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Inside David Harbour & Lily Allen's Brooklyn Townhouse | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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  • Xuất bản 31 Th01, 2023
  • Today Architectural Digest is welcomed to Brooklyn, New York by David Harbour and Lily Allen for a tour of their exuberant family townhouse. Working hand in hand with AD100 designer Billy Cotton and architect Ben Bischoff of MADE, Lily and David have created an exciting and singular home within their stately late-19th-century brownstone in Carroll Gardens. “Lily is someone who lives with color in a deeper way than most. Her taste is bold, silly, fun, eccentric-it’s exciting,” says the Stranger Things actor and star of the recent blood-splattered Christmas spectacular Violent Night. “I’ve always been interested in interiors, and I’ve always done my own homes. But this was a big undertaking, and I needed help.” says Allen. “Together, Billy and I tried to reach for something weird and wonderful.”
    See more from David and Lily's "weird and wonderful" home here: www.architecturaldigest.com/s...
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    Director: Hiatt Woods
    Director of Photography: Josh Herzog
    Editor: Lika Kumoi
    Talent: David Harbour, Lily Allen
    Producer: Chase Lewis
    Field Producer: Alyssa Marino
    Associate Producer: Brandon Fuhr
    Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
    Production Manager: Melissa Heber
    Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
    Camera Operator: Christopher Alfonso
    Audio: Gabe Quiroga
    Production Assistant: Carina Greenberg
    Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
    Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
    Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
    Assistant Editor: Diego Rentsch
    Colorist: Oliver Eid
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  • Architectural Digest
    Architectural Digest  2 tháng trước +481

    Shop pieces inspired by David and Lily’s whimsical New York City townhouse:
    Etsy Spring Flowers Birds Chinoiserie Wallpaper: fave.co/3HL6OO0
    Cath Kidston Greenwich Flowers Wallpaper: fave.co/3HITLga
    Pottery Barn Bamboo Unlined Shades: fave.co/3HLTlph
    Poly & Bark Riley Marble Round Coffee Table: amzn.to/3RiMZkx
    Etsy Antelope Rug 100% Wool: fave.co/3kZIRtC
    CB2 Palm Brass Floor Lamp: fave.co/3wI8kdo
    Serena & Lily Larkspur Single Sconce: fave.co/3jgjCmm
    Serena & Lily Portola Double Sconce: fave.co/3kVSWYo
    Lumens Applique à Volet Pivotant Sconce: fave.co/3jeMGKZ
    OKA Apadana Armless Chair Midnight Green: fave.co/3Yf7DUD
    Joss & Main Bari 91.25” Upholstered Sofa: fave.co/3kWrB8q
    Safavieh Couture Aimee Velvet Armchair: fave.co/3jj6hJM
    Etsy Microbe Cross Stitch Sampler 8x10: fave.co/3XOT0rs
    When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission.

    • Carla Cereja
      Carla Cereja Tháng trước

      @Reginger On the AD website link you can see that they blurred that painting and took a poster of Maradona off the wall. But in the pics of the website you can see the arts.

    • Meri
      Meri Tháng trước

      @Gerry Gold Totalni kičeraj!!😂

    • Stephanie Long Clark
      Stephanie Long Clark Tháng trước

      Why are some of your posted videos "private"? Why even post them to VNclip. Like the Sarah Paulson episode?

    • Punyawee Kaenklang
      Punyawee Kaenklang Tháng trước


  • Mel
    Mel Tháng trước +3019

    I absolutely love the way Lily giggles and laughs at everything David says like she's got a crush on him and gets flustered. That's how I want my next relationship to be

    • Nellanella Perched
      Nellanella Perched 9 ngày trước

      Yeah and then the moment he goes through some stuff, you'll leave lol. Cool story though

    • D M J
      D M J 11 ngày trước


    • D M J
      D M J 11 ngày trước +1

      @Kimmy Beebee how long have they been together?

    • D M J
      D M J 11 ngày trước

      @IRL49 lights camera action!!

  • Tish Virgile
    Tish Virgile Tháng trước +1286

    David’s got my girl giggling, glowing, baking and hydrating.
    As if I needed another reason to love him!! 😂💯
    Love love love their energy ❤❤❤

    • Amy v
      Amy v Tháng trước +3

      Laughter. Is SOMETHING I CANT LIVE WITHOUT !! Sadly. The rest of them I didn’t notice Until it was too late. I was too busy laughing. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤭🤪

    • Lauren Cote
      Lauren Cote Tháng trước +2

      And who doesn't love Hellboy! LOL

  • Ginger Kilkus
    Ginger Kilkus Tháng trước +1843

    What an amazing property, it truly is something else! I always wonder though with these types of things, how difficult they are to sell-not just because of the price, but when a place is that customized to a very particular taste & style, like someone may like certain features but hate or want to change others, which would be a ton of work & time.For 2023, it’s hard to nail down specific predictions for the housing market is because it’s not yet clear how quickly or how much the Federal Reserve can bring down inflation and borrowing costs without tanking buyer demand for everything from homes to cars.

    • 👖Distressed Jeans👖
      👖Distressed Jeans👖 9 ngày trước +1

      The advice I always give homeowners is to make your home YOUR home. Don't worry about what will look good to other people, just completely immerse yourself in your space.
      A wall can always be repainted or whatever else.

    • Mia Nguyen
      Mia Nguyen 11 ngày trước +3

      I'm guessing their home is worth millions if not tens of millions. Anyone who has money to buy a house like that when they want to move, has the money to replace carpet and paint which is really the extent of most of what they did. To be fair, most people purchasing in that price range will redo everything just like how Lily and David redid the house to their tastes. That's the benefit of being rich lol you get the ability to make a room tiger print and not care that it might make it less valuable to the next buyer because you might decide to make it cheetah print in two years yourself

    • Elizabeth O'Neil
      Elizabeth O'Neil Tháng trước +1

      @Catherine ClaraMelissa Scott Glazner is the investment-adviser I use and She has years of financial market experience, you can use something else but for me her strategy works hence my result. She provides entry and exit point for the securities I focus on.

    • Elizabeth O'Neil
      Elizabeth O'Neil Tháng trước +1

      @Ava Such market uncertainties are the reason I don’t base my market judgements and decisions on rumours and here-says, that got the best of me 2020 and had me holding worthless position in the market, I had to revamp my entire portfolio through the aid of an advisor, before I started seeing any significant results happens in my portfolio, been using the same advisor and I’ve scaled up $750k within 2 years, whether a bullish or down market, both makes for good profit, it all depends on where you’re looking.

    • Ava
      Ava  Tháng trước +1

      @Charlotte Claire yeah, transportation, e-commerce among other sectors are expected to experience growth, but who knows, the market has been a basket of surprises.

  • Nicole Villacis
    Nicole Villacis 18 ngày trước +120

    I love how David SPECIFICALLY asked for the swan faucets. And how he’s not bothered by the all pink decoration.

  • Mrs. Griz
    Mrs. Griz Tháng trước +736

    I am over the moon to see how far Lily has come, she's so happy, she radiates thanks to David. love how they both love their home an did it together. it is absolutely gorgeous!

    • D M J
      D M J 11 ngày trước

      @Joel Daniel huh?

    • Mrs. Griz
      Mrs. Griz 29 ngày trước +3

      um I am a bit confused, I didn't mean anything hurtful in my comment. why do people have to hate so much? divorce isn't easy so to see her so happy an in love I was just happy for her.

    • Iam Reborn👀
      Iam Reborn👀 Tháng trước

      She's still struggling with eating

    • Joel Daniel
      Joel Daniel Tháng trước +3

      Well put, @Priyanka Patel !! 💕💕

    • lilppblunt
      lilppblunt Tháng trước +1

      She does, he's known her since she was fifteen!! Love the British influences in the architecture!!;

  • Lee
    Lee 18 ngày trước +44

    This is the first AD video where I absolutely adore the chemistry of the couple. Love how down to earth they are

  • gail
    gail Tháng trước +10630

    Their chemistry is out of this world. This was ridiculously charming.

    • Rafael Santiago
      Rafael Santiago Tháng trước

      Don't get confused with what you see in front of the cameras.

    • Amanda Collins
      Amanda Collins Tháng trước +1

      Have you ever met an introvert? I married one and he loves for me to steer the boat so to speak. And to say anyone is abusive like that is disgusting.

    • Airam Sipuola
      Airam Sipuola Tháng trước

      @vondonstrut218 Good points, but I can never tell when they're being sarcastic! If you look at his previous Open Door of his apartment, you'd see it was a very different vibe, with lots of his personal style as he described it. But who knows -- people do tend to influence each other in relationships. :)

    • vondonstrut218
      vondonstrut218 Tháng trước

      @Airam Sipuola interesting. I actually thought the more feminine accents was David's vibe lol. He seemed giddy about the bathroom/tub room whereas she (dressed in all black lol) was like "this is your thing and i love that for you" whereas Lily likes more muted tones like we saw in the kitchen. It gave me very english cottage colors with godfather theatrics lol.

    • Russell Champagne
      Russell Champagne Tháng trước

      Cringe 😬

  • apples 88
    apples 88 Tháng trước +1636

    You can tell how much Dave loves her by the way he lets her decorate their house like this 😂 there was no sign of compromise anywhere except maybe his closet

    • aish.
      aish. Tháng trước

      bro graduated in stereotyping

    • Tabatha Ogost
      Tabatha Ogost Tháng trước

      Did we watch the same video?

    • L
      L Tháng trước

      @Trinity M that's my entire point. The person I was replying to was suggesting that he had 0 say in the decor of his house and that it isn't representative of the style that they assume he has. I was trying to say that he did still get to input in the creative process throughout the house and that their assumption of what he likes clearly isn't in line with what the video says

    • Trinity M
      Trinity M Tháng trước

      @Lwho cares? It’s their house. He could do it either way because they agreed on it and they’re in love yay

    • Franken Furter
      Franken Furter Tháng trước

      Or....maybe it's all fake?

  • James Elmore
    James Elmore Tháng trước +237

    It's a rare thing when you enjoy the hosts more than the design on a design show, but here we are. That huge kitchen table idea has been my dream for years and the encompassing banquette is the ULTIMATE expression of that idea. 👑👑

  • D
    D Tháng trước +150

    A breathe of fresh air on AD. The house is sophisticated, eclectic but feels genuinely authentic rather than the simply picture perfect. This is a real house enjoyed by its occupants everyday. I forgot how much I loved lily, her episode of in the wardrobe on British vogue was my favourite, what a true gem she is ❤

  • vaneh
    vaneh Tháng trước +83

    I could not stop laughing and smiling the whole way through this video. What a fun couple.
    Their house fits their personality perfectly. So quirky.

  • Emma Manley
    Emma Manley Tháng trước +93

    Loved this episode! Their house is divine; I love how they haven’t conformed and obviously chose everything that they love to make it truly a home! Just love them as a couple too! ❤

  • redblackshirt
    redblackshirt Tháng trước +4283

    I had absolutely NO IDEA they are together?!??!! What an unexpected but very lovely match. 😍

    • redblackshirt
      redblackshirt Tháng trước +1

      @Nerida J Same! They married in 2020. I guess we didn't hear about it since everyone was preoccupied with lockdowns and dalgona coffee. Lol!

    • Nerida J
      Nerida J Tháng trước +1

      Wait they married already. Since when I had no idea they a thing ahaha

    • BartimaeusTrilogyFan
      BartimaeusTrilogyFan Tháng trước

      @reply notifications off She's 37? He's 47? Is that age gap really that concerning? Again.... what is creepy here? How is this relationship extreme?

    • reply notifications off
      reply notifications off Tháng trước

      @BartimaeusTrilogyFan 16 year old girl, 80 year old dude. Creepy but consenting... See how extremes work?

    • Lilly Lilly
      Lilly Lilly Tháng trước

      I also had no idea, but she made a good choice 😊

  • DesmondDentresti
    DesmondDentresti Tháng trước +204

    What a fantastic video.
    7:21 is the face of a man that wants to laugh at his partner's horrible pun, but he has to contain his laughter and NEVER let her know because that would encourage more of it. David continues to be incredibly relatable.

  • Karel
    Karel Tháng trước +555

    Lily Allen's character arc is truly amazing.

    • Jess1111
      Jess1111 Tháng trước


    • Starwarsfan's Army
      Starwarsfan's Army Tháng trước +1

      She just sounds more mature than what she was like in her early career. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Terry Jackson
      Terry Jackson Tháng trước

      @Retro Crisis or in bed 😂

  • Mary
    Mary Tháng trước +52

    Feels like they see this place for the first time themselves and they just make everything up as they are walking through the apartment 😂
    Love it!

  • Glory Rae
    Glory Rae Tháng trước +48

    I think younger lily would be so happy to see where older lily is today. I loved rocking out to her angsty album she came out with in her 20's, she feels so much more grounded now. It's lovely to witness.

  • muggedinmadrid
    muggedinmadrid Tháng trước +124

    That's lily Allen?! Wow. She looks fabulous. She looks so elegant and polished. Shes also really funny. I have followed her from the beginning and always loved her music and felt she genuinely has interesting things to say about society. The single The Fear from 15 years ago was so uncannily prophetic and absolutely spot on. It is the social media dystopian world in which we find ourselves in the 2020s . Her ska / mento / accustic reggae cover of Keane's everybody's changing is one of the best covers I've ever heard and her song the littlest things is hands down one of the best written songs of the 00's, so sad, so poignant.

    • muggedinmadrid
      muggedinmadrid Tháng trước

      @Lauren Cote I didn't know she was a bookworm . Where are you getting that from ?

    • Lauren Cote
      Lauren Cote Tháng trước

      ​@muggedinmadrid it means that she's well read, she reads a lot ...ergo literature

    • muggedinmadrid
      muggedinmadrid Tháng trước

      @asava17 what do you mean by that ?

    • asava17
      asava17 Tháng trước +1

      She's a literature queen

  • rohver
    rohver Tháng trước +2644

    I had no idea they were together, let alone married and with kids 😂 but man, the way they look at each other is absolutely beautiful. Their chemistry is off the charts and it’s good to see Lily healthy and happy after everything she’s been through. Also, my man David being a fellow appreciator of the colour pink! ❤️

    • bellabana
      bellabana Tháng trước

      Very quirky and suits both their personalities.
      Based on a preconceived notion which I think is due to his acting roles, I would’ve never imagined that David would love very feminine floral wallpaper and rugs which is so cool. The wallpapers are beautiful and the furnishings as well.
      I feel the apartment is more Lily’s taste but the fact he loves it regardless is so sweet.

    • Real Talk
      Real Talk Tháng trước +2

      David Harbour is a stepdad. They married in 2020.
      The kids' dad is Sam Cooper. He and Lily Allen divorced in 2015.

    • theford
      theford Tháng trước

      Actually, the two girls are hers from a previous marriage. He's their stepfather.

    • Carolien Overweg
      Carolien Overweg Tháng trước

      Read her book!

    • Manon
      Manon Tháng trước

      @miiracles white dynamic ?

  • Linda Barrientos
    Linda Barrientos Tháng trước +59

    I don't know why I didn't know they were married, but it made me so happy to see them together and to have such a chemistry. ❤️

  • 1983Dave1983
    1983Dave1983 Tháng trước +53

    Their house is so warm, vibrant & unique. They're great together. All the best to them!

  • Bonbon Talks
    Bonbon Talks Tháng trước +22

    It's a crazy house with all that decor but I love the energy this couple gives off. They're just absolutely adorable 😍.

  • Colleen Ong
    Colleen Ong Tháng trước +83

    These two have so much personality, and their house reflects that. Love!!!

    • Jammie Dodger
      Jammie Dodger Tháng trước

      @Trinity M My comment has clearly gone way over your head, so I won't waste any time in trying to explain it to you, an appropriate analogy would be like me trying to explain thermodynamic laws to a Gibbon.

    • Trinity M
      Trinity M Tháng trước

      @Jammie Dodgerwhen you can explain that intelligently, get back to us. Because it was clearly she meant they are lively and interesting people with varied taste. You could’ve just been in disagreement or saying that pigs have personalities too, which doesn’t mean anything about the couple.

    • Jammie Dodger
      Jammie Dodger Tháng trước +1

      In the same way pigs have personalities, yes.

  • Jasmine Brown
    Jasmine Brown Tháng trước +18

    They have a very sweet relationship and I like how they have tailored their home to what they love. Everything about this aesthetic is awfully suffocating to me, but I'm glad they like it.

    • David Harbour
      David Harbour Tháng trước +1

      Thank you jasmine for the comment 👍

  • Marcus Berry
    Marcus Berry Tháng trước +2517

    The way she looks at him, that's love. The way he enthusiastically shows off their home, that's love.

    • Nayla S
      Nayla S Tháng trước +2

      @Sirmi98 , pretty sure she’s richer than he is. She comes from a rich family, too, and made a ton of money with her music.

    • j
      j Tháng trước +2

      I give it less than 5 years. She’s damaged goods and he’s incredibly corny.

    • Beruang Sinar
      Beruang Sinar Tháng trước +2

      @Sirmi98 Lily was already famous and sold records before Stranger Things.

  • Chelsea Leigh Trescott
    Chelsea Leigh Trescott Tháng trước +10

    They are so fun together. I adore the laughter. And when he said he'd been working so hard on the closet, hammering away, I died. Serious goals here!

  • Jenny Garrison
    Jenny Garrison Tháng trước +15

    I love them together!!!! They are amazing and funny and you can feel their friendship and connection. LOVELY house, and how either David embraces the frilly, or just loves Lily so much that he loves what she loves. SOOOOO CUTE!

    • Trinity M
      Trinity M Tháng trước

      Actually the frilly is what he likes and that’s totally fine 😊he decorated his last place similarly.actually decorated and designed is more accurate(want to give him his credit after all that effort) It seems he has a particular taste and knows how to apply it very well! Hope I get there myself one day lol

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith Tháng trước +17

    Ok I had zero idea these two were together but I’m living for it. So cute.

  • Miur Touissi
    Miur Touissi Tháng trước +43

    Their bedroom is so modest while everything else is vibrant i love their personalities

  • mangosteen
    mangosteen 9 ngày trước

    Lily Allen was my favorite artist growing up, I'm so happy to see her thriving and in such a fun and loving relationship! She literally got her fairytale ending

  • retiredanarchist
    retiredanarchist Tháng trước +4618

    A house ain't a home without love stored in its walls. You can feel how much love they have for eachother. So sweet.

    • retiredanarchist
      retiredanarchist Tháng trước

      @Raph K are you saying a house is a home without love? well I hope you're loving yourself at least, genuineleh

    • Raph K
      Raph K Tháng trước

      @retiredanarchist it is, we men are strange creatures.

    • retiredanarchist
      retiredanarchist Tháng trước

      this comment thread shows the state of our dysfunctional social culture, taking notes for future reference

    • Sarcastically Rearranged
      Sarcastically Rearranged Tháng trước

      He strikes me as a man who was lonely and is thrilled to be married,but will stifle her.

    • __482-jacket
      __482-jacket Tháng trước

      Her children got to see how a healthy minded man can treat their mum. And help their Mum to respect and care for herself. They all win.

  • Cameron Mount
    Cameron Mount 18 ngày trước +30

    *Great video, trading come with a lot of benefits And I have just bought my first house through it. As a beginner I was scared of loosing my savings but I’m glad I took the bold step that is now favoring me.*

    • Mikky Cole
      Mikky Cole 18 ngày trước

      Success lies in the other side of fear. If you can face up to fear, you will win trading with Michael Abagnale

    • Jessica Austin
      Jessica Austin 18 ngày trước

      ​@Patricia Cooper

    • Mary Spencer
      Mary Spencer 18 ngày trước

      Never stop dreaming. Be hungry and never stop believing in your dreams. If someone can do it, you can do it. Be strong

    • Benson Gi
      Benson Gi 18 ngày trước

      ​@Billy Moris Most people fail to invest all because of ignorance and discouragement from family or friends without trying to experience it themselves too.

  • Connor Turnecliff
    Connor Turnecliff Tháng trước +63

    Absolutely love Lily! What I would do for a new album from her!!!

  • Bonny Purac
    Bonny Purac Ngày trước

    The home is gorgeous. I really love them She is looking so happy and content.It is all about having the right people around you.

  • Sirama
    Sirama 9 ngày trước +1

    Amazing to see how David was very active and excited during the design. The way he chose the wallpaper and faucets, when they are a considered a more feminine taste, makes it seem they share similar points.

  • Natasha S.O.
    Natasha S.O. Tháng trước +14

    Not really into the décor of their townhouse, but their chemistry is amazing! They look like they have so much fun together.

  • Belinda M
    Belinda M Tháng trước +3274

    They are just such a cool couple and I love their quirky style. I was not expecting how floral some of their interior choices are, but I think they seem to be very attuned and open to each others’ tastes.

    • Trinity M
      Trinity M Tháng trước

      David is a fan of florals and European interior 😊in fact he did that gorgeous bathroom Himself. If my hubby doesn’t love pink and floral enough to let me do that or do it himself, I don’t want him😂 I’d feel like I’m in a fairytale in their house

    • Trinity M
      Trinity M Tháng trước

      @Ahe designed most of the house. He has always used European inspired interior design in his homes, I just wonder why people need the pink and flowers specifically to be Lily...as if she can’t have other tastes just because she’s British and dare I say, a woman it seems lol

    • Trinity M
      Trinity M Tháng trước

      @Senyou know what things look like to you don’t mean anything to the rest of us or reality, right? His last place where he was single had very similar arrangement. I’m so sorry(not) that it hurts you that a man has tastes you couldn’t guess lol. Pay for the house or let them be. He has discussed his joy for design and this electric style

    • vondonstrut218
      vondonstrut218 Tháng trước

      @Sen its possible through his million and a one visits to the UK clearly lol, he was influenced by this style. It might not be personally her thing bc idk Lilly is not getting nearly as giddy and excited as David is about these touches. And when its stuff she had ideas about, she's all about it. So I really dont think he's lying lol.

    • Sen
      Sen Tháng trước +1

      @Nayla S reading comprehension anywhere online is piss poor. nowhere did i write that.

  • Jussara Fernandes
    Jussara Fernandes 9 ngày trước

    This is DESIGN for me… it has PERSONALITY and great ideas… it’s not like boring boho, or Scandinavian, or super modern nowadays trending styles. Love it 😍

  • Unwind Your Mind - Sounds and Stories

    Their home is overstimulating yet somehow absolutely wonderful at the same time!

  • Tina Jackson
    Tina Jackson Tháng trước +11

    How am I just now finding out that these two incredible people are married!? I LOVE it and both of them. ❤ So incredibly happy for them both. Extremely charming couple.

  • William Benish
    William Benish Tháng trước +20

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      facetube youbook 21 ngày trước

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      DRIVERS_LICENSE_VENDOR Tháng trước +1

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    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
      Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey Tháng trước +2

      @Kabir Negi I think that piece of name-calling is totally unjustified and inappropriate. All reports I saw indicated he was trying to help someone who was really struggling for a variety of reasons. He also wasn't there at the time. There doesn't seem to be anything suspicious about the situation, AFAIK.

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    • gphillimo
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  • The Art of Bread by Mici Molnar

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    • chiggychoc
      chiggychoc Tháng trước +1

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    ORDSMEDens MENING Tháng trước +1

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    • Bale4Bond
      Bale4Bond Tháng trước +1

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