrats pass 350b dollar legislation to pay themselves. Biden gives Ukraine to Russia. Soon he will give Taiwan. You wouldn't know leadership if it slapped you in the face.

  • Mohammad Alavai
    Mohammad Alavai 8 giờ trước +3

    Well done Joe! I wouldn't dream you could hold it for 5 seconds,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Mohammad Alavai
      Mohammad Alavai 5 giờ trước

      @F Khoja Are you reading Quran for me? which verses are these?

    • F Khoja
      F Khoja 6 giờ trước

      انت بس اضحك ولا يهمك ما علينا تحيات بنت زاخو لك

  • HMTQ Elaina
    HMTQ Elaina Ngày trước +3

    Russia done pissed Joe OFF! He ain’t stuttering or nothing! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • Paul Routh
    Paul Routh Ngày trước +6

    When they cut over to the Russian Federation Apparatchik (14:40 or thereabouts), love the oily smirk on his face. Helps show who they are.

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama 4 giờ trước +1

      And the men beside him sit in awkward silence and attention while the other scribbles notes like a defendant in trial

    • doninmichigan
      doninmichigan 7 giờ trước

      Dumb dope 🤡

  • Nelson cis
    Nelson cis 32 phút trước

    Speaking from the heart,

  • N8r Lvr
    N8r Lvr 3 ngày trước +826

    “I believe democracy remains humanity’s greatest instrument “
    Me too, Mr Pres, me too.

    • Aries0321
      Aries0321 37 phút trước

      Every democratic city is living in poverty. Every democratic dominant state is rioting and failing due to inflation and have a *minimum* 79% homeless rate than republican states

    • Mattaku
      Mattaku 49 phút trước

      @mcallard911 What, they had an election, they elected a president. How's that not a democracy?

    • mcallard911
      mcallard911 Giờ trước

      There was no democraty in Ukraine either, lol.

    • Free Trolling
      Free Trolling 22 giờ trước

      Real news from channels not sponsored by Governments or B.S CHANNEL such as this one.

    • joseph richmond
      joseph richmond 22 giờ trước

      @R U S S I A I did not know Russia had computers they have DICK TATER TOTS , and you can type, to bad you can't think, your leader could not string 5 words together to form a sentence.

  • De Great
    De Great 11 giờ trước +4

    Peace to our world and prosperity to every nation.

  • Raffi Ohanian
    Raffi Ohanian Ngày trước +2

    Such a wonderful speech Mr. Biden President of the United States of America 👌👍👍👍 I agree with every single words that you said and I hope all the leaders of the world listen and active like united States of America "not only speaking and giving us only words but showing up to their own country and giving them a peaceful life " we are human being and we have to act as human beings. ...MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND PEOPLES OF THE UNITED STATES AND ALL THE PEOPLES AROUND THE WORLD AMEN 👏👏👏❤❤❤

  • NegroPapa
    NegroPapa 11 giờ trước

    First Time I admire Joe Biden.

  • zenon mydlak
    zenon mydlak 8 giờ trước

    A great speech,go Mr Biden go

  • Sebastian Sato
    Sebastian Sato 3 ngày trước +354

    you may not like him, but you have to admit, he really outdid himself with this speech

    • JOHN RAU
      JOHN RAU 3 giờ trước

      That green wall brings out the orange in him

    • CanadaCommunity Org
      CanadaCommunity Org 2 ngày trước

      We vnclip.net/video/6mb7gw9npGk/video.html can make our world a wonderful place for vnclip.net/video/_EkMjTnWk14/video.html everyone to live,🧡

    • TheRisingFury
      TheRisingFury 2 ngày trước

      @L K.C.Lifer That would make for a funny video 😂

    • Ocean Mergirl 🌊
      Ocean Mergirl 🌊 2 ngày trước

      @La Quicha 😂the world DOES NOT love trump chump you trumpers are a world joke!

    • Denis Means
      Denis Means 2 ngày trước

      @TheRisingFury President Biden was very succinct in his UN speach. Eveidently you think letting children starve is appropriate. Or doing nothing while our planet spirals into ruin. That's typical of Republicans. Worthless.

  • DJP 1972
    DJP 1972 Ngày trước +5

    Maybe 5 countries should be added as permanent members of the security council in one hit.
    Those being Germany, Canada, Egypt, Australia and Brazil.

    • Jess Rouse
      Jess Rouse 3 giờ trước

      Nope CANADA WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR CORRUPT BULLSHIT. The ONLY ENEMY to America is their own government. Period.

    • Juxha
      Juxha 9 giờ trước +1

      I get the four others but i dont get reason for Egypt to be there as permament member

  • Totentanz
    Totentanz Ngày trước +2

    Great speech. No malarky.
    Thank you, Biden.

    • Dotabuff
      Dotabuff 19 giờ trước


      EDDIE LEAL 21 giờ trước

      Yes, but it's the White House Director of Speechwriting, Vinay Reddy, who you should thank. Presidents may have a say in it but they don't write it. Not anymore anyway.

  • DarkPaq Beats
    DarkPaq Beats 12 giờ trước +1

    That is how a US president should deliver a speech. Legendary that one.

  • Audley Barnett
    Audley Barnett 4 giờ trước +2

    More love to you Mr Biden Coming from a Jamaican man 👍👑💯 Love

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 3 ngày trước +988

    Honestly - he nailed that

    • Larry Munn
      Larry Munn 2 ngày trước

      @Beau fan Yeah but he kept up the deal with the Taliban Trump had going he didn't have to do that. He also when he saw Afghan security forces completely capitulate advanced their plans for withdrawal to the point of abandoning disgusting amounts of military equipment for them to capture not even having time to dispose of or destroy half of it. It was a gong show. His only comments about the reasoning for this being "There was never going to be a good time and he was ripping the band-aid off" I suppose he expected the Afghans to fight to the death to cover the sudden withdrawal. Now I'm not saying that they shouldn't pull out, I am saying that was executed in a completely botched manner unnecessarily.

    • Marcus V. S
      Marcus V. S 2 ngày trước

      US president is the face of this decadent country. Guy should first clean the poo out of his pants before mention the word Putin.

    • Jacob J
      Jacob J 2 ngày trước

      @John Freedman I mean trump loved his amphetamines so probably the same thing here too

    • Jacob J
      Jacob J 2 ngày trước +1

      @ashok potu The us does more to provide support for sovereign nations that want it than any other nation in the world, and yeah, weapons are a part of peace, since the precursor to peace, is usually always war. Sorry life is violent and not pretty, and the US actually understands that enough to bolster our military strength and others who ask for it.

    • Jacob J
      Jacob J 2 ngày trước +1

      @Randomizer like every other fucking leader? Simple minded child right here 😂

  • Eddie
    Eddie 12 giờ trước +35

    The person that wrote this speech deserves a raise!!

    • Juxha
      Juxha 8 giờ trước +1

      @AJ Lyfe i still have no idea what are you talking about ”fakeing” this dude just said that whoever wrote the speech should get raise

    • Eddie
      Eddie 8 giờ trước

      @AJ Lyfe nope I’ve learned that Democratic’s have zero common sense! So there’s no sense in talking to them!

    • Eddie
      Eddie 9 giờ trước

      @AJ Lyfe 😂😂😂🖕

    • Juxha
      Juxha 9 giờ trước

      @AJ Lyfe Tf are you talking about?

  • Jason Easter
    Jason Easter 10 giờ trước

    Biden always comes correct with every speach he has all the right things to say and has accomplished all he has set out. To be the oldest president to me hes the man even though less than 50% is for him hopefully he runs again!

  • Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe 2 giờ trước


  • A Machine
    A Machine Ngày trước +1

    Very very good speech!

  • acaseofcorona
    acaseofcorona 3 ngày trước +643

    Had chills this entire speech. Sláva Ukrayíni! 🇺🇦

    • pastuh
      pastuh 32 phút trước +1

      Imagine at the end: "USA mobilization starts from today"

    • acaseofcorona
      acaseofcorona 46 phút trước

      @Say When Never

    • rokon Bablu
      rokon Bablu 5 giờ trước +1

      Save Palestine,,, first. Why u keep silent when Palestinian crying?!! Now, it's time for your crying!! Same things in different part. Your freedom is freedom, Palestinian freedom?!! All are same inhumane,,, happy invasion,,,

    • Sandra Rucker
      Sandra Rucker 16 giờ trước

      @PilFamily PFm

    • Alec McWilliams
      Alec McWilliams 17 giờ trước

      @Freedom Ub Biden tanked the economy, and yet he blames a group of people with no real involvement in the economy. you can say what you want when you still love with mom and dad or mom and mom. You won't have to deal with it.

  • Albert flores
    Albert flores 12 giờ trước +12

    With all the issues facing him, I am thankful he had enough gusto to present the speech so eloquently. He has developed quite a number of opponents by the reckless management of the country's politics. I hope he fares well and keeps us all out of a conflict with Russia or China.

    • 59vlada
      59vlada 8 giờ trước

      C'mon, he's just a puppet.

  • Hannah Rodero-Ortega
    Hannah Rodero-Ortega 3 giờ trước

    Thank you Pres Biden. As a leader of free world this speech is strong, unapologetic and straight to the point. Before the war Russia is 11th in arm forces now its decimated. They are in no position to threaten the world and Ukraine. We all have the right to exist in this world, and leaders must put peace and diplomacy front and center. Bully and war mongerers should have no place in the table.

  • michael smith
    michael smith Ngày trước

    I'm proud of Joe Biden

  • Rita Gomes
    Rita Gomes 8 giờ trước +2

    Biden's response to Putin's declarations: ''We Americans and me as Potus are really really awesome...lets hope those nukes dont rain down anytime soon, btw...''

    • Tradeladder
      Tradeladder Giờ trước

      Keep sending Trump your Money, as he has said on many occasions he Loves the Stupid. 😀

  • Aaron Bowley
    Aaron Bowley 3 ngày trước +452

    surprisingly great speech from Biden! definitely what we all over the world need to hear right now, are we moving forward together in unity or reverting back to primitive and hostile times. no more of this violence, it’s time for the world to change !

    • Yaw Eli
      Yaw Eli 2 ngày trước

      There is no surprise hear. Y’all have been duped into believing Biden is not fluent. Keep on listening to republicans, you get smarter that way😂😂😂

    • Trucker Rawb
      Trucker Rawb 3 ngày trước

      It's cause he took a hit from hunters pipe lol

    • Shark
      Shark 3 ngày trước

      lol good luck with the way ur voting

    • मेरा हिंदू राष्ट्र
      मेरा हिंदू राष्ट्र 3 ngày trước

      Is this tiger or dog?
      Jim Corbett Park kashipur ramnagar road

    • world life
      world life 3 ngày trước

      US is trying to bully another country. Iraq was invaded by the US for no reason.

  • Hayk Nairyan
    Hayk Nairyan Ngày trước

    Powerful speech.God bless free world:

  • Dave Stoneback
    Dave Stoneback 23 giờ trước

    No way he had anything to do with this speech. Proof. Everybody agreed wholeheartedly!1

  • Lily G
    Lily G Ngày trước

    This is why I love USA 🇺🇸… always first to protect others!!!!! This is the president of the whole world! Argue with your keyboards

  • Gilbert Robert Tuahuru
    Gilbert Robert Tuahuru 11 giờ trước

    God bless you 🙏 Mr Biden the great 👌 support you 💕 give to Ukraine also to our neighbors NATO, West, UK, EU, Australia. Glory to the mighty Hi-Mass power in Ukraine.

  • N Lwin
    N Lwin 3 ngày trước +384

    My utmost respect to President Biden for his wisdom and foresight for the betterment of the world.

    • Timothy Reel
      Timothy Reel Ngày trước +2

      @alanlaero Yeah, & like most career politicians, he will do the exact opposite of what he says

    • Timothy Reel
      Timothy Reel Ngày trước

      @Jeffro S I think he forgot to bring his lunch!😂

    • Nation Don
      Nation Don 3 ngày trước

      Here is the full video that explain

    • alanlaero
      alanlaero 3 ngày trước

      These words did not come from Biden But from The United states as a whole, he just had to read the words off the teleprompter!

    • Maple88
      Maple88 3 ngày trước

      He has the wisdom to surround himself with smart people and to cooperate with them respectfully. That’s a genius leader! That’s what differentiates a good leader from a dictator.

  • 김영범
    김영범 Ngày trước +1

    well said. one of the most amazing Biden speech i heard and seen. it's time Russia to pay the prize

    • علئ ياسر
      علئ ياسر 21 giờ trước

      @김영범 Sorry, the Han tribes exterminated the indigenous peoples hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • 김영범
      김영범 21 giờ trước

      @علئ ياسر and you seem to not understand the difference between Taiwanese and a Korean have you not learn the history ?

    • علئ ياسر
      علئ ياسر 21 giờ trước

      @김영범 I take the religion from the Aryans, my friend, have you forgotten history?

    • 김영범
      김영범 21 giờ trước

      @علئ ياسر thanks random Pakistan taliban

    • علئ ياسر
      علئ ياسر 22 giờ trước

      History ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-w I want to see this Taiwanese

  • Osaigbovo Sunday
    Osaigbovo Sunday Ngày trước +10

    😢you this words broke me down what a man with a kindheart love from Nigerian am proud of you world leader GOD bless you sir ❤

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 giờ trước +2

    "SHE WAS 12 I WAS 30" - JOE BIDEN.

  • Eagles Point
    Eagles Point Giờ trước

    "Africa, is saying, "may you be strengthened always President Joe!!"

  • Ashley Myler
    Ashley Myler 3 ngày trước +29

    "When a parent cannot feed their children, nothing else matters". that hit so hard when he said that.. Surprisingly great speech.

    • Alexis Zarathustra
      Alexis Zarathustra 3 ngày trước +1

      It hurted me when he said parents choose which child to feed that day💔😭

    • life is love
      life is love 3 ngày trước

      @Mohamed Trevino Same to you..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Mohamed Trevino
      Mohamed Trevino 3 ngày trước

      1 Ashley Myler Fuk what you saying it here 😠 vnclip.net/video/HeFR8ZSr-eA/video.html
      Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 😠
      5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😠😠
      Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
      los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  • jehan c
    jehan c 5 giờ trước +1

    Fantastic speech.

  • Mark Santos
    Mark Santos Ngày trước

    6:57 did he just say "end of quote"?

    • ewoknroll
      ewoknroll Ngày trước

      Not this time; he was quoting Truman (start at 6:40). He did read the teleprompter directions in another speech though

    • LT Prada
      LT Prada Ngày trước

      At least _this_ POTUS can actually read and write: *covefe* 😅

  • David Taai
    David Taai 7 giờ trước

    absolutely agree with US leaders , no bloodshed to gain territory, not by force , not by politics GOD BLESS USA

  • Daba Mathias
    Daba Mathias 12 giờ trước

    I love Putin so much
    Putin God will continue to bless you

  • Sovath Pan
    Sovath Pan 3 ngày trước +11

    Sovereignty of nations must be respected

  • Hil Shean
    Hil Shean 19 giờ trước +1

    Thank God Biden has the courage to call out Putin for who & what he is.

  • Spyderred
    Spyderred 13 giờ trước

    Wild applause for President Biden. This speaker shows how a coherent, meaningful speech is done. Contrast this with Trump, who supports Qanon and can’t deliver a coherent sentence, much less a long sentence.

  • Gavin Barnes
    Gavin Barnes Ngày trước +3

    He literally said ‘end of quote’

    • ewoknroll
      ewoknroll Ngày trước

      Not this time; he was quoting Truman (start at 6:40). He did read the teleprompter directions in another speech though

  • mimi biz
    mimi biz Ngày trước

    This speech was long overdue Mr. President...where were you for the past two years? This is the first time i´ve seen Biden taking his job a bit more seriously.

  • K2 kardosh
    K2 kardosh 3 ngày trước +319

    Someone very noble once said something that should be codified as human physics: “we must all live together as brothers… or, perish together as fools!”
    Thankyou Dr. King - no words were ever truer

    • L3t Me
      L3t Me 2 ngày trước

      @usa911 well republican do the same things man go look. At the 70- 80s nobody was making money but a few.. minimum wage was 3$ in the 80s to early 90s. Come on man. Get off it. Both parties still both got dough and we get battered.

    • usa911
      usa911 2 ngày trước

      Democrats will make you die in stagflation economy. Greenspan era inflation hit 4%, He had to hike FED FUND RATE TO 6% to curb inflation. This round must hike FED FUND RATE TO AT LEAST 10-12% TO CURB INFLATION. Subprime crisis will happen again again again...

    • L3t Me
      L3t Me 2 ngày trước +1

      @Liquid not true. There's was a lot of peace in the world at certain times for hundreds of years. I will say European union n Arab leagues always doing too much in modern times. All these damn resources wars, It's just sad.

    • Rebecca Chambers
      Rebecca Chambers 2 ngày trước +1

      GLAY PEACE SONG vnclip.net/video/ajr_QgrNaRs/video.html

    • Brent.2017
      Brent.2017 2 ngày trước

      Putin is the ONLY aggressor here.

  • Mantas
    Mantas 9 giờ trước +1

    Thank you, Mr. President. Great speech.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 7 giờ trước

      How many little girls did this old dirt bag bang?

  • DNA350ppm
    DNA350ppm Ngày trước +3

    A great speech! Wise, balanced, right-minded, powerful - completely in line with the principles of the United Nations.

  • Vullnet
    Vullnet 7 giờ trước

    Well said mr Biden we Albanians are with you 🇽🇰🇦🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱

  • Isse yare
    Isse yare 21 giờ trước

    Thank you Mr president 🙏
    What a lovely speech
    I'm glad the 🍊 man is not in the office God bless America

  • PoKePhOeNiX
    PoKePhOeNiX 3 ngày trước +9

    Such a great president!!! Thank you so much for leading our nation!

  • 08yallvon
    08yallvon 23 giây trước

    4:91 right now in this very moment
    Turkey acts in Syria w/o consequences
    The USA acts in Syria w/o consequences

  • Osman Londono
    Osman Londono Ngày trước +1

    I totally agree with our USA President Joe Biden. DEMOCRACY IS THE REAL TRUTH OF HUMANITY.

  • Clement Ehiozuwa
    Clement Ehiozuwa 6 giờ trước +2

    Lovely presentation 👏

  • Peggy
    Peggy Ngày trước

    He is so far from the best interests of the civilian world

  • Gordo_Flowers
    Gordo_Flowers 3 ngày trước +11

    His greatest speech to date

  • Bekele Lemma
    Bekele Lemma Ngày trước +5

    The beauty of the speech is on the eyes of the beholder. Politics is dirty.

    • James Ford
      James Ford 18 giờ trước

      Yes it is dirty but it can be beautiful also did you not understand the speech he wasn't stomping for votes the man was a humanitarian at that moment the man cared about the world not just the United States and not just for himself like Donald Trump now you need to get your act together and be part of the solution and stop criticizing how you going to make a difference by being critical

    • Drew
      Drew 20 giờ trước

      You have a problem with what he said? It's a beautiful speech to everyone, unless you support fascist Russia. It isn't political at all.

  • hector S. sanchez
    hector S. sanchez Ngày trước

    President Biden spoke with eloquent and Direct to our follow Leaders of the United Nations.
    Great Job Mr. President

  • Muir Island Jim
    Muir Island Jim 15 giờ trước

    Europe needs a strong America right now. God Bless America 💛💙🇺🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧🌏💪🏻

  • Arturo Valdez
    Arturo Valdez 7 giờ trước

    Biden is like i did not do anything to wreck this economy. I have been very intelligent by taking the right decisions and have been very responsible. Lets go Brandon

  • Justin Tanner
    Justin Tanner 3 ngày trước +12

    This is the speech we all needed to hear.

  • J
    J 12 giờ trước +4

    Beautiful words and speeches will not stop the Evil that is happening right now

    • Tradeladder
      Tradeladder 2 giờ trước

      So say nothing then, that will really Help. 😀

    • bodeezy78
      bodeezy78 7 giờ trước

      Not at all.

  • Ringgold Tigers Percussion
    Ringgold Tigers Percussion 3 giờ trước

    Good speech. Thank God for teleprompters.

  • Elgin Lamasan
    Elgin Lamasan 17 giờ trước

    Thanks for helping us USAID.

  • Seti Saipani
    Seti Saipani Ngày trước

    God Bless USA

  • Diane Sevigny
    Diane Sevigny 3 ngày trước +630

    Thank you President Biden I am Canadian and your Speech is perfect for the World I hope ears were opened.

    • Enzo Michael Ponce
      Enzo Michael Ponce 3 ngày trước

      It's funny all this Russians don't have any likes on their comment, like Diane Sevgny 623 likes

    • Jose Muñoz
      Jose Muñoz 3 ngày trước

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 la estafa piramidal va a la perfección

    • Nation Don
      Nation Don 3 ngày trước

      Here is the full video that explains

    • Randy Crypto Savage
      Randy Crypto Savage 3 ngày trước

      still thousands of morrons following us and ukraine propaganda...... Diguisting murderous Uncle sam talking about imperialism when usa has murdered thousand of kids.... There's none so blind as those who will not see UN charter??? hahahaha USA has violated hundreds of times that charter... hahhahahaha

    • I Am the liquor
      I Am the liquor 3 ngày trước +1

      Ya, well too bad the trolls on here are claiming Biden is gonna start a nuclear war! I haven't heard Biden making nuclear threats, but I've certainly heard Putin making nuclear threats!

    SWEET SCENT Ngày trước +2

    The Freedom and Unity of Democracy will always Prevail!

  • N Alien
    N Alien 12 giờ trước +1

    Oh my its good to see he didn't make any mistakes

  • 1967DIF
    1967DIF 14 giờ trước

    Well spoken Mr Biden!

  • B Velez
    B Velez 10 giờ trước +1

    Hate or love Biden I have to agree with him.

  • Bre
    Bre 3 ngày trước +114

    From Australia we support you - Great speach by President Biden.
    Sadly Russia led by a deranged man must be removed otherwise world peace will not happen.

    • علئ ياسر
      علئ ياسر 21 giờ trước

      @מיכאל סרברניקוב Six of Russia from the Khazars

    • מיכאל סרברניקוב
      מיכאל סרברניקוב Ngày trước

      @Gustave Villeneuve Dehoff-und-Taxis, I'm not interested in conversation with someone, who starts it with lies. Good luck!

    • Gustave Villeneuve Dehoff-und-Taxis
      Gustave Villeneuve Dehoff-und-Taxis Ngày trước

      @מיכאל סרברניקוב oh, you are ukrainian. Then you need no quotes, them won't help answering our questions about bandera soon. We know what really is going on.

    • מיכאל סרברניקוב
      מיכאל סרברניקוב Ngày trước

      @Gustave Villeneuve Dehoff-und-Taxis, there's no fact to comment, because it's bullshit and part of Russian propaganda.
      First lie: two presidents said that.
      No. Only president Poroshenko said that.
      Second lie: this is not the whole quote.
      The whole quote is:
      «Эту войну оружием выиграть невозможно. Каждая пуля рождает двух врагов. И каждый день мира, когда украинское государство демонстрирует на освобожденных территориях, что граждане, которые еще месяц назад пели осанну псевдосепаратистскому режиму, сегодня понимают, что они получают тепло, у них есть свет, они наконец могут отправить детей в школу, они начинают получать пенсии, выплати по потере кормильца, по инвалидности, они получают работу, они получают зарплату.
      А с той стороны - женщина, доцент Луганского университета имени Тараса Шевченко, с которой я виделся еще четыре месяца назад, звонит мне и я говорю: «Ну, как Ваш день проходит?» Говорит: «Встаю в пять утра. Так как это единственная возможность, чтобы стать в очередь и достояться, чтобы взять две банки воды. Так как воды нет. Возвращаюсь в десять после очереди. Оставляю их дома - бегу в очередь за хлебом. Полторы булки хлеба. Потому что до двенадцати, до часа хлеба уже не будет. Возвращаюсь оттуда и больше из дому не выхожу, потому что с двух часов начинают выходить эти с оружием и могут расстрелять на улице кого угодно».
      Дорогие мои, одесситы! Это то, чего мы с вами избежали благодаря вашей мудрости, благодаря вашей сплоченности. И благодаря - теперь мы уже в этом убеждены - вашей проукраинскости. У меня сердце радовалось, когда я в последний день был на встрече с делегацией ОБСЕ, которая вернувшись из Одессы, сделала вывод, что Одесса - это город согласия, город спокойствия. Нельзя сделать большего комплимента! Я был очень рад этому. Одесситы, спасибо вам за мудрость!
      И миром мы все победим! Потому что у нас работа будет - у них ее нет. У нас пенсии будут - у них их нет. У нас поддержка людей - детей и пенсионеров - будет, у них ее нет. У нас дети пойдут в школы и детские сады, а у них они будут сидеть в подвалах. Потому что они ничего не умеют делать! Вот так, именно так мы выиграем эту войну. Потому что война и победа - в голове, а не на полях сражений! Они этого не понимают, я это понимаю. И у меня есть ваша поддержка, и она мне очень нужна, чтобы мы победили, не кладя украинских героев в могилы, в том числе, и одесситов».
      As you polish, I think it won't be so difficult to read it from the very first source. If not... anyway you don't have to believe me. If you really want to know the truth you'll find it in any language you like by yourself.
      But I still think you're lying and you're just proKremlin troll.

    • Gustave Villeneuve Dehoff-und-Taxis
      Gustave Villeneuve Dehoff-und-Taxis 2 ngày trước

      @מיכאל סרברניקוב oh no, I am Polish. Anyways, anything to comment on the fact?

  • Margaux Stewart
    Margaux Stewart  Ngày trước +1

    BRAVO ‼️🇺🇸❤️👍🙏🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦 President Biden; I am so Proud to write that you Represent Everything that IS Still Fine and Good in the American Character ! ! ! I Pray that GOD will Bless you and your wife, Dr. Gill and ALL of your Beloved Family ‼️❤️🇺🇸🙏

  • Lee Barnes
    Lee Barnes Ngày trước

    Biden amazing. Not once did he look down at notes.

  • Seara Ojeleye
    Seara Ojeleye 4 giờ trước

    Hear him now!!! Unscripted!!! Remember this speech .....This is America's true leadership!!! PRIDE !!! ITS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • John Purdie
    John Purdie 9 giờ trước

    Putin DID NOT threaten to attack with nuclear weapons.
    He indirectly said that he would use them if the very existence of Russia was threatened.
    So please get your facts right

    Wicket ANd FRIENDs PARODY 3 ngày trước +311

    Ok Joe Stuttered a few times. I’m thoroughly impressed with his 23 minute speech, it was complex and sincere, many to most would have trouble delivering this.

    • Lynn Jacobs
      Lynn Jacobs 17 giờ trước

      @Ethan Murray Yeah, what's on full display here is a Man of Integrity, who is a True Leader! OUR/YOUR Pres. Joe Biden walks softly and carries a big stick!! All His adversaries should beware!!!

    • Ethan Murray
      Ethan Murray Ngày trước

      @Lynn Jacobs haha

    • m c
      m c Ngày trước

      @Lynn Jacobs hahahaahahhaaahhahaahahahhahahaaahahahaahhahahhahahaahhahahahahahahaahahhahahaha.

    • Wicket ANd FRIENDs PARODY
      Wicket ANd FRIENDs PARODY 2 ngày trước

      Nice talking to everyone. Hopefully we meet again on better terms. God help us all...

    • Lynn Jacobs
      Lynn Jacobs 2 ngày trước

      @Ethan Murray Thank God for OUR/YOUR Pres. Joe Biden!! He is a Great President!!