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Nick Eh 30 reacts to Fortnite Chapter 4 EVENT!

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  • Xuất bản 02 Th12, 2022

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  • @mrdouganater

    I really love nick eh 30s energy. He knows how to make the mood happy no matter what

  • @kedo
    @kedo  +7

    Whenever nick post his reactions to live events. It always brings a smile to my face seeing how amazed and excited he his about what’s happening during it.

  • @Mkmcco
    @Mkmcco  +10

    My main theory on why the Herald was seemingly bested so easily was because the Zero Point created the Reality Tree as a "trap" type of defense. Having the Herald merge with the tree spells doom for her as she is trapped within the tree to die in her own chromed prison, the whole time being unaware of the Zero Point's plan. Pretty smart if you ask me.

  • @outwrightwolf

    You can’t deny that epic went a little spooky on the teasers and the event but I like that it really shows emotion and thrill

  • @DemetriToonz

    Even though it wasn’t the best event. It’s always great to see how nick reacts to it. And also how excited he is

  • @kedo
    @kedo  +3

    Even though the event wasn’t the most action-packed, Nick always makes it all better with his edits and reactions!

  • @lilmilontiktok

    I was there for the stream and although it was my least favorite event, I can’t deny how incredibly entertaining your videos are.

  • @andresmontalvo9404

    Watched this live about a 6 hours ago, and he already posted this and it was amazingly edited. Nick never stops the grind.

  • @ViPA-YouTube

    Absolutely loved Nick’s reaction! Keep up the great work Nick!

  • @toaster9575

    I love how Nick reacts to everything, it makes my day better seeing it :)

  • @mewcury_12

    Love ya Nick! I played alone since everyone else was in their own parties filled but it will still pretty nice! When I watch you, you make it 100x better because you're so hyped! Keep up the good work, Merry Early Christmas! ♥♥♥♥

  • @ommy7133

    I respect how much effort you put into your videos !

  • @OPGam3r

    A live event is always better with Nickeh30's awesome live event videos.

  • @olivegames

    wow respect on the editing you did a great job keep up the good work!

  • @elijahking1602

    Even though I didn’t see the event myself i really liked this event and I really hope this new season is better than the latest seasons

  • @akie8265

    I love how you save the voice lines to add in the start so we understand the storyline better!

  • @cama296

    Nick made it completely better and made me actually enjoy the event

  • @liamlizar7878

    This was one of my favourite events, seeing old POIs coming back was so exciting

  • @r3mainder523

    imp, the event was mid but nicks reaction just makes it 10x better 😂

  • @ImCloudx999

    I always love nicks reactions to live event it just gives me good vibes keep it up❤