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ITZY “Cheshire” M/V

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  • Xuất bản 29 Th11, 2022

NHẬN XÉT • 98 853

  • David Kim
    David Kim  +10

    ITZY: 5 rappers, 5 dancers, 5 visuals, 5 vocalists and 5 queens.

  • Alina 777
    Alina 777 14 giờ trước +42

    This is one of those songs that doesn't wow you at first listen but then after a while you realize it's a masterpiece.

  • twice
    twice 4 giờ trước +100

    ¿Quién apoya a Itzy para siempre?✨😃🙋👑👇

  • vanoish
    vanoish 12 giờ trước +7

    since their debut itzy had 6 mini albums and 1 full album. all of them are hits after hits. ICY, WANNABE, NOT SHY, Mafia In the morning, Loco, Sneakers. it’s really hard for a group to keep making songs that would get people to talk about them but itzy did that. it’s hard for groups to hit at least 50mil in 5 months but itzy does it in 5 days. itzy was and always will be the standard for 4th generation.

  • Inspector Sunshine⛓️
    Inspector Sunshine⛓️ 21 giờ trước +5

    Seriously ini MV cantik bgt, simpel tapi masuk semua kombinasinya

  • twice
    twice 4 giờ trước +101

    ¿Quién ama a ITZY para siempre ?👑🙋😃✨👇

  • Nusaybah Choudhury

    One of their best songs in my opinion

  • jinniologist
    jinniologist 16 giờ trước +80

    2022 was a tough year for itzy, but for me this year was their best era musically for me since 2019. Voltage, Sneakers, BBB, BLY and Cheshire existed at the same year, I just want the girls to know that I have loved every single release this year!!! Maybe you don’t but that’s not my problem. <3

  • meh!👀
    meh!👀 16 giờ trước +12

    It's clearly a masterpiece 💗... Now I'm a midzy 👀💗

  • Tatiana Carrillo
    Tatiana Carrillo 4 giờ trước +30

    Itzy demostrando que su talento no es una broma

  • Edgardo romero
    Edgardo romero 16 giờ trước +5


  • Sadia mehejabin Shikha
    Sadia mehejabin Shikha 9 giờ trước +106

    10M ✔️

  • Scott the Pisces

    This song is AMAZING! Who is your favourite from the group? I really wish to work with ITZY on music one day. K-Pop is one of my favourite genres. I was lucky enough to work with an artist who writes and sings for JYP entertainment for my song "Ocean Blue".. maybe you guys will let me know if it is good? 💙

  • jayd v
    jayd v 19 giờ trước +10

    On our way to 200k...Impressive! More more more Midzy!

  • Tessa K
    Tessa K 12 giờ trước +12

    ITZY Cheshire is ITZY’s 8th M/V to reach 100M so all of ITZY Title tracks are over 100M ♡

  • Sadia mehejabin Shikha
    Sadia mehejabin Shikha 7 giờ trước +4

    For the new midzy💖

  • hellodil_lyn
    hellodil_lyn 12 giờ trước +18

    4 years ago today since ITZY was officially announced as JYPE’s new girl group and released their first prologue teaser. They’ve come a long way now. midzys will always be here to support itzy. itzy! midzy! naija! 💓

  • cosmos
    cosmos 9 giờ trước +7

    Itzy's visuals are no joke.

  • MJpiano
    MJpiano  +879

    I'm sorry but... HOW DID THEIR MAMA PERFORMANCE NOT WIN????? This is literally amazing

  • Syifa Amalia H.
    Syifa Amalia H. 16 giờ trước +13