Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

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  • Xuất bản 14 Th05, 2019
  • So many people ask me all the time about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I decided to finally take a DNA test and check out my Ancestry! 😄 Time to see if i'm actually Asian or not 😳 Join me as I check the results! ❤Expand me❤
    Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!
    #Pokimane #DNATest #23AndMe
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  • Pokimane
    Pokimane  5 tháng trước +8142

    Thank you all so much for watching

    • ZOLDYCK Gaming
      ZOLDYCK Gaming 4 ngày trước

      Im from morroco ❤️❤️❤️

    • Patton Dunahoo
      Patton Dunahoo 8 ngày trước

      Pokimane you look white, how are you black?

    • ghostaliaz
      ghostaliaz 15 ngày trước

      Hey my African sister!

    • Rui Tavares
      Rui Tavares 2 tháng trước


  • MightyYoda06 06
    MightyYoda06 06 3 giờ trước

    Wait fed is Mexican yo WADDUP QUE VIVA LA RAZA GUEY I’m Mexican and Puerto Rican does fed speak Spanish or nah

  • MightyYoda06 06
    MightyYoda06 06 4 giờ trước

    What ur African yo give me the n word pass please

  • MightyYoda06 06
    MightyYoda06 06 4 giờ trước

    Where tf is Morocco at tho

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 4 giờ trước +1

    What if by some weird scientific gene magic her dna happened to give her Asian genes?

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 4 giờ trước +2

    The angle that Poki’s arms are bending to is triggering my anxiety

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 4 giờ trước +1

    What if her “Moroccan” parents came from Asia?
    I mean, she even talks like an Asian, or at least part.
    Insert image of dude tapping his head.

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 4 giờ trước +1

    When you’re part Asian, trust me, you look Asian.
    (I’m half Japanese.)

  • In Case Gaming and more
    In Case Gaming and more 5 giờ trước

    I love this. I also speak French and 3 other languages. Both of my parents are African.

  • Narcissist Chris
    Narcissist Chris Ngày trước

    Poki highkey blacker than me.

  • Viktor Tanchev
    Viktor Tanchev Ngày trước


  • G2 Ulter
    G2 Ulter Ngày trước

    Does this mean shes black

  • DoGe piZzA
    DoGe piZzA Ngày trước

    Is she speaking french???

  • Wong Tik Ki
    Wong Tik Ki Ngày trước

    You look somewhat east-asian-white mix with make up. You are super w(H)ite without it.

  • Kapi
    Kapi Ngày trước

    wait...can you say the n-word?

  • Felix Cloutier
    Felix Cloutier Ngày trước

    Okay it spooked me when you switched from english to french like what ? I'm new here is thia just common ? You speak french .

  • De Pie
    De Pie Ngày trước

    Pokiman Speaking in french. I wasn't ready for that! :D

  • Apple
    Apple 2 ngày trước

    She looks like east asian lol

    RBD_ELITESN1PER 2422 2 ngày trước

    i guess the 1% asian took over

  • Tristan Racicot
    Tristan Racicot 3 ngày trước

    Whaaaaaaat tu parles français ?!?!?!? Omg c’est geeenial hahahaha

  • gameboy the 1
    gameboy the 1 3 ngày trước

    Pokimane speaks french ? Grosse révélation (☉。☉)!

  • Hai Arcade
    Hai Arcade 3 ngày trước

    Im 5% russian

  • PixelTrooper
    PixelTrooper 3 ngày trước

    European ancestry will be common for a lot of africans im afraid. Basically the entirety of the african continent was owned by a european country at a certain point

  • fo4URm
    fo4URm 3 ngày trước

    We need to clone as many Poki's as possible !

    • RBD_ELITESN1PER 2422
      RBD_ELITESN1PER 2422 2 ngày trước +1

      Rick Sanchez can hook you up with a clone device
      Morty can get Pokimane
      Jerry can scream about it and mess it all up

  • asian koopa
    asian koopa 4 ngày trước

    o she 1.5 asian

  • Cidx 1210
    Cidx 1210 4 ngày trước

    Love this vid ur mom so adorable

  • Ryad Ayad
    Ryad Ayad 5 ngày trước

    I am algerian

  • Taymaz Saei
    Taymaz Saei 5 ngày trước

    Poki we are family cuz im 100% western Asian and ur 0.4%

  • Taymaz Saei
    Taymaz Saei 5 ngày trước

    Polo I’m asian

  • Gamehero223
    Gamehero223 5 ngày trước

    Does she get the n-word pass now?

  • MaddieThatBloxer
    MaddieThatBloxer 5 ngày trước

    aww i see where you get youre looks from youre mom

  • Maxillus
    Maxillus 6 ngày trước

    Does Poki An Asian?

  • X96
    X96 6 ngày trước


    • ya3goob master
      ya3goob master 19 giờ trước

      X96 North Africa is Berber for thousands of years but they mixed with whites and black and arab depends of the region you go the more south you the darker it get Moroccans are the closest ppl to the native Berber (mediterranean) by the it’s no true calling all Africa (black) it’s simply not true Africa is very diverse with thousands of languages and tribes anyway I hope learn something from this random comment

    • Ali
      Ali 5 ngày trước

      She has North arfrican and Arabian blood which mean you can be black or light skined or something in between

  • Betboxer wilkins
    Betboxer wilkins 6 ngày trước +1

    If she is smart she is Asian
    I am Asian I am sooooooo smart All A’s out of high school 34 on ACT

    HUMMERHEAD 4.0 7 ngày trước

    You got da n-pass

  • Oliver Reyes
    Oliver Reyes 7 ngày trước

    Your half African everyone’s half African humans are

  • Oliver Reyes
    Oliver Reyes 7 ngày trước

    I took a DNA test and I it says I’m half Indian Spanish African Mexican in yeah

  • CaliiCrook
    CaliiCrook 7 ngày trước

    This explains the basketbutt

  • Arne Cocquyt
    Arne Cocquyt 7 ngày trước

    Is poki France

  • Mission Millionaires
    Mission Millionaires 7 ngày trước

    So basically she African

  • Abishek Rajkumar
    Abishek Rajkumar 8 ngày trước

    Lol I thought you were “KennyS” Sibling..
    HIT like if you thought too..

  • Blaze_razgriz1
    Blaze_razgriz1 8 ngày trước +1

    Yep... that automatically gives her the N-word pass

    • Killua Zoldyck
      Killua Zoldyck 4 ngày trước +1

      African doesn't equal black ya moron

  • ohmykookness
    ohmykookness 8 ngày trước

    0.1% East Asian. Nice.

  • Gabe Ramacher
    Gabe Ramacher 8 ngày trước

    The way she says southern is so odd lol

  • Nabeel Jumrattee
    Nabeel Jumrattee 8 ngày trước +1

    Nice french accent!

  • Syawal Amin
    Syawal Amin 8 ngày trước

    Im asian

  • Jennry Pascual Mendez
    Jennry Pascual Mendez 9 ngày trước

    i know french a little

  • _ sunboxxwr_
    _ sunboxxwr_ 9 ngày trước

    i thought she was latina

  • Anjeli Leano
    Anjeli Leano 9 ngày trước

    Who else speaks french because im in french school

  • SPYBOT 68
    SPYBOT 68 9 ngày trước

    Your french is really solid 👍

  • Monty2610 YT
    Monty2610 YT 9 ngày trước

    I don’t hate anyone but just wanted to say this comment somewhere so
    “Successfully wasted 15 mins of my life”
    Me in 2019 😂

  • nicholas stella
    nicholas stella 10 ngày trước

    just liking for you mum tbh shes awesome

  • Sebi Roest
    Sebi Roest 10 ngày trước

    I speak french too

  • snake the gamer
    snake the gamer 10 ngày trước

    *what are you doing step bro*

  • Ironic GOAT
    Ironic GOAT 11 ngày trước +7

    Poki: Am I adopted
    Mom: No
    Dad: yes i thought you tolded her

  • Ironic GOAT
    Ironic GOAT 11 ngày trước +1

    That glow up do

  • Piraten_auf_dem _See
    Piraten_auf_dem _See 11 ngày trước

    My dad comes from marocco too but my mom is german so i'm african/arabian
    And german 😂😂😂 i live in germany lol😂😂😂

    FLIPPING CAMPER 11 ngày trước

    Yes she is asian in real life not this cgi. 👁️👌👌👌👻

  • panda pocalyps
    panda pocalyps 11 ngày trước

    Why you speak french

  • Simon Li
    Simon Li 12 ngày trước

    i think ppl think ur asian because of ur eyes, they r kinda slim and small. and i can say this becuz im asian